Pregnancy Nausea, You Suck.

4 products that could help your pregnancy nausea disappear.

Let’s face it: pregnancy nausea really sucks. Some of us are lucky and don’t experience intense symptoms, but others can end up wearing a Zofran pump for months at a time just to be able to get adequate nutrients into their system for their little ones to grow. We’ve given you some coping strategies to address pregnancy nausea, but what do you do when those queasy pops just don’t seem to work?

Here’s a few methods and products that might relieve your discomfort:

1. Wear a band. Given the recent wearable technology trend, from cuffs to watches like Apple, Basis, and more, a PsiBand could add a little pizazz to an otherwise dreary sensation! These bands are FDA-cleared and focus on lessening nausea symptoms potentially caused by morning sickness, motion sickness, anesthesia, and chemotherapy through acupressure. PsiBankds are easily adjustable and you can simply decrease or increase pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point. Buy it here.

2. Eat a bar. Initially, when I read about Anchor Nutrition bars, I thought: why would anyone have an appetite to eat a bar when they’re feeling nauseous? But sometimes, it’s best to work on preventing nausea before it hits. This product is all-natural (no soy protein, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar alcohol), is under 200 calories (perfect snack!), and is also categorized as low-fat and low in sugar. In addition, adequate research has revealed a positive relationship between protein, ginger, and vitamins such as B6 and relieving nausea symptoms. Get one down before you attempt an activity that typically exacerbates your pregnancy nausea, such as flying or driving. Buy it here.

3. Smell an aromatic oil. Peppermint has been suggested as a natural remedy to ease nausea symptoms or morning sickness. Based on a study from 2013, the scent of various aromatic oils including peppermint provides nausea relief. The best part is that this natural remedy is non-invasive and easy to obtain. Oils can be gently sniffed, dabbed onto a towel and kept nearby, or dabbed onto your forehead temples, or even your nighttime pillow so that the scent is effective but not overbearing. Buy it here.

4. Take a (healthy, pregnancy-approved) pill. It’s hard to figure out what pills are safe to take during pregnancy, but Healthy Mama’s New Nip the Nausea! Morning Sickness Capsules contain ginger and B6 with hopes to ease nausea associated with morning sickness. These capsules are easy to carry with you wherever you go and can be consumed at any time of day. Buy it here.

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