What Happened In The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2? (Full Recap)

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 aired on Arena from February 22, 2015, to May 17, 2015. The reality TV show continued to follow the professional and personal lives of the housewives, with filming primarily occurring in Melbourne, Victoria.

The second installment consisted of a total of 13 episodes. Familiar faces have returned, and new names have been added to the list. The series’ executive producers are Kylie Washington and Lisa Potasz, while its producers are Euan Jones, Virginia Hodgson, and Philippa Rubira.

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Cast and Overview of The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2

For the second season, five of the six housewives – Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, Gina Liano, Janet Roach, and Lydia Schiavello – from the first season made a comeback. Cast member Andrea Moss voiced her uncertainty about returning to season 2 before the first installment ended.

Andrea was surprised by how well-publicized they had become, stating, “It’s not what I expected. There’s a lot more attention on us. It’s a whole lot bigger than I ever thought (it would be).”

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s executive director of television, revealed Andrea’s departure when the next season was announced, saying she decided to quit the show. Following Andrea’s departure, The Real Housewives of Melbourne welcomed two new full-time wives: Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger.

Gamble Breaux

Gamble is described as a woman who marches to the beat of her own woman drum and is quirky and entertaining. She was formerly an art consultant and now pursues her passion for painting. Originally from Sydney, the former model currently resides in Melbourne with her husband, Dr. Richard Wolfe.

Her husband lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her stepson and is a well-known cataract and laser refractive eye surgeon in Australia. Gamble worked as an art consultant for numerous organizations in Sydney, including Charles Billich’s Billich Gallery.

Now residing in Melbourne, Gamble spends her time making her handbag collection, going on runs, getting botox, and spoiling her Pomeranians, Cash and Wicket.

Pettifleur Berenger

Pettifleur is a real estate entrepreneur from Sri Lanka who aspires to be an author. Her debut work is called Switch the Bitch. She is regarded as determined, combative, and glamorous, as well as someone who lives a high life in more ways than one.

Pettifleur, who was born in Sri Lanka, moved to Australia as a teenager and resided in Melbourne. She identifies her ancestry as Swiss, Portuguese, Dutch, and Ceylonese. Pettifleur moved to Australia and has since worked as a property manager and owned her own property management company.

She has been in a relationship with Frank for eight years and views him as her rock, soul mate, and traveling companion. She has been married twice and has three sons, ages twelve to thirteen.

Season two also features Manuela Pless-Bennett, a recurring cast member. She was included in interviews and went to the reunion, making her the first “friend of the housewives” to be mentioned in The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Manuela, a native of Melbourne, is a person who succeeds in whatever she attempts and is described as having a brilliant, imaginative, and entrepreneurial mind. She received her education in Melbourne, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.

As a result, she was able to shape her career to become an international model that lasted for more than a decade and worked in numerous nations. She relocated to Los Angeles, giving up modeling to focus on her studies in journalism at UCLA.

Manuela earned college credit as an intern at Entertainment Tonight on the Paramount Pictures lot and the Los Angeles offices for channels 7 and 9. After graduating from college, she followed her passion for journalism, landing various gigs in radio, live shows, and television.

She moved back to Australia after getting the hosting gig for a prime-time television program, her dream job at the time. Outside of media, Manuela is passionate about real estate and has sold, purchased, restored, and built numerous residences in Australia.

Episode 1 - Fresh Start, New Faces

Janet plans her birthday celebration while Jackie, Lydia, and Chyka meet for lunch. The ladies attend Janet’s birthday party, and Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger, two new housewives, are introduced.

Episode 2 - Murder Mystery Party

Pettifleur wants to purchase a Bentley. Gamble pays a dog trainer to work with her dog Cash. Gamble has invited all the ladies to a murder mystery party she is organizing. While Jackie, Janet, and Pettifleur try on outfits for the party, Janet gets upset because Pettifleur is rude to the store employee.

Gamble and Rick announce their engagement at her murder mystery party. Janet, Chyka, and Gamble meet for lunch, where Chyka brings up the topic of rumors. Janet claims Gamble worked as a stripper and a call girl.

