Organic Produce for Pregnancy

Does eating organic really make a difference during pregnancy?

What’s with all the labels? Organic. Non-GMO. All Natural. It is certainly confusing and overwhelming–especially when what you consume during pregnancy has an impact on your little one. A recent article pointed out three important facts based on recent research:

  • There is a 94% reduction of health risks with eating the organic form of fruits that are sprayed heavily with pesticides
  • One week on an organic diet reduces pesticide exposure in adults by 90%
  • Monsanto’s Bt Toxin is shown to cross the placenta to the fetus

What does this mean? 

 At present, unless you are eating pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables, you’re likely not “ingesting” significant amounts of pesticides. But with respect to pregnancy, it is important to be smart about your exposure levels. It is also important to understand what produce is at risk for a significant amount of pesticide use/exposure.

The EWG publishes a Dirty Dozen produce list as well as key findings from research. Use this list as a guide to shopping for organic produce so that you’re not just spending more money for what you assume is high quality but isn’t. This article isn’t meant to scare you, but rather to encourage you to make more sound decisions when choosing fruits and vegetables for consumption.

Eating healthy spans across several spectrums, and choosing organic produce is just one of the many ways you could be proactive not only during pregnancy but beyond.

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