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Forrest Tucker is a well-known American actor. His real name is Forrest Meredith Tucker, and he’s best in both worlds: film and television acting.

The handsome American star became enormously popular after portraying the character named Sergeant O’Rourke for the classic television series “F Troop.” In the last days of his career, he struggled with alcoholism and found it hard to maintain his acting prowess. He’s identified as a Republican. (1)

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Forrest Tucker's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorN/A
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Forrest Tucker

Estimate Net Worth$35 million
Zodiac SignAquarius
BirthplacePlainfield, Indiana
BirthdayFebruary 12, 1919

Forrest Tucker's Net Worth

Forrest Tucker is widely-known as an actor in both film and television shows. Forrest Tucker has a net worth of $35,000,000. (2)

Forrest Tucker's Early Life

Many people are curious about the life of Forrest Tucker. Since his early life is also interesting, let’s discuss it.

Forrest is a self-proclaimed farm boy. Born in Plainfield, Indiana, he used to wrestle the twist and turns of life as a young boy. His alcoholic mother, Doris Heringlake, and father, Forrest A. Tucker, supported him in his love of acting.

Forrest’s fate dramatically changed when their family moved to Washington, D. C. later on. Jimmy Lake, Old Gaiety Burlesque Theater’s owner, noticed his incredible talent when Forrest won several Saturday Night amateur singing contests.

Forrest Tucker's Education

Forrest Tucker attended Washington-Lee High School. It is situated near Washington, D. C. He graduated in 1938. He enlisted in the US Cavalry after finishing high school. However, he was discharged from Fort Myer because he needed to be 18 years old to be enlisted in the army at that time.

Forrest Tucker's Wife and Family Life

Forrest’s personal life is interesting. He was married four times. First, he married Sandra Jolley in 1999. The marriage ended in 1950 by divorce. The couple has one daughter named Pamela Tucker.

The actor’s second wife is named Marilyn Johnson. They got married on March 28, 1950. Since Marilyn died due to heart disease, Forrest was alone again.

Marilyn Fist married Forrest Tucker in October 1961. They have two children: Cindy Tucker and Forrest Sean Tucker. Then, in April 1986, Sheila Forbes wed Forrest. (3)

Forrest Tucker's Career

Indeed Forrest Tucker is admirable. Especially with his resilience and perseverance, he joined an amateur singing contest during his early life to try his luck in the entertainment industry.

The owner of Old Gaiety Burlesque Theater, Jimmy Lake, was impressed with his talent after winning the content on consecutive weeks. As a result, he was hired as Master of Ceremonies. However, they found out that he didn’t qualify for the show’s age requirement, so he left. 

The same situation occurred when he entered the army. He was discharged for not qualifying the age requirement. Following his 18th birthday, Forrest went back to be a singing contest host at Old Gaiety Burlesque Theater.

Forrest was 15 years old when he seriously went after Hollywood. In 1939, he lost his work since Lake’s theater was closed. Due to his remarkable talent and good looks, a wealthy mentor helped him travel to California. He attended various auditions, screen tests, and meetings.

Even though he wasn’t esteemed as a matinee idol, he didn’t stop reaching for his dreams as an actor. In 1940, he got his first movie role, a substantial farmer who is a villain to a hero in the motion picture “The Westerner.”

Fortunately, many people noticed his acting skills. United Artists hired him to appear in the film “The Great Awakening.” After working hard as an actor, he finally got a leading role and top-billed “Emergency Landing” in 1941, signing a contract with Columbia Pictures afterward. (4)

It is also interesting to note that Forrest Tucker is a great actor. In most scenes, he can finish the job in one take. Even though blonde men aren’t perceived as photogenic then, Forrest’s career isn’t affected by that.

Forrest’s major project in Columbia Pictures was “Counter Espionage” in 1942. He was able to work with Hepburn since Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer traded him for the motion picture “Keeper of the Flame.”

During the Second World War, Forrest Tucker provided his service in the army. When it ended, he went back to acting. Several movie outfits borrowed him for work, and in one of his feature films, “Never Say Goodbye,” playing an anti-hero opposite Eleanor Parker.

However, Forrest became even more popular with his involvement in “Coroner Creek” production in 1948. Randolph Scott worked with him on that intriguing project for Columbia Pictures.

After Forrest’s long stint with Columbia Pictures, he transferred to another film production company. He enlisted to be part of Republic Pictures. Following the transfer, he appeared in “Sands of Iwo Jima” with John Wayne. His character is PFC Thomas, a villain to Wayne’s Sergeant Stryker. 

In 1950, Forrest worked on two movies, “California Passage” and “Rock Island Trail.” Before that, he supported Scott at Columbia Pictures for the flick, “The Nevadan.” It seems that Forrest isn’t picky with his roles. He returned as a supporting actor, appearing in “Hoodlum Empire.” The following year, he backed Charles Heston in Paramount’s motion picture, “Pony Express.”

The famed American stunner also supported Margaret Lockwood, a British movie star, for “Laughing Anne.” After that, he returned to the United States to work under the helm of the Republic.

Forrest’s prominence as a movie star in the United States extended to England. He returned there, accepting several roles for different movie and television productions. He top-billed “The Quiet Gun,” too. In 1958, he finished filming, “The Trollenberg Terror” in England.

It’s a good thing that Forrest Tucker returned to the United States right away. He was cast in the movie “Auntie Mame.” The said film was the highest-grossing U.S. flick in 1958. Forrest’s role is the first husband of Mame.

Eager to try new genres, he worked on a light comedy role for a film helmed by DaCosta. Three years later, he received an offer as a lead of “Counterplot,” a fantastic action saga.

For once, Forrest Tucker played as a professor in the national touring production of “The Music Man.” The show went on for 56 weeks in Chicago’s Shubert Theater. In 1964, the dapper-looking actor participated in the Broadway production of “Fair Game for Lovers.”

In 1961, he finished filming three shows. He also appeared in the productions of CBS and ABC. Most of these shows are adventure TV series. From 1969 to 1978, he focused on filming movies again. Some of his notable flicks are “Cancel My Reservation,” “Chisum,” “A Real American Hero,” and more.

Going back to television in 1976, he played the estranged father of Flo in “Gunsmoke.” He stayed on the show until 1985, playing Jarvis Castleberry. He was also active in movie, TV, and theater productions during this time. Through “Thunder Run” by Cannon Films, he managed to stir the film industry again after a long hiatus. He played Charlie Morrison, a hero truck driver.

The movie star’s last appearance is in “Outtakes,” a low-budget copy of “The Groove Tube.” On October 25, 1986, he died due to lung cancer, a few months before the film premiere of “Thunder Run” and “Outtakes.”

In sum, Forrest’s casting includes action genres at first. Later, he accepted supporting roles for other genres, showcasing his versatility as a comedic and stage musical actor.


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