What Happened In The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 5? (Full Recap)

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 5 aired from October 10, 2021, to December 12, 2021, on FOX Arena. It continues to follow the personal and professional lives and the drama of seven housewives. Filming of the reality TV show primarily occurred in Melbourne, Victoria.

The fifth installment consisted of a total of 10 episodes. It was renewed in September 2019, with a planned 2020 premiere date. Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh also announced that casting discussions for the next season had begun and that there would be a huge “cast shake-up.”

The fifth season was initially scheduled to begin filming in July 2020. However, delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the filming to January 2021 and wrapped up in July 2021. It was the first franchise to not have a cast reunion that had been captured on camera.

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Cast and Overview of The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 5

In February 2020, Foxtel confirmed that Gina Liano, Janet Roach, Gamble Breaux, and Lydia Schiavello will all be back for “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” season 5. It also announced the addition of the latest cast members: newcomers Anjali Rao, Kyla Kirkpatrick, and Cherry Dipietrantonio.

Sally Bloomfield, Jackie Gillies, and Venus Behbahani-Clark, all series regulars in season 4, departed the cast. However, in 2021, Jackie was announced to return to the series, along with newcomer Simone Elliott. Gina and Lydia, who were supposed to return, announced their exit.


Gamble Breaux: “I’m no fool, but I don’t mind acting like one.”

Janet Roach: “I don’t like trouble unless I’ve caused it.”

Jackie Gillies: “Watch out world, because I’m shining brighter than ever.”

Anjali Rao: “Fake news I can handle, fake people? Not in this life.”

Kyla Kirkpatrick: “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, champagne is.”

Cherry Dipietrantonio: “Life is a journey, not a competition.”

Simone Elliott: “Keep your standards high and your stilettos higher.”

Episode 1

Jackie, Janet, and Gamble get together again. Cherry and Kyla meet the group over lunch at Janet’s place. Jackie discusses the complicated process of becoming pregnant. During a day spa visit, the women meet Simone, Jackie’s new friend. However, a tense conversation between Kyla and Janet escalates.

Episode 2

Kyla and Janet’s conflicts are set aside when Jackie speaks to everyone about her recent miscarriage. Gamble starts working on a brand-new venture: an exhibition of her late artist father’s creations. Jackie tells her husband Ben a secret that will change their lives.

Kyla throws a Champagne Masterclass, and she invites Anjali to help. However, the Masterclass drinking game quickly goes sour as Gamble accused Anjali of disseminating fake news.

Episode 3

After their recent argument, Anjali and Gamble resolve their differences as they connect over the loss of their fathers. Cherry takes Kyla and Janet shopping, hoping that the two might solve their problems. Jackie and Ben go to a scan after their recent miscarriage, and then Jackie goes one-on-one with her best friend Janet to break some sad news.

During a pool party that Anjali arranges, Simone shares her most recent breakup with the group, and Jackie opens up her life-changing revelations with the other women.

Episode 4

As the ladies are settling into Jackie’s North Queensland “babymoon,” Cherry is accused by Simone of attempting to steal her designer. Rumors surfaced that Kyla lies about her past.

Episode 5

Jackie’s well-being-inspired ‘babymoon’ has failed to bring peace. Back in Melbourne, Simone and Cherry continue their argument about a clothes designer when a new fight breaks out.

Episode 6

With the opening of her exhibition, Gamble realizes a lifelong desire to honor the artistic legacy of her late father. A naked man with only a stuffed bunny rabbit to preserve his modesty creates a minor distraction. Janet and Kyla appear to be connecting at last, though it’s unclear how long that will last.

Anjali’s absence is still causing a stir, and things get heated when Gamble says the former CNN anchor has accused the women of spreading false information. Jackie’s baby shower will be organized with the help of an old friend, and there are plans to disclose the gender of the twins.

Cherry is in a great mood after a beautiful evening in the city and a fruitful charity event. However, the group’s tensions are intensified by Anjali’s problems, and the mood quickly plummets.

Episode 7

Before Anjali shares her surprising news, a shocking rumor regarding Janet resurfaces. The gender of Jackie’s twins is ultimately revealed by a double cannon discharge, making Jackie’s baby shower a success.

Episode 8

The females leave town with great expectations for a stress-free weekend, but a lingering rumor about Janet threatens the tranquility and one lady makes another dramatic exit.

Episode 9

The fallout from the confrontation between Janet and Kyla at Gamble’s record launch is still fresh. Simone’s alleged pot-stirring is currently the subject of a lot of discussion.

Episode 10

Kyla hopes for an apology before the Grand Finale dinner, but Janet isn’t sure if she wants to attend. Kyla also invites drag artist Paris.

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