What Happened in Married to Medicine Season 5? (Full Recap)


In Season 5 of Married to Medicine, Dr. Jackie is busier than ever season because of her prestigious medical practice and new book. Additionally, she must accept the terrible truth that her husband Curtis has been unfaithful. Dr. Simone continues to live in her residences in the north and south.

Toya is considering living from a different perspective than Eugene, who works long hours and neglects to take time for some much-needed TLC. To avoid confrontation, Dr. Heavenly has grown her dental practice and is pursuing her spiritual quest, yet drama still attracts her like a magnet.

Quad is a multi-talented doctor’s wife, but her relationship with Dr. G suffers since she doesn’t feel appreciated for her efforts. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, the newest member, is a wife, mother, and company owner who has reached a decision point where she is ready to give up medicine and devote her attention to her husband and three children.

Lisa Nicole Cloud left the show after Season 4.

Cast of Married to Medicine Season 5

  • Toya Bush Harris – an entrepreneur from Michigan, USA, married to Dr. Eugene Harris
  • Dr. Jacqueline Walters – a health expert, philanthropist, women’s advocate, and an OB Gynecologist from Atlanta, USA
  • Quad Webb – an entrepreneur, author, fashion icon, philanthropist, animal rights enthusiast, and a former medical technologist
  • Dr. Simone Whitmore – an OB Gynecologist, creator of a body moisturizing cream from all-natural ingredients
  • Dr. Heavenly Kimes – a dentist, inspirational speaker, author, powerhouse, entrepreneur, and relationship expert
  • Dr. Contessa Metcalfe – a navy flight surgeon, an advocate of criminal justice reform, entrepreneur, and a specialist in medical aesthetics, preventive, occupational, and addiction medicine
  • Mariah Huq – (recurring), a native of Bangladesh, television host and news producer, creator, and producer of Married to Medicine, married to Dr. Aydin Huq

Episode 1 - Waiting to Exhale

Married to Medicine S5 - Toya Bush Harris

The group is shocked to learn of Curtis Walters’ adultery, which forces the husbands and wives to take sides. To repay the IRS, Eugene Harris works overtime, leaving Toya Bush Harris alone and without access to sex. 

Quad Webb officially opens Dr. G’s new practice, but Simone Whitmore finds it challenging to balance her time between her two homes. Heavenly Kimes arranges a special night for Jacqueline Walters and the ladies while adjusting to her oldest son being away at college.

Episode 2 - Hot Off the Press

Married to Medicine S5 - Dr. Jackie struggles to digest in private

When further information about Curtis’ affair is revealed in an article, scandal strikes once more as Jackie struggles to digest it in private. While Heavenly concentrates on advancing her daughter’s music career, Quad concentrates on starting a new job. 

Toya hosts a competitive “Cook Off” for her birthday, Heavenly loses control of her fury, and Simone’s troubled marriage hits a breaking point, all of which cause stress.

Episode 3 - Let's All Throw a FIT-NI

Jackie hosts a FITNI field day because she needs to divert attention from the controversy. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, a new group member, strives to balance work and family. All of the women turn out to support Jackie and take part in her competition, but when Heavenly and Toya cause a commotion, the actual games start. 

In the meantime, Simone and Cecil look for expert assistance as their troubled marriage begins to affect their children.

Episode 4 - Black Girl Magic or Black Girl Tragic?

Married to Medicine S5 - Quad Webb

Quad wants to work on their deteriorating relationship, so she prepares a night of “Romance On The Table,” but Dr. When he says the incorrect thing, it destroys the vibe. Simone criticizes Cecil for having a double life as a politician. 

In the meantime, Toya’s worries about adultery creep into her relationship with Eugene, and Jackie endures the torment of public scrutiny when a patient weighs in on the affair. Simone decides to take a girls’ trip to New Orleans because things aren’t going well in Atlanta, but she soon finds out that “The Big Easy” isn’t so easy with this group.

Episode 5 - Guess Who's Coming to NOLA?

In the Big Easy, the women resume their Black Girl Magic tour. Contessa is more worried about Heavenly retaliating against her during a swamp tour than any alligators. The lads unwind with cigars and guy time back in Atlanta. 

Dr. Gregory and Quad both feel the strain of marriage and turn to their friends for guidance. Toya makes an “all day” commitment to Jackie and Simone to be polite, but she then surprises the group with a surprise visitor.

Episode 6 - That Voodoo That You Do So Well

Married to Medicine S5 - Mariah Huq

The ladies attempt to save the Black Girl Magic event despite Mariah Huq’s reappearance on their final day in New Orleans. When Heavenly scents a devil, Simone’s plan to surprise the ladies with a cultural experience falls through. 

The women conduct a forgiveness ceremony under Jackie’s direction to move on. Quad has difficulty returning to Atlanta because she must discuss her marriage problems with Dr. G.

Episode 7 - Mama Drama

Married to Medicine S5 - Simone Whitmore seeks emotional support from her sister

Quad must make difficult decisions about the future of her marriage while still in shock following her altercation with Dr. G. When Toya’s mother visits the area, she offers advice to her daughter on how to keep a good marriage. Simone seeks emotional support from her sister. 

In the meantime, Jackie consults Cecil for advice on how to handle Curtis. Heavenly keeps up her good intentions but falters when she disagrees with Mariah. The party goes south when Contessa brings her opinionated nanny, Ms. Reneé, to Mariah’s Mother’s Day brunch for all the ladies.

