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Elyn Cone

10 Tips to help you cut down on wireless radiation during pregnancy.

Usually, we hate hearing the old “When I was pregnant….” from our moms or mothers-in-law, but when it comes to microwave radiation, we kind of wish we lived back then. From cell phones to ipads to wireless routers, radiation is everywhere. And it’s bad for us…and our babies.

During pregnancy, it’s particularly dangerous. Wireless radiation can interfere with normal fetal brain development, and implications include impaired communication skills, learning deficits, and behavioral problems. Your cellphone, tablet, and laptop probably even have legal warnings (usually 20 cm for laptops or tablets and about ½ inch for cellphones) about how close to hold them to your body — if it’s in your pocket or handbag, close to that growing baby, know your facts.

“Pregnancy is a time when people are quite apprehensive about everything, yet they’re not thinking about the impact of a wireless device,” says Dr. Devra Lee Davis, author of numerous books on wireless radiation and human health, and founder of the Environmental Health Trust. “These devices can be very valuable in an emergency but you’ve got to stop and think about the risk you’re taking by carrying it, especially if it’s on your body.”

Davis recently founded the BabySafe Project, a campaign devoted to encouraging women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation. Below are her top 10 tips for removing some of your risks while you’re pregnant.

  1. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body (e.g. in a pocket or bra).
  2. Avoid holding any wireless device against your body when in use.
  3. Use your cell phone on speaker setting or with an “air tube” headset.
  4. Avoid using your wireless device in cars, trains, or elevators.
  5. Avoid cordless phones, especially where you sleep.
  6. Whenever possible, connect to the internet with wired cables.
  7. When using Wi-Fi, connect only to download, then disconnect and disable Wi-Fi.
  8. Avoid prolonged or direct exposure to nearby Wi-Fi routers.
  9. Unplug your home Wi-Fi router when not in use (e.g. at bedtime).
  10. Sleep as far away from wireless utility meters (i.e. “smart” meters) as possible.
  11. BONUS TIP: Davis also suggests exploring radiation products with radiation shields–check out our giveaway this week for a Belly Armor Belly Band to get you started!

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