“RHOBH” Diana Jenkins Donates $100,000 To The Lion Air Flight And Tom Girardi Victims

“RHOBH” Diana Jenkins Donates $100,000 To The Lion Air Flight And Tom Girardi Victims

The real housewife made the decision to lend a hand, showing her true philanthropic nature.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Diana Jenkins is known for her generosity and commitment to helping others, and this time, she didn’t bother to offer help once more.

Diana Jenkins

Jenkins revealed on her social media accounts that she had donated $100,000 to the victims of the Lion Air 610 aircraft plane tragedy, who also happened to be Tom Girardi’s alleged victims.

“I was not aware of this tragedy until it became a topic of conversation on RHOBH. I feel so much sympathy for the widows and orphans left behind,” she captioned an image of what appeared to be a proof of her donation.

She may have been alluding to the fact that Erika Jayne, who has been linked to and named in a fraud case pertaining to the 2020 plane disaster, helped make it a subject on the Bravo reality show.

However, based on her comments on the post, which included multiple heart emojis, it seemed like Jayne neither took the donation nor the caption badly.

“I know firsthand the pain and suffering that accompanies the loss of a family member, having lost my brother in the closing days of the Bosnian War. I want to do what I can to support those people who suffered so much. For more information, visit sunelafoundation dot org. #SunelaFoundation #GVNG #RHOBH,” the reality star concluded the post.

As we previously reported, Jayne has won in one of the legal battles she is up against in connection with her estranged husband Girardi’s embezzlement and fraud lawsuit, which was brought by his former colleagues, attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn, in late 2020.

Judge Richard Fruin in Los Angeles concluded that there was no proof that reality star Jayne had engaged in “any wrongdoing.” It was also noted that the plaintiff’s evidence was merely based on conclusions made from circumstantial evidence in an effort to argue that she had actual knowledge that money was taken and sent to EJ Global LLC.

Reactions to “RHOBH” Diana Jenkins Donates $100,000 To The Lion Air Flight And Tom Girardi Victims

Whatever happens on #rhobh must be extra bad for Diana Jenkins because she just announced a $100,000 donation to Lion Air crash victims 🙃🤨😬


Diana Jenkins is donating $100K to help the Lion Air Flight 610 victim's families. Diana cares for the orphans and widows 👏 #rhobh


How gross Diana Jenkins now want to exploit these victims further to gain popularity. She ONLY NOW finding out abt? Erika"s close buddy? When we're they filming? Right before #RHOBHReunion how convenient! Desperate move by a desperate woman.


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