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What Happened in Below Deck Season 7? (Full Recap)

Stella Aurora

In Season 7 of Below Deck, tensions and passions are high on the charters due to the challenging crew relationships and cramped quarters, which leads to drama and nonstop entertainment.

Cast of Below Deck Season 7

  • Lee Rosbach – Captain
  • Kevin Dobson – Chef
  • Kate Chastain – Chief Stewardess
  • Simone Mashile – Stewardess
  • Courtney Skippon – Stewardess
  • Ashton Pienaar – Bosun
  • Brian de Saint Pern – Lead Deckhand
  • Tanner Sterback – Deckhand
  • Abbi Murphy – Deckhand
  • Rhylee Gerber – Deckhand

Episode 0 - Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments 2019

Below Deck S7 - Capt Lee Rosbach

Some of “Below Deck’s” most memorable moments are ranked by Captain Lee.

Episode 1 - Man Down

Below Deck S7 - Capt Lee Rosbach and Ashton Pienaar

Although Captain Lee Rosbach has returned to lead Valor into combat, inevitably, the conflict will only exist on board. Ashton Pieneaar, promoted to bosun in recognition of nearly passing away under Captain Lee’s watch last season (Season 6), will be traveling with Kate and Captain Lee.

Ashton’s skills as a bosun don’t appear to have Captain Lee wholly convinced. Perhaps Lee will motivate you by dousing you in doubt and adding the assumption that you will fail on top. On Captain Lee’s boat, there won’t be any babysitting, hugs, or pep talks followed by ice cream, unlike Captain Sandy Yawn.

Episode 2 - The Proposal

Below Deck S7 - Michael proposes to Samantha

Given the circumstances, the episode should have been a beautiful evening for the Valor’s prominent guests. Still, the crew, led by Captain Lee, seems to have had plenty of drama throughout the entire process.

Things started off poorly on the night of the proposal. Even the wedding band unintentionally landed on the new dish. After that, though, everything went smoothly when Samantha Orme accepted Michael Durham’s proposal.

Episode 3 - Weekend at Brandy's

Below Deck S7 - Abbi Murphy

Captain Lee asks Ashton to approach Abbi Murphy about wearing her hair up since he is concerned about it becoming tangled in objects. Abbi feels about herself, her work starts to suffer more. She loses the ability to follow simple directions. She is disoriented, mindlessly walking, taking uninvited breaks, and forgetting what she is supposed to be doing.

Courtney Skippon finds it revolting. She is a proper authority on the enormous collections of aquatic life. Given that she regularly indulges in seafood extravaganzas twice a week, one could expect such ceremonial excess with greed.

Episode 4 - Weekend at Brandy's II

Below Deck S7 - Capt Lee and Kate

Captain Lee Rosbach instructs Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain. It is to have a very inebriated guest, Brandy, brought back to the boat after she calmly radios him for advice on handling her. Brandy is loaded into a transparent canoe by lead deckhand Brian de Saint Pern and deckhand Tanner Sterback, and the beach picnic continues as usual.

Brandy is seated with Captain Lee and Stewardess Courtney Skippon. Stewardess Simone Mashile is down in the laundry area. She has been tucked away between the washers and dryers after a recent run-in with Chef Kevin Dobson.

Episode 5 - Magic Ashton

Below Deck S7 - Kevin Dobson

Kevin and Captain Lee have a brief conversation after the preference sheet meeting. Still, Lee is not interested in moving past their past interactions. Instead, he intends to make Kevin wet his shorts at the slightest suggestion of forgetting his dinner.

Abbi, meanwhile, just seems to be in a perpetual funk. She dislikes being in charge and obeying Ashton, but she dislikes the amount of work Valor requires the most. Mainly all the inflation and deflation. Due to her diversion, she still forgets to answer the phone or turn on the radio.

