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Celebrities Wearing The Monochromatic Trend

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We know that following a trend is fun. It may be challenging initially, especially for beginners, but it’s also exciting. If you’re trying to follow a trend, you can get inspired by your favorite celebrities.

For example, you can study the celebrities who wear monochromatic outfits. Since monochromes are those outfits and accessories you can wear using a variation of the same hue, you can do it right, too.

Kendall Jenner's Dress Down Look

Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing monochromatic attire earlier this year. While getting her car repaired, she showed off her timeless ensemble. Well, it is a relatable outfit so that everyone can copy the look.

Kendall opted for a white crop top, black slacks, and loose-fitted outerwear. She completed her look wearing a blue face mask, black leather heels, and a tote bag. Her simple hairstyle highlighted her simple get-up.

Brooke Shields's Neutral Outfit

One of the stylish celebrities that we love is Brooke Shields. Her style is classy, and she has an enviable personality — no wonder many individuals look up to her when it comes to dressing up.

Earlier this year, the supermodel caught attention with her stunning outfit. She donned a cream tank top, white pants, and cream-heeled shoes. Since she highlighted the monochromatic look with gold bangles, she even looked prettier at The Hollywood Reporter New York Issue Party.

Brooke’s look is timeless, given her choice of light hues for the ensemble. Besides, her on-trend makeup, fancy sunglasses, cream coat hoisted around her neck, and simple hairstyle completed the look.

Dua Lipa Prefers to Look Chic in All White

On August 5, 2022, several online magazines wrote about Dua Lipa’s chic monochromes. One specific look is an all-white ensemble with a mix of cream-colored accessories. The lovely performer even posted a photo on her Instagram account. It garnered more than a million likes.

Dua’s outfit consists of a white shirt dress with pin-striped lines, white over-the-knee Bottega Veneta booties, and a light brown weaved bucket bag. Her big circle earrings and sets of gold and diamond rings completed her gorgeous outfit.

Zendaya's Hot Pink Ensemble

If you want to try a monochromatic look using bold colors, you can opt for bright pink hues, just like Zendaya. Earlier this year, she rocked the fashion world with her bright pink outfit. She then attended the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing a colorful ensemble.

Zendaya’s hot pink look is due to her all-pink suit parade. The clothing piece has floral ornaments and a pair of flared pants. Besides, the tiny pink shirt formally affected the trendy look, giving her a style princess vibe.

The actress’s outfit is also a little risque because the small pink top has given her a slight cleavage display. In addition, the massive fuchsia platform shoes and unique hairstyle completed her look.

Miley Cyrus's Concert Outfit

One of the fashionable celebrities that love monochromes is Miley Cyrus. As a performer, she prefers one-color jumpsuits, highlighted with chic accessories. On March 20, 2022, Miley gave her all to own the stage at the second-day concert of Lollapalooza Chile 2022.

The lovely singer chose a more glamorous look for the show, wearing a body-hugging rocklike jumpsuit. Since she is fit, the clothing piece is flattering for her body. Miley donned a pair of black leather boots to amplify her one-color look. Her gloves, rock chick hairstyle, and modern makeup completed her concert performance outfit.

Miley’s dramatic cobalt blue eyeshadow is one of the most beautiful parts of her look. It matched well with her blue jumpsuit, too. Besides, her glittery eyes completed her overall outfit.

We’ve shared with you the top celebrities who donned monochromatic outfits this year, hoping you’ll get inspired to wear the same trend. Which one is relatable for you?

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