How Did Hande Ercel Lose Weight?


Hande Ercel followed a unique diet that helped her lose weight quickly.

Hande Ercel has shared the secret behind her weight loss. Her weight reduction regimen is highly distinctive and can help you drop 5 kg (11 lbs) a week. The 175 cm tall, 28-year-old Turkish actress once weighed 60 kg (132 lbs).

Hande, who was once considered an overweight actress, quickly attained her weight goal thanks to her diet plans. Her efforts caught the attention of her fans and followers by claiming that she dropped 5 kg in a week.

Hande Ercel's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Hande’s successful weight loss:

  • She avoided sweets and carbs
  • She consumed high-protein meals
  • She followed the green apple diet
  • She does sports and Pilates
  • She also tried the keto diet

What did Hande Ercel do to shed pounds?

The actress cut off sweets and carbs from her diet and opted for a healthier path. She developed a new, high-protein eating plan, which totally changed her life. The sense of fullness lasts longer after eating protein-rich foods because the body takes longer to digest them.

Hande went on a weight loss journey to improve her overall health. The key components of her weight loss plan may be summed up as combating infections on an empty stomach and eliminating toxins that have built up in the body. She hydrates herself well between meals to help with this.

Water is an essential component of every weight loss regimen. Hande also eats salad with every one of her main meals. Because they are high in fiber, vegetables can help you feel less hungry. It also keeps you from overeating, which is an advantage.

Hande Ercel follows Green Apple Diet – How does it work?

To feel satisfied in between meals, the actress eats green apples. Regular consumption of green apples in between meals helps digestion. It takes three days to follow the green apple diet plan. You can potentially shed 5-7 kg within a month. The diet may be carried out twice per month.

One glass of water is consumed before breakfast to start the day. For breakfast, five spoons of oats are grated, along with 1 cup of unsweetened coffee, one glass of skim milk, and one green apple. Combine two walnuts or peanuts with 1 cup of green tea or apple tea as a snack.

During lunch, combine one bowl of non-fat yogurt with one teaspoon each of cinnamon and two grated green apples. The snack consists of 1 green apple, two walnuts or hazelnuts, and their shells.

Mix 1 bowl of yogurt with two teaspoons of cinnamon and 1 or 2 grated green apples for dinner. It is consumed as a nighttime snack with one green apple peel. This is repeated nonstop for three days.

Hande Ercel incorporates her diet with exercise

Hande reportedly consumes six meals each day. Some dietitians claim that eating small, frequently spaced meals speeds up your metabolism and promotes weight loss. Doing sports is also essential in the actress’ weight loss diet.

Hande achieved her goal weight thanks to a nutritious diet and regular exercise. When not filming a movie or TV show, the actress devotes five days a week to sports. She works out three days each week while she is working.

Every day, she spends an hour doing Pilates, and she also goes for walks. Hande, who achieved her weight loss goals quickly, says that sports significantly impacted this matter and helped her lose weight more quickly.

Hande Ercel also tried Keto Diet

Hande had already tried the keto diet in the past. This diet helped her lose a lot of weight. A low-carbohydrate diet like this one can help you lose weight rapidly. You must eat a protein-based diet and incorporate healthy fats into your diet if you want to follow this plan.

You can choose foods cooked with olive oil and healthy mayonnaise on this program, which forbids all forms of carbs. The keto diet, one of the best weight loss approaches, is a weight reduction regimen that does not tire the person.

But to ensure a new diet won’t negatively impact your health, see a professional before starting it.