Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

Celebrate the holidays (and your pregnancy) with these healthy food swaps. While Thanksgiving may be over and you may still be recovering, the holiday season is still upon us. So as you get ready for the festivities, remember that the age-old myth of eating for two could be detrimental as your pregnancy progresses. At the same time, […]

Green Smoothies for Pregnancy

3 reasons you should drinking green smoothies and 1 easy green smoothie recipe. There’s no time like pregnancy to get into a green smoothie habit. A Green Smoothie is basically a fruit smoothie with dark leafy greens blended into a satisfying breakfast. And since we all know that food aversion during pregnancy can leave your […]

Cravings Made Healthy: Strata

Nourish your pregnant or new mama body with teeny tiny foodie’s easy recipe for a comfort food fave. There are few dishes I love more than strata. A strata is basically a frittata but with a layer of bread, which makes it a complete dish of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables all in one. It is […]

Clean Up and Green Up: Baby’s Space

Stock up on this collection of non-toxic cleaning products curated by healthy living expert Jen Eden. These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a pregnant woman who isn’t aware of the fact that the things she eats, breathes, and exposes herself to can impact her developing fetus. Whether the insult is in the form of cigarette […]

Lainie’s Birth Story: No Epidural Necessary

One mom uses her natural childbirth experience from her firstborn to help turn things around for baby number two’s arrival. Literally. I wasn’t trying to be a martyr or a saint when I refused an epidural during childbirth with my first son. I am not against necessary drugs given to women while birthing, nor do […]

7 Postpartum Workout Moves You Can Do With Baby

Get back in shape while bonding with the baby. It may be getting cold (really, really cold) outside. But that’s no excuse to skimp on your workouts. If you recently gave birth, especially, you may want to get that pre-baby body started ASAP. Well, we’ve got news for you: you won’t do that unless you get […]

5 Reasons Saying No Will Make Mom’s Life Better

What if saying “no” could actually make you a happier mama? Saying “yes” is very important. It can mean the difference between accomplishing something difficult or sitting it out and possibly missing an opportunity. It means putting positive energy out into the world and taking life by the horns. Saying “yes” is fantastic, and you […]

5 Tips to Help Mom Survive the First Week of School

With these basic back-to-school rules, you and your child will survive week one. You’ve just dropped your beloved first child off at Kindergarten or pre-K or even preschool. You’ve barely dried your eyes when reality hits: you have turned your child over to the State. Even if he’s been enrolled in daycare since preconception, you’re not prepared. […]

5 Signs Your OB Is Right For You

Finding the right fit for your pregnancy and birth. How do you really know if your OB is the right fit? Aside from your spouse, family, and close friends, an OB plays a very important role in supporting you throughout pregnancy. First, of course, is his or her medical expertise, but guiding a woman through […]

5 Qs with Katherine

BUMP ENVY Name: Katherine Cain Neighborhood: Murray Hill Occupation: PR Manager, Old Navy Baby’s Sex: Girl How would you describe your pregnant style? Classic, comfortable and feminine, which is how I would also describe my pre-pregnancy style. Comfort is especially key during pregnancy, as is finding pieces that accentuate my baby bump, which I have found […]