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Matthew Chandler Fox is a film actor from the United States. Matthew Fox is most well-known for his roles as Charlie Salinger on Party of Five and Jack Shephard on Lost, for which he received Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations. Fox was born Loretta B. Fox in Abington, Pennsylvania. Francis G. Fox Union General George Meade was one of his paternal great-great-great-grandfathers. His father came from a “very blue-blood” Pennsylvania family with mostly English ancestors, while his mother was half Italian and half British. Fox, the second of three boys, moved to Wyoming with his parents and brothers, Francis, Jr., and Bayard, when he was a year old. They resolved in Crowheart, Wyoming, on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Mattew’s mother was a teacher, and his father, a former oil company consultant, raised grew barley, longhorn cattle, and horses for Coors beer. Fox attended Deerfield Academy as a post-graduate for one year before graduating with the class of 1984. He earned a B.A. from Columbia University in 1989 in economics.

Fox made his television debut on Wings at the age of 25. That same year, he appeared in Freshman Dorm, a short-lived drama series. Matthew Fox continued to be cast in supporting roles on television, including Charlie in the If I Die Before I Wake, before making his big-screen debut in My Boyfriend’s Back. From September 2004 to May 2010, Fox portrayed Dr. Jack Shephard, a dedicated but troubled surgeon, on Lost. Matthew first tried out for the role of James “Sawyer” Ford.

Nonetheless, co-creator J. J. Abrams thought he would be a better fit for the role of Jack, which was initially only supposed to be for the pilot episode. Matthew has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in Lost. Matthew won the Satellite Award last 2005 and shared the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2006.

He made a brief appearance in Brad Pitt’s 2013 film World War Z. Extinction, directed by Miguel ngel Vivas and based on Juan de Dios Garduo’s bestselling book Y pese a todo, which was released in July 2015. The same year, Fox also co-starred in the critically acclaimed American horror Western Bone Tomahawk. He would always want to play a cowboy in a Western. Fox was cast in the lead role of a limited series, Last Light, which will be released on Peacock after a six-year hiatus. Fox married his long-term girlfriend, Margherita Ronchi, an Italian native, in 1992. The couple met at Columbia University, where Fox was a student. Kyle Allison and Byron were the couple’s two children. Fox is a photographer as well. A bonus disc included with The Complete First Series of Lost includes “The Art of Matthew Fox,” which provides for photographs he took of the cast and crew while on set. Fox enjoys flying airplanes and owns a Bonanza G36.

Matthew Fox on In a Forest, Dark and Deep

Neil LaBute wrote the play In a Forest, Dark and Deep. It had its world premiere on March 14, 2011, in the West End’s Vaudeville Theatre, following previews from March 3, 2011, and ran for a limited season until June 4, 2011. Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams starred in the production. The play seems to have its American premiere at the Profiles Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, from April 3 to June 3, 2012. Joe Jahraus directed the film, which stars Darrell W. Cox and Natasha Lowe.

In a Forest, Dark and Deep were directed and filmed in London; somehow, Matthew hadn’t been there and didn’t live there. “No, I haven’t spent much time there at all. Most of the time I’ve gone through London, it’s been all work – pretty much sitting in a hotel talking. In and out, either for Lost or some of the films that I’ve done. I’m looking forward to living there and getting to know the city.” Matthew explained.

“They’re not. I have two children, and we don’t want to pull them out of school for that long. But they’re going to come to visit a couple of times. So we have to break it up. I’ll be there for four months. So we’re going to make sure we get them over a couple of times for 10 days or two weeks.” Matthew added.

Matthew Fox in different film roles

Being on plenty of film movies, it is tough to identify whether the character is realistically portrayed. Matthew shared that “That’s always a difficult question; I’m not objective enough to know which ones are the most similar to me. I just try to find my way into them and tell the story best through that character.” Matthew explained.

Matthew is most well-known for his portrayals as Charlie Salinger on Party of Five from 1994 to 2000 and Jack Shephard on Lost from 2004 to 2010, for which he received Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Fox has also appeared in ten feature films, including 2006’s We Are Marshall, 2008’s Vantage Point, 2012’s Alex Cross, Emperor, and 2015’s Bone Tomahawk.

In the 1994-2000 teen drama Party of Five, Fox co-starred with Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Lacey Chabert as Charlie Salinger, the eldest of five siblings who lose both parents in a car accident. People Magazine named Matthew one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1996. Fox starred in another TV series, Haunted after Party of Five was canceled after its sixth season.

From September 2004 to May 2010, Fox portrayed Dr. Jack Shephard, a dedicated but troubled surgeon, on Lost. Matthew first tried out for the role of James “Sawyer” Ford. Nonetheless, co-creator J. J. Abrams thought he would be a better fit for the position of Jack, which was initially intended to be for only the pilot episode. For his role in Lost, For his role in Lost, Matthew has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Matthew won the Satellite Award last 2005 and shared the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance in 2006.

