Justin Thomas’ Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Income

Justin Thomas’ Net Worth 2022 Age, Height, Girlfriend, Income

American professional golfer Justin Louis Thomas competes on the PGA Tour internationally. He had a breakthrough in 2017, winning the FedEx Cup title in addition to the five PGA Tour tournaments, including the major championship, PGA Championship. He held the number one spot among golf’s best players worldwide for about five weeks in 2018. Most […]

Best Celebrity Summer Dresses Of 2022 So Far

Summer is one of the best opportunities to show off your style. Celebrities usually opt for showcasing summer outfits when it is time to have a relaxing day after work. If you’re looking for inspiring summer outfits, you’re in for a treat. So far, we’ve gathered the best celebrity summer dresses of this year. Let’s […]

The Growing Family Tree Of Nick Cannon

The Growing Family Tree Of Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, whose real name is Nicholas Scott Cannon, is a well-known American television host, actor, rapper, and comedian. He started his entertainment career as a teenager on “All That,” and since then has hosted a number of programs, including his own show named “The Nick Cannon Show.” While Cannon’s professional work in the entertainment industry […]

DMX’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Earnings, Career, Controversies

DMX’s Net Worth 2022 Biography, Earnings, Career, Controversies

Earl Simmons, a.k.a. Dark Man X, is an American rapper, composer, and actor. He was the first musician whose first album landed at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. Nine studio albums have been released by DMX, which also appeared in several movies. DMX passed away following a drug overdose on April 9, 2021. […]

Sleep Crutches: Toddler Tuesday Edition

In Part 2 of our series, sleep expert Carolina Romanyuk helps us get a toddler to bed. A few weeks ago, we gave you some tips on tossing sleep crutches for your new baby. Today, we move on to the big kids. Picture it: Little Ava, 4 months old, goes quietly down for bedtime in her […]

What Happened in Married to Medicine Season 7? (Full Recap)

Married to Medicine S7 - the Cast

In Season 7 of Married to Medicine, Six of Atlanta’s most successful and most dynamic women, including doctors and their wives find it challenging to maintain friendships given their hectic personal, professional, and social lives. The shared interest in medicine brings these ladies together, and they collaborate on everything from delivery to some of Atlanta’s […]

Sex During Pregnancy

7 ways to get hot and heavy during pregnancy. We’re all about pregnancy sex. But as that belly grows, we admit, it can get kind of awkward, and possibly even downright uncomfortable. But just because your shape is changing doesn’t mean your libido has to suffer. Clair Cavanah, the co-founder of the female-friendly sex shop Babeland, […]

Why Reading to Your Kids Can Suck

9 reasons children’s books can make bedtime totally miserable. I do not enjoy reading to my children. This is an ironic twist of fate, since, in my past life, I was an editor at a children’s publishing house. When my firstborn was an infant, I fantasized about cozying up together on the couch and reading my […]

Pregnant with Twins

Fitness guru Kristin McGee reflects on the last days of her twin pregnancy. I’m inching towards the due date of my twin boys, and I have no idea what to expect. I’m 36 weeks now, and the doctor said these little boys could come pretty much any day now. I do know that I won’t […]

Pregnant Beauty Guide Picks: Top 5 Pregnancy Fragrances

Grace Timothy helps you find a new trademark scent for that pregnant nose of yours. When I became pregnant, I was one of the (un)lucky few to experience what felt like a superhuman sense of smell. It tied in nicely with my morning sickness, and my usually beloved perfume became as offensive as the trashcan. Sound […]