Viral Video: “Surgeon” Attempts To Extract A Live Snake From A Woman’s Ear

Viral Video “Surgeon” Attempts To Extract A Live Snake From A Woman’s Ear

An unsettling video captures the moment a “surgeon” attempted to remove a live snake that had penetrated a woman’s ear.

Ever wonder about the experience of being bitten by a snake or seeing one face to face? Although frightening, the scenario in this widely shared video shows an odd situation in which an alive snake slid inside a woman’s ear.

An alleged medical professional is shown in the almost four-minute video using tweezers in a last-ditch effort to remove a black and yellow snake poking its head out of a female patient’s ear.

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Unfortunately, he is unable to free the snake from its unusual position despite having a Swiss Army knife’s worth of equipment at his disposal, including forceps and Q-tips. The viral video leaves viewers stunned and horrified by not telling if the procedure was successful.

However, several viewers believed the footage to be a hoax. One called it “100% fake,” while another questioned how the rest of the object managed to fit inside the viewer’s ear canal. 

“How that snake will fit in that tiny ear hole!” a user said, while another expressed, “This is as fake.”


One critic found it strange that the snake was sticking out headfirst since it implied that it had climbed into her ear before turning around in such a small place. 

One user wrote, “Surely, she would have felt the snake crawl into her ear; how could it turned around for its head to be poking out as the ear canal is only small.”

According to a local news source, the Economic Times, it’s unknown exactly when, when, or how this terrible accident took place.

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