Episode 3 - Fashion Flare Up

Jackie promotes La Máscara, her line of cocktails. Gamble, Gina, Gina, Jackie, and Janet attended the Chadstone fashion show. Gamble confronts Janet about the rumors that she had earlier spread about her. Shane Warne teaches Lydia the poker game in preparation for a charity event.

Episode 4 - Anyone for Golf?

Gina and Janet meet for coffee to catch up. When Gina mentions the rumors, Janet leaves. Janet invites Gamble, Jackie, Chyka, and Gina to play golf with her. Jackie and Janet go shopping for golf attire, and Janet brings up lunch with Gina, which makes her cry.

The girls travel to the Mornington Peninsula to play golf. As Jackie predicted, Gina lost her golf stick, which surprised the women. Janet and Gamble agree to a cease-fire.

Episode 5 - Chef's Dinner

Pettifleur calls Gamble stupid while eating lunch with Chyka and Jackie. Chyka extends a dinner invitation to everyone. Lydia returns from Italy after her son’s wedding. Gamble starts laughing as Lydia recounts a heartbreaking story.

Gamble confronts Pettifleur for calling her stupid. The rumors spark another argument between Gamble and Janet.

Episode 6 - Look Out Sydney

Everyone, except Gina and Jackie, attends the AFL Grand Final. Gamble invites Gina, Janet, and Pettifleur to Sydney. Lydia questions Gamble about her inappropriate laughter throughout the dinner. The women travel to Sydney to visit the Billich Art Gallery.

Tempest, Gambles’ sister, confronts Janet about the rumors. Janet exits the Art Gallery, and Gamble and Gina chase her down, attempting to drag her back inside. Everyone agrees not to bring up the rumors once more before leaving for dinner. Pettifleur believes that some of Gina’s comments at him are racist.

Episode 7 - Manila Bound

In search of a location for Gambles’ hen celebration, Chyka and Jackie are greeted by strippers. Janet invites everyone to Manila. Once in Manila, the women settle into their rooms. During lunch, Chyka, Gamble, and Gina discuss the controversial novel Switch the Bitch by Pettifleur.

The housewives go out to dinner, and when Pettifleur’s book is discussed, Gina and Pettifleur argue.

Episode 8 - Philippines Part 2

Pettifleur claims Gina is racist toward her, which leaves Gamble with a bad taste in her mouth. Jackie claims Gina referred to Gamble’s partner, Rick, as a lunatic and threatened to blame Gamble and Pettifleur. A fight between Jackie and Gina breaks out when their argument gets out of hand. Gamble and Petttifluer quarrel while the housewives go to the hotel bar for drinks.

Episode 9 - Gina's New Shoes

Janet introduces her tea collection. Gamble and Carlos, a friend of Janet, argue about the rumors. Gina introduces her new shoe line, each shoe bearing the name of a housewife. Janet and Pettifleur are displeased because she named a shoe after them. Jackie throws a celebration to introduce her LaMascara High-Tea.

Episode 10 - A Day at the Races

Rick and Gamble buy an engagement ring. The ladies go to the Spring Racing Carnival. Pettifleur releases Switch the Bitch, a controversial novel. Pettifleur is once more confronted about the book by Gamble and Gina, and this time Jackie disagrees with them.

Gamble has a hen’s night. Gamble disagrees with Jackie and Chyka for organizing strippers. Gina informs Gamble that her makeup artist started spreading rumors. Another dispute regarding the rumors breaks out between Janet and Gamble.

Episode 11 - Wonderland

Chyka is tasked with planning Pettifleur’s birthday celebration. Pettifleurs’ high expectations for the event are difficult for Chyka and her team to meet. As the party begins, Janet, Manuela, and Gamble quarrel over the rumors, while Gina and Jackie fight once more, shocking the partygoers.

Episode 12 - Reunion – Part

Chyka is tasked with planning Pettifleur’s birthday celebration. Pettifleurs’ high expectations for the event are difficult for Chyka and her team to meet. As the party begins, Janet, Manuela, and Gamble quarrel over the rumors, while Gina and Jackie fight once more, shocking the partygoers.

Episode 13 - Reunion – Part 2

Pettifleur settles down after being bombarded with allegations. When Manuela joins the couch, Gamble, Janet, and Manuela quarrel about the rumors when Gina’s racist words towards Pettifleur are brought up.

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