Postpartum Style Coaching

Jenny Greenstein of Your Soul Style is empowering new moms physically and emotionally. Being a new mom is a blessing, but it’s also challenging in so many ways. Taking care of your new baby is all-consuming–so all-consuming, in fact, that you often forget to take care of mommy. Personal style takes a back seat, because, […]

How to Help Your Baby Talk

10 ways parents can support infant language development Whether your baby is almost babbling, just saying strings of babble while pointing at something he likes, or seems to be having a chat with you, the emergence of language and communication is how he begins to interact with others and the world around him. Here’s a […]

Are Words Enough?

Doing more to close the Million-Word Gap. Over the past year, there’s been a lot of talk about the “word gap,” the unequal number of words children of different economic backgrounds hear each day. We know that the linguistic divide represents an inequality that lasts into adulthood. Over and over again, we have cited the […]

Vitamin-Packed: Green Smoothie

NYC-based private chef and health coach Jenné Clairborne shares her favorite way to gain energy and nutrients with one easy recipe. As a personal chef and health coach, my clients are always asking me for advice about what to eat for breakfast. The majority of them are mothers, and can’t spend a lot of time in the […]

Chelsea’s Birth Story: Against the Plan

One mama learns that a perfect pregnancy doesn’t always end with the perfect birth story. When I got pregnant with my daughter I did everything I could to feel extremely prepared. I read tons of websites and books, ate better than I ever had, walked daily and completely laid out my birth plan. I had […]

Must-Have: Parents’ Helper

Every new parent should have an extra helping hand.   Oh, glorious weekends! Like that so-called “extra hour of sleep” (ha!) for daylight savings time, the benefits of weekends do seem to accrue to those who don’t have children. After having a baby and heading back to work, I found that my previously bliss-filled weekends became […]

Don’t Tell Me How to Feed My Baby

Breastfeeding shame can start earlier than you think. I didn’t want to breastfeed. That doesn’t make me a horrible mother; it just makes me honest. Saying that openly isn’t necessarily easy—particularly in a culture where it’s become almost commonplace to shame women who choose not to breastfeed.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do what […]

Prepping your Body for Birth

Train your body physically and mentally for the big day. Preparing your body for pregnancy and birth is comparable to getting ready for a marathon-meets-Tough Mudder! Although every birth is unique, a healthy, fit mother has strength and flexibility to her advantage to push her baby out like a pro. The birthing experience will be […]

Talking to a Friend About Her Infertility

Tips and advice for supporting a friend or loved one through infertility Infertility is an isolating experience. One of the hardest parts is seeing friends or loved ones conceive, while wondering if your own hopes for an unrealized family will come to fruition. Overwhelming emotions like shame and self-doubt are standard for a woman or […]

What Happened in Top Chef Season 1? (Full Recap)

Top Chef S1 - Cover with Chef contestants

The first season of Top Chef began in San Francisco and ended there. For roughly 21 days, twelve competitors from across the country shared homes while participating in various activities. The emcee was Katie Lee Joel. The regular judges were Food & Wine Magazine’s Gail Simmons and chef Tom Colicchio. Twelve aspiring cooks from various […]