Episode 6 - Penis Ravine

Below Deck S7 - Tanner Sterback

The crew deals with Abbi’s rash choice to quit the yacht. Tanner tries to get over a severe stomach ache but is unsuccessful. With a risky dinner menu selection, Kevin continues his quest for forgiveness as Simone grows impatient with the lack of opportunities on board.

Ashton tries to let off some steam by practicing his flirting with not one but two ladies on the crew’s night out as Brian and Courtney’s romance starts to take off.

Episode 7 - Smashton

Below Deck S7 - Brian de Saint Pern

Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon had a brief conversation. The following morning, while stumbling through chores in his state of euphoria, he walks straight into the side of the deck, gashing his knee. Everything in Thailand gets infected right away.

Simone, who is utterly illiterate, keeps blathering on about how tough everything is as she struggles to use what was undoubtedly the first piece of technology used by prehistoric men. Kate gives her a cold-eyed glare. Suppose Kate even hints at opening her mouth.

Episode 8 - A Recipe for Disaster

Below Deck S7 - Kevin and Kate

Kate and Captain Lee are discussing Rhylee’s arrival. Kevin decides that breakfast needs to be served right now and asks the deckhands to assist in bringing bowls to the table. The dish is delivered so hot that the visitors get mouth burns.

Kevin thinks once more that Kate isn’t handling the service properly as the supper is ready to be served. Kevin explains that the deckhands will bring the individually plated main course. The females will serve the sides from a chafing dish. Simply that his cuisine is served to guests.

Episode 9 - 12 Seconds in Heaven

Below Deck S7 - Rhylee Gerber

Rhylee is apprehensive about meeting her employer and coworkers since she regrets all the commotion from the previous evening. Fortunately for her, Ashton also regrets what he did. Plus, they need support on deck because Brian is still in quarantine. Rhylee receives an apology from Ashton for his tone, and he recommends they start over.

Simply put, Ashton dislikes Rhylee. He despises her attitude and observes that the turmoil on Below Deck began as soon as she entered this season. It’s true!

Kevin also apologizes to Rhylee for his unprofessional behavior after realizing it. Kevin acknowledges that he enjoys pushing people’s buttons to see how they respond.

Episode 10 - Everyone Hates Kate

The crew receives a mid-season skip day as a gift from Captain Lee. Instead of the usual binge drinking at a resort for tourists, they get an extra afternoon off to spend at an elephant sanctuary, thanks to Thailand.

After Kate goes to bed, Simone begins to cry and tells Rhylee about their quarrel. Rhylee isn’t shocked because Kate manages crises by biting people’s heads off.

Episode 11 - I'm Sorry You Feel That Way

Below Deck S7 - Tanner and Simone

Ashton tries to end his fight with Kate following their intense argument the night before. Tanner sends Simone conflicting signals by telling her he just wants to keep things casual. Following Simone’s last charter, Kate elevates Courtney to second stew.

A broken extractor fan in the galley and heavy waves threaten to ruin the trip for everyone, despite the crew’s best efforts to atone for their mistakes in front of returning charter guests Master Pearson and Lady Tiernan.

Episode 12 - Yacht-Pocalypse Now

Below Deck S7 - Ashton and Tanner

Rhylee grips Kate that Ashton is a jerk, while Ashton complains to Tanner that Rhylee’s attitude is hurting the deck crew. I concur that Ashton is an issue, but Kate also thinks that Rhylee stepped way outside of bounds when she attempted to judge her skill.

Tanner feels stifled since he can’t be his true, wild, and crazy self when he’s bound by even the most casual of loves, and he wants to break things up with Simone Mashille. Conversely, Tanner irritates Simone because he constantly assumes she will force him into marriage and drag him down the aisle.

Episode 13 - Exodus

Below Deck S7 - Courtney Skippon

When the crew awakens and learns that Kate resigned, they are stunned, especially Captain Lee. Simone and Courtney try to keep the inside under control without Kate. Ashton is forced to admit to Lee that he is the reason Kate is missing because he can’t recall what he did the night before.