Episode 8 - Fly Girls & Low Riders

Married to Medicine S5 - the women at Contessa's 90s pool party

Jackie meets Curtis in person for the first time since his affair. Simone sees a patient with unusual circumstances. To compensate for Ms. Renee’s behavior at Mariah’s party, Contessa turns back the clock and hosts a 90s pool party. However, as Simone and Heavenly spar with Mariah, tensions increase, leaving Toya to mediate.

Episode 9 - Breakdown or Breakthrough

Married to Medicine S5 - Contessa tries to balance between job and family life

The 90s pool is still going strong. After Ms. René’s abrupt departure, Contessa tries to balance her job and family life. A second date marks the continuation of Jackie and Curtis’ courtship. Alaura visits a singing coach to the stars with Heavenly. 

Cecil’s participation in a business endeavor surprises Simone. Toya seeks to woo Eugene and reintroduce sex into their relationship. With the help of a marriage focus group, Quad and Greg try to work out their issues, but finding the unpleasant facts makes it difficult for them both to go on.

Episode 10 - Invitations and Revelations

Married to Medicine S5 - Jackie and her husband Curtis

When Jackie first encounters Curtis in public, he extends a surprise invitation. Contessa and Scott try to adjust, but finding a solid work/life balance becomes too much for them. Toya and Eugene experience a fresh financial blow as they are just about to pay their IRS bill. 

Greg is absent when Quad appears on local TV to promote her new cookbook. Simone throws a lavish party to help Cecil debut his new software, but rising tension between Mariah and Heavenly raises the possibility that the event could go wrong.

Episode 11 - The Heavenlywed Game

Mariah needs to determine whether to accept a proposition from Heavenly while still in shock by the drama at the app party. When Curtis surprises Jackie on the flight to Barbados, she is shocked. His entrance startles the entire group, which causes an unpleasant interaction with Toya. 

Later, when Quad and Greg’s issues approach a breaking point, emotions rise during a first-night Newlywed game.

Episode 12 - Island Fever

Damon’s emotional trek through Heavenly brings up memories from his past. Jackie is forced to confront the state of her marriage during a group sex therapy session that is eye-opening for all couples. Eugene experiences a severe health crisis while on a medical trip to assist island people. 

Later, as a luxury boat cruise enters choppy waters, chaos breaks out on the high seas. Quad is called up on her selfish behavior by Mariah and Simone.

Episode 13 - Circle of Truth

Married to Medicine S5 - Heavenly directs Couples Therapy with all her passion

Heavenly directs Couples Therapy with all her passion following a challenging sailing adventure. However, a mutiny breaks out on the beach when she refuses to discuss any of her issues and poses questions that everyone finds irritating.

 With Curtis, Jackie finally succumbs to her emotions and makes herself vulnerable; meanwhile, tensions between Simone and Cecil reach a breaking point as the conflict between Quad and Greg intensifies. Mariah makes a startling disclosure regarding her marriage.

Episode 14 - DNA D-Day

Married to Medicine S5 - the women at DNA reveal party

Heavenly returns from Barbados and intends to make up for her failed couple’s therapy by throwing a DNA reveal party. Jackie agrees to let Curtis return to the house, but she places an unexpected condition on it. When Greg and Quad meet with their marital focus group, things end up worse than they started. 

Contessa makes a decision that will change her for the better. Later, after a dispute between Quad and Toya at the DNA party, Eugene utters a controversial term that sends everyone into a spiral.

Episode 15 - In the Black

Married to Medicine S5 - the women at In The Black Party

Toya and Eugene throw an In the Black Party to commemorate clearing off their tax obligation. Miles, Simone and Cecil’s oldest child, leaves for college. Curtis and Jackie experience some growing pains. With Eugene, Contessa has some unfinished business. In their failing marriage, Quad and Greg’s circumstances continue to deteriorate.

Episode 16 - Reunion, Pt. 1

Married to Medicine S5 - Reunion Part 1

As the ladies of medicine reunite in the first explosive three-part Married to Medicine Reunion, host Andy Cohen looks back on some of the season’s most memorable moments. Contessa defends her nanny from a barrage of criticism; Mariah airs her complaints with Heavenly and tells her what she truly thinks of her, setting up a dramatic showdown; Simone divulges startling new facts about her marriage. Toya is put on the spot over her sex life.

Episode 17 - Reunion, Pt. 2

Andy invites the husbands to share their perspectives in the second installment of the reunion. Eugene defends himself against Toya’s sex rating, Cecil defends himself and makes startling accusations about another woman, and Curtis apologizes for his wrongdoings while criticizing Eugene. Later, Quad and Greg attempt to resolve their differences, but a shocking admission from Greg threatens to shatter their marriage further.

Episode 18 - Reunion Part 3

Married to Medicine S5 - Reunion Part 3

Part three of the reunion sees the group dealing with the aftermath of Greg’s embarrassing admission. The community rallies behind Simone and Cecil after witnessing another marriage fail and begs them to patch things up.

Married to Medicine Season 5 Quick Facts

  • is an American reality television series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from November 5, 2017, to March 23, 2018
  • created by Mariah Huq
  • executive producers are Matt Anderson, Nate Green, and Mariah Huq
  • also known as Married to Medicine: Atlanta
  • consists of 18 episodes

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