One Last Farewell: Comfort Food Recipes


Before you go eliminate this and that from your diet for the New Year, take one last moment to indulge.

By this point, most everyone has proclaimed their new self for the new year resolutions. Weight loss and healthier ways always tend to be at the top of those lists (unless, of course, you’re pregnant and happily reveling in the growth of that new round belly of yours). We’re all about a healthier lifestyle, but truth be told, our stomachs are still on holiday. Who says resolutions have to start on the 1st? Especially when we’ve hit below freezing temps in NYC today. Comfort food is the name of the game.

So before you start your healthier ways, pick your poison and indulge one last time. Here we’ve paired a few of the diets you may be considering with one last worthy indulgence that’ll put your kitchen skills to the test.

Mediterranean diet. 

The mediterranean diet feels kind of glamorous to us. It gives us a taste of the good life like olive oil and feta cheese but it has it’s limitations as well.

What you’ll eliminate: Not much (yay), but refined sugar and red meat are very limited.

Your final meal: Meatball Hero via The Food Network

The Kind diet. 

More of a lifestyle change than a diet, Alicia Silverstone wrote the Kind diet in hopes of creating a, you guessed it, kinder planet for all.

What you’ll eliminate: Meat, fish, dairy and more.

Your final indulgence: Buttermilk Biscuits via The Kitchn

Paleo diet. 

You’re super on trend so why not find out what all the Paleo hype is about.

What you’ll indulgence: Bread, pasta and dairy.

Your final meal: Fettucine alfredo via The Pioneer Woman

Macrobiotic diet. 

The most spiritual mamas will find the macrobiotic most appealing.

What you’ll eliminate: White, brown, or any other refined sugar, caffeine — basically anything in the recipe below.

Your final meal: Coca Cola Chocolate Cake recipe via Food Republic

Raw food. 

If you’re going to go to extreme measures to detox that body of yours, your final meal better be good.

What you’ll eliminate: All meat, fish, dairy…and as the name suggests, you’ll also be eliminating the heat in the kitchen. At least you won’t have to cook, right?

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