When Justine, a charter guest, and a trained chef, threatens to keep a tight check on Kevin, Kevin goes into a tailspin. When the primary’s cousin, Jamie, refuses to share her, there is a conflict with the charter guest. 

Episode 14 - Witch-Hunt

Below Deck S7 - Ashton with charter guest

After Ashton and Kate organize the beach picnic, Ashton departs to pick up Simone and the guests. Kate told Courtney about Simone’s unawareness of her service on the beach, but not Simone. Simone accepts it as is.

This is intriguing; one of the visitors, model Molly, has caught Ashton’s attention. The fact that Ashton feels at ease flirting with Molly in front of Captain Lee is telling because crew members are not permitted to interact with guests in any way.

Episode 15 - Public Displays of Affection

Below Deck S7 - Alexis Bellino as charter guest

Alexis Bellino, formerly of “The Real Housewife of Orange County,” and her new beau board Valor to celebrate her recent divorce. After the deck team resolves the most pressing difficulties, Lee decides on Rhylee’s future, forcing Ashton to modify his leadership approach.

Ashton lets off steam by asking surprise guests to join the crew for a night out. Tanner receives an invitation from Kate to stay the night, and Brian and Courtney get into an argument after he sends her a dubious text regarding their relationship. Lee is worried when Kevin has a back injury in the kitchen. 

Episode 16 - The Scorpion Queen

Below Deck S7 - Simone breaks a glass

Tanner is out with Rhylee, and although he flirts with Kate between them, they argue about when to spray the deck. Tanner prefers to wait until after the guests have finished eating. Rhylee wants to spread the deck with K2. 

Rhylee is disregarded when Tanner asks Ashton for his opinion. While interviewing some absolutely abhorrent trash, Simone breaks a glass and cleans it up next to Kate while grinning the entire time.

Episode 17 - Let Them Eat Penis Cake!

Below Deck S7 - Capt Lee calls a meeeting

To address the revelry from the previous night, Captain Lee convenes a meeting of the entire crew and issues a challenge to the team. After Brian tells Courtney he is fed up. He declines to take responsibility for his behavior at the night market, and their relationship is in shambles.

When Jemele Hill, a former sports writer for ESPN, wants to run Charter 9 her way, Kate’s tolerance is tested. During the preparations for their last beach picnic, Kevin and Kate butt heads. Once Kate decided to take matters into her own hands, she sought revenge on Kevin in any way possible. 

Episode 18 - Big Girls, Do Cry

Below Deck S7 - Kevin and Kate confrontation

By enabling Kevin to deliver the primary’s requested sexy cake, knowing she had gone to bed, Kate jeopardizes the success of the final charter. On the crew’s last night together, Captain Lee plans a Full Moon Party on a private beach.

Tanner makes one previous attempt to court Kate while Courtney and Brian try to work things out. Before the team permanently departs Valor, Kevin confronts Kate.

Episode 19 - Reunion Part 1

Below Deck S7 - Reunion Part 1

Andy meets with Captain Lee and the Valor staff in Part One to discuss the most pressing challenges for Season 7. The crew spills the beans on a season’s worth of steamy boat-mances, Simone criticizes Kate’s leadership style, and Chef Kevin comes clean.

Episode 20 - Reunion Part 2

Below Deck S7 - Reunion Part 2

In the second installment, Andy rejoins the Valor team to examine Ashton and Kate’s gruesome fight in the van, the problematic crew dynamic, and Rhylee’s dissatisfaction with the deckhands. The staff is concerned about Captain Lee’s response as he is stretched to the limit.

Below Deck Season 7 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from October 7, 2019, to February 17, 2020
  • Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Nadine Rajabi, Lauren Simms, Rebecca Henning, James Bruce, and Elise Duran are the executive producers
  • under the production of 51 Minds Entertainment
  • consists of 20 episodes (Episode 0 not included)

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