5 Things That Keep You Up All Night During Pregnancy

Elyn Cone

And what to do about them.

*We’ve partnered with Maty’s natural and organic whole food health alternatives because we’re tired.

The bigger your bump gets, the more you’ll hear it: “sleep now before the baby comes!” But like, who are the people telling you this, and um, have they ever even been pregnant? Between constant congestion and heartburn from Hell, getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy is nearly impossible. And the more you stress about sleeping, the more difficult it becomes to drift off.

So if you’re reading this in the dark as your spouse snores on the other side of the bed, we’ve been there, mama, and we’ve got your back. That’s why we’ve partnered with Maty’s whole food remedies to help you catch some pregnancy zzz’s, because, okay, they’re kinda right: you better sleep while you can!

1. Heartburn. TMI, but who hasn’t woken up with a mouth full of vomit? People who have never had a belly full of babies, that’s who. During pregnancy, heartburn can get so severe it’ll choke the sleep right out of you. Cutting out french fries and other greasy foods will go a long way in easing the burn. You could also try sleeping propped up with pillows to keep the digestive flow moving down. And while we know those drugstore meds are tempting, take a spoonful of Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief instead. Made with ingredients you know, recognize, and can pronounce (I think you may have heard of honey, turmeric, and ginger?), Matys soothes your burning belly without the added worry of side effects, weird drug interactions, or other unknowns.

2. Anxiety. Your body is so ready for a good night’s sleep, but your mind won’t stop! So you have no choice but to stay up all night reading everything you can find online about babies and how to keep them alive. If someone could see your phone’s pregnancy search history, it would look like this: what is colostrum, placenta recipes for dogs, how to prepare newborns for the SATs. Our advice? Grab a cup of ginger tea (also helps with nausea!), put down your phone, and pick up a good book totally unrelated to the baby. Take comfort in knowing you’ll have plenty of time for middle-of-the-night Googling sessions later on when you’re up feeding your baby.

3. Discomfort. Rolling over in bed is now more difficult than a three-point turn in a mac truck. Let’s face it: during pregnancy, getting comfortable in bed is a pipe dream. Once you are late into pregnancy, switching sides requires getting into an all-fours position, and usually requires assistance. Then there are the leg cramps that hurt so bad you wake up screaming a medley of your favorite four-letter words. Massages can help, and pregnancy pro tip: so can Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub It’s filled with some of our favorite essential oils, like peppermint, tea tree, and pine, and developed to ease the pain and help you get back to sleep ASAP.

4. That impossible-to-shake pregnancy cold. While our bodies are busy knitting together a baby, they’re totally slacking in other departments. Namely, our immune systems! You’re all but guaranteed to get at least one cold while you’re pregnant, and maybe even more. Most cold meds are off-limits when you’re baby-growing, but Maty’s Organic Nighttime Cough Syrup has only whole food ingredients intended to soothe and coat your throat, plus 10 immune boosters in every spoonful (um, you should be taking this stuff even when you don’t have a cold.) It’s also a great alternative to melatonin, which contrary to popular belief, is actually synthetic. Another cold-coping idea? Raid baby’s already-prepped changing table (we know you got it done when you had 2. Anxiety) for Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub — it’s petroleum free and full of chamomile and lavender to help open up your sniffly nostrils.

5. Your Bladder. If you’re finally able to nod off, chances are it won’t last too long. That baby in your belly is wringing your bladder like a washcloth and at a certain point, it becomes a miracle if you’re able to go two hours without running to the bathroom! We would say don’t take a glass of water to bed with you, but hydration is key during pregnancy, so our only suggestion for this one is to pick up a few diapers… size: mom!

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