Artists are also dreamers. When they have already experienced working on a film, they strive for more. That’s where artists came up with the so-called dream job. “You know the one I’m working on right now. I feel passionate about each one, and I put myself into it with everything I have and try to make that experience and that discovery the most rewarding that I possibly can, and then move on.” Matthew said

Matthew Fox in Directing and Photography World

Matthew Fox is not just an actor. He once dreamt of being a director, and now he is directing. “I think directing is something that I might tackle if I felt like I was the only one who should tell that story. I’d have to feel that passionate about it. I’ve started on the notion of writing something. I love stories, always have. I love to read, and sort of dropping into a fictional world has always been a real relief for me. And I think at some point I’m going to write something, and at that point, I’m going to want to direct it. I don’t think I’m ever going to want to direct somebody else’s story. Directing requires an enormous amount of energy, and I’ve directed a little bit of television. Again, that experience was rewarding, but it’s just somebody else’s story. And I would really want to be very, very connected to the material.” Matthew explained.

During his film role in Party of Five, that’s the time where Matthew started to recognize that he loves to take photos, mainly black and white ones. “I started getting into photography before I started doing Party of Five, that period of my life. I’m not really sure how I got the bug. I always loved black-and-white images, so I started shooting, and at that point, I even did my own darkroom. I was really into the entire process of shooting film, developing my own film, and making my own prints. So I did that for a while. It’s very time-consuming. I still shoot films. I shoot a lot of films, actually.” Matthew Fox said

Matthew Fox also shared his love for cameras. Matthew Fox said, “I like old cameras. Margherita’s father is a fantastic photographer in Italy, and he collects old cameras. He gave me an old medium-format camera, an old German medium-format camera that’s beautiful. I shoot that a lot. I shoot what is essentially a Noblex; it’s a wide lens. It does a panoramic, but it’s not the old Russian Widelux; it’s called a Noblex, which is an updated version of that. I like playing around with toy cameras, plastic cameras like Dianas, and things like that because you get a lot of strange, surreal images.”

It was so cool to see some artists with other passions. Matthew shared how valuable cameras are to him. “I like to try to get it as good as I can on the camera. I just bought my first digital camera. And it’s great because you edit right in the camera.” Matthew said.

Matthew Fox adores Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh was a German film director and fashion photographer. He studied art in Berlin and Krefeld and had previously shown his work. In 1971, he began working as a photographer for Stern magazine.

“I knew of him, but I didn’t know much of Peter’s work. It was fantastic working with him. He shot a ton of images. I’m trying to remember exactly. It was something like 15,000 over the four or five days we were shooting. But he’s one of those sorts of photographers that sets up the scene, and then you hardly know he’s there. I mean, he’s kind of trying to create the scene. It’s more like you have some atmosphere, and people are interacting with each other, and he’s just shooting away…He really likes to blur the line. You never know what he’s going to shoot, so you just hang out. And he just finds his way into it. Sometimes he’s shooting further back and making more of a scene and sometimes right in on you while you’re having a conversation and shooting really candid stuff. It was a blast.” Matthew explained

 “That’s why I love those images because that’s the stuff I like. I just love black-and-white imagery. I still enjoy sitting down and watching black-and-white movies. I miss black and white. I’m waiting for somebody to do some contemporary black and white.” Peter also explained how he truly loves Peter’s works.

Matthew working with other celebrities

Artists are also fans. It has been an excellent opportunity for them if they work with their dream co-celebrities. Matthew disclosed that he really idolizes Kevin Spacey. “As far as the actors go, I’ve been a big fan of Kevin Spacey’s work for a long, long time. I think I’m going to be hanging with him a bit in London. He’s the artistic director of the Old Vic now. So I think we’ll be hanging out and seeing each other a bit.” Matthew shared.

Matthew Fox, outside his filming career

Matthew has been a great and mysterious man when you look at him. Can you imagine one of his hobbies was driving a plane? Matthew stated that “I fly a Bonanza G36. It’s a single-engine propeller plane. In my opinion, it’s the nicest single-engine plane you can get. Well built. In my opinion, they’ve been making Bonanzas for 60 years, so they’ve perfected it. It’s not certified for any kind of aerobatics…well, very basic aerobatics, like chandelles and steep turns like that. Still, it’s mainly a very nice single-engine airplane for cross-country flying.”

Operation Smile is one of the activities wherein famous people or volunteers are engaged in countries or places where some children or adults have cleft lips or cleft palates. Matthew said, “That is the first time I’ve done that kind of thing in my life, and it was an incredible experience. It was really life-changing to see India. How many children are born with cleft lips or palates and can’t afford to have them fixed? In America, we have almost the same percentage of children born with cleft lips and cleft palates, but most of those are fixed when they’re very, very young. So Operation Smile goes to countries that are much poorer and don’t have the ability or the accessibility to get that done. And to see these kids who are anywhere from the age of five to 16, who have never had the opportunity, and this organization and all the people that donate their time and energy and passion to just be able to go ever there and fix 600 cleft lips and palates and to give them a shot. Because in a lot of countries, it’s considered a curse. And it’s really a very easy fix, and it gives these kids a fresh start. It’s amazing. I was blown away by it – blown away by how hard everybody worked.”

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