“Bachelorette” Alum DeMario Jackson Faces Sexual Assault Charges

“Bachelorette” Alum DeMario Jackson Faces Sexual Assault Charges

A lawsuit against him has been brought by two women.

DeMario Jackson, a former contestant on “The Bachelorette,” is the subject of two separate women’s claims of sexual assault after meeting him online.

DeMario Jackson

The two unidentified women, who go by the moniker “Jane Doe,” claimed in a complaint filed on Tuesday and obtained by PEOPLE, who first broke the story, that they met Jackson on a dating app, and that one of them communicated with him on social media.

They also claimed that the reality star had sought them out through various means, such as “trolling the internet,” in order to lure them with his popularity and “abuse” them.

In a separate report by TMZ, the first plaintiff said that on February 2018, she let Jackson stay at her place after he became drunk. At that time, they have been going on dates quite a lot after meeting each other on a dating app.

DeMario Jackson Faces Lawsuit

While she insisted that nothing sexual should happen between them, the television personality reacted violently, allegedly pinned her to the bed, and started sexually assaulting her.

For the other victim’s part of her story, she and Jackson eventually met in April 2019 after exchanging messages on social media. He invited her on a date at his house a year later, explaining that he didn’t want to get caught if they went out.

The date didn’t go well, though, as she grudgingly agreed to have sex under pressure from him. Then she urged him to stop, but Jackson allegedly continued to do so despite her demands for him to do otherwise.

DeMario Jackson Sexual Assault Charges

The plaintiffs’ lawyer Keith M. Davidson, released a statement to the publication, noting that the two women have come forward and shared their terrible experiences of how Mr. Jackson brutally sexually assaulted them.

“[They] are the latest brave victims to share their stories of how a powerful male used his celebrity status to manipulate, intimidate and silence them,” she said. “They, like so many other victims in the #metoo reckoning, will be silent no more. Justice must be served.”

Attorney Davidson expressed her desire to bring all wrongdoers accountable for their heinous and permanently damaging actions as she closed her remarks. Jackson was also sued for “intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.”

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