4 Mommy-and-Me Skincare Brands You Should Know About

These mommy-and-me products meet baby’s skincare needs and yours!

When my daughter was a baby, a lot of strangers would ask me, “is she yours?” Back then, she had blond curls, while my complexion and hair were a lot darker. So we went through a little “matchy-matchy” phase. Subconsciously, I think I was trying to prove that we belonged together. Though my twinning phase was short-lived, there are still a lot of things that my mini me and I love to do together. Skincare is one of them.

Of course, the baby will have different skincare needs than yours. So if you want to avoid having to run around town to get your baby skincare products in one store and yours in another, aim for brands that offer baby counterparts. Mommy-and-me brands are your best bet to cover it all in a one-stop shopping spree and still meet everybody’s skincare needs.

So here it is four mommy-and-me skincare brands that you and your baby won’t be able to live without.

1. Pai. I’m obsessed with British brand Pai’s skincare for grownups. I love everything they make, but I’m especially into their facial moisturizers and serums. When I’m getting breakouts, I use their Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum, and if my skin is feeling dry, I love to layer their Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream under my makeup in the morning. $78 and $55, buy here and here

My kids have much simpler needs. For example, winter winds and daily baths necessitate a little moisturizer on their delicate cheeks sometimes, and for that, we all adore Petit Pai’s Apple & Mallow Blossom Face & Body Cream. Like the whole Mama and Baby line from Pai, this cream is certified organic and free from parabens and fragrance. It’s gentle and still quite effective. Confession: I totally borrow it sometimes too! $36, buy here

2. Zoe Organics. I love balms. I own so many, I could use a different one on each body part if I wanted to! Zoe Organics is one of my favorite balm-makers, and luckily they have several handy varieties. For my kids, the diaper balm is unrivaled. With soothing calendula, chamomile, and lavender infused right into moisturizing sunflower oil, not only does it prevent diaper rash on their sensitive skin, but it can even heal mommy’s dry, cracked hands. $18, buy here

For me, I couldn’t have survived the four-years-and-counting of collective breastfeeding I’ve logged so far without their Nipple Balm. The nipple balm is so pure, that I feel 100 percent comfortable about my kids having ingested some of it as they nurse. What’s more, its main ingredient is organic olive oil (the ingredient recommended by all four lactation consultants I’ve seen over the years), and it’s rich enough to soothe my sore nips and heal small cracks overnight. $18, buy here

3. Meow Meow Tweet. My whole family loves oil moisturizers, but while I like a nice scent in mine, my kids do not. Enter Meow Meow Tweet’s body oils. The grown-up version comes in three scents: Juniper Mint, Frankincense + Flowers, and, my personal favorite, Lavender Lemongrass. All varieties are made of the same moisturizing mix of oils (sunflower, jojoba, hempseed, and coconut) to ensure superior skin conditioning. I like to put it on directly after a shower before I even towel off! $20, buy here

The kiddo version is designed for newborns and those with super-sensitive skin. There are no essential oils in it, which is handy for babies and pregnant ladies alike! With marshmallow root and calendula in it, this oil is extra-healing for irritated skin, cradle cap, and baby massage. Great for anyone who doesn’t want a scented product, like my kids. $25, buy here

4. Weleda. For years, Weleda has been my go-to gold-standard brand. It’s pure, effective, affordable, and available at Whole Foods. I buy their creamy body washes in bulk! I alternate between the Sea Buckthorn variety and Wild Rose$10.50 and $11.50, buy here and here

So it’s no surprise at all that I’ve always used the Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body wash on my kids. It’s gentle enough to use daily, but it really gets food out of their hair, so I know it works! And in the winter, when the air is extra dry, we switch to the Calendula Cream Bath for extra moisture while cleansing. $12.50 and $17, buy here and here

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