What Happened In Southern Charm Season 5? (Full Recap)


In Season 5 of “Southern Charm,” old and new connections are made as the women upend the good ol’ boys club. Kathryn and Thomas achieved a custody agreement and have officially moved forward after years of conflict.

Landon Clements left the show after Season 4, and Chelsea Meissner joins the cast as a replacement.

Cast of Southern Charm Season 5

  • Craig Conover – a businessman, lawyer, reality television star, and social media influencer
  • Shepard “Shep” Rose – a restaurant owner, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Cameran Eubanks – a famous American actress, real estate broker, and reality television show star
  • Thomas Ravenel – an American politician, businessman, reality television star, and was elected as State Treasurer of the State of Carolina
  • Kathryn Dennis – a reality television personality, model, and an entrepreneur
  • Austen Kroll – a famous American businessman, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Chelsea Meissner – a hair stylist, reality television star, and well known for being a finalist on Season 24 of Survivor 

Episode 1 - The Break-Up Bunch, Part 1

Southern Charm S5 - Shep confesses breakdown of his relationship with Cameron

Charleston has undergone a lot of changes. Shepard Rose, Cameran Eubanks’ favorite man-child, confesses the breakdown of his relationship following his summer-long search for love when she prepares to give birth to her baby girl. Despite their best efforts, neither Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo nor Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner has been able to save their relationships. 

Kathryn Dennis, who has maintained her sobriety for a second year, has at last moved out on her own and is now living close to her kids. Charleston is abuzz with rumors about what will transpire when Thomas Ravenel’s new flame finally meets Kathryn.

The girls have met for pre-party drinks and chitchat in Naomie’s gorgeous new home. Any issues with the cuisine will vanish in the face of the actual drama these females are prepared to bring. Liz is forced to stay home and watch the kids, which infuriates Naomie because JD wants to attend Shep’s party. 

Episode 2 - The Break-Up Bunch, Part 2

Southern Charm S5 - Austen wants to win Chelsea back

Craig worries over seeing Naomie grow as Shep throws his first-ever “adult” dinner party. Austen maintains his belief that he can win Chelsea back. Finally meeting, Ashley Jacobs, who is vying to succeed Mrs. Ravenel, is Kathryn. 

The final BBQ showdown results from the females banding together in support of one another and Naomie opposing JD on behalf of Elizabeth. Ashley and Thomas are dining together. 

Thomas is astonished by Kathryn’s kindness toward him at the party. Then came a moving montage of Thomas and Kathryn through the years, set to a soothing piano.

Episode 3 - Groovy Baby

Southern Charm S5 - Tom considers future with Ashley

Patricia Altschul plans a lavish, retro baby shower as a surprise for Cameran, but not everyone receives an invitation. Craig and Naomie resume their regular routines in the shower, but an unexpected visitor causes everything to change. While Kathryn catches up with her children, Cameran deals with the challenges of being a new mother.

Meanwhile, Thomas considers his future with Ashley. Since Patricia is hosting and paying for Cameran’s coed baby shower, she gets to choose who will attend. Kathryn is excluded from the list despite Cameran’s requests to include everyone. 

Naomie is furious and feels misled by JD’s valiant efforts to win over everyone. JD doesn’t want to face the music, and I believe Elizabeth feels uncomfortable knowing their relationship is the topic of conversation, so they arrive late and leave the party early.

Episode 4 - All Talk No Action

Southern Charm S5 - Cameran Eubanks

Ashley, Thomas’ new girlfriend, is invited to lunch by Kathryn as an act of decency. In the meantime, Cameran’s worries about becoming a mother lessen as her due date get closer. Chelsea worries that she may never become a mother after spending time with Cameran. Austen devises a scheme to entice Craig back into the dating scene. 

Unfortunately, Craig is intent on getting Naomie back until an argument between the two endangers their relationship. Chelsea enjoys romantic beach date with her father while sipping tequila from a flask. 

Kathryn travels to the city for a girls’ night at a hotel and dinner. Craig, Thomas, Shep, Austen, and others hang around while trying to set him up with a woman. When Naomie says she has a tracker on Craig, it’s absurd because she seems to want nothing to do with him. 

Episode 5 - Pulp Friction

Southern Charm S5 -Austen's parents encourage him to make some progress professionally

Patricia urges Thomas to propose while he mulls over what to do next with Ashley. While Craig employs a coach to help him get his life in order, Austen’s parents encourage him to make some progress professionally. When Naomie encounters the woman who is Craig’s new crush, the Austen Halloween party is transformed into a house of horrors.

Cameran prepares for her daughter’s arrival, choosing a dress for the trip home. She urges Naomie not to worry about Craig as she and Naomie get their nails done. Cameran skips the Halloween party because she is so close to giving birth. 

Episode 6 - Exes On the Half Shell

Southern Charm S5 - Naomie admits she still loves Craig

As her family’s new restaurant nears completion, Naomie finally accepts that she still loves Craig. Craig and Patricia talk candidly about relationships in the meantime. To convince infant Palmer to join the group, Cameran employs an antiquated tactic. After Ashley witnesses Thomas making out with Kathryn, he finds himself in trouble. 

Shep intervenes in the meanwhile to assist Austen and Chelsea in defining their relationship. Whitney, Thomas, and Shep get together for drinks. Thomas admits that he and Kathryn had at least one annual hookup. He adds that being unable to date anyone is the most challenging part of having a girlfriend. 

Later, Thomas, Craig, JD, Whitney, Austen, & Craig throw an all-male brunch. She urges every man to let go of his Peter Pan complex.

Episode 7 - Kat's Got Your Tongue

Southern Charm S5 - Austen turns attention to Victoria

She might be experiencing labor, according to Cameran. Kathryn is getting ready for her first day at work, while Craig helps Austen come to terms with the end of his relationship with Chelsea and returns his focus to courting Victoria.

Ashley is transformed into the ideal Southern Belle by Patricia, who also throws a dinner party for the men of Charleston to see how well she does. Thomas appears to have nothing but eyes for Kathryn at the party, but he might not be the only one. All the women ride horses on the beach after a riverboat tour. Ashley is not keeping up. 

The boys go to a golf course, where Whitney is golfing while sporting a denim jacket. Later, over dinner, Ashley approaches Kathryn regarding the birthday party invitation she did not get.

Episode 8 - What Da Fuskie

While the rest of the group heads for a trip to Shep and Chelsea’s hometown of Hilton Head, Cameran plays the pregnant waiting game. Craig and Naomie, who are still at odds, make an effort to patch things up with the aid of a familiar furry companion. 

Austen chooses to pursue Victoria again, but he is concerned about Chelsea’s reaction. The invitation rejection makes Thomas’ girlfriend upset as Kathryn arranges her son’s birthday. A disagreement on the beachfront turns tense, permanently altering one relationship.

Episode 9 - Hilton Head-Ache

Southern Charm S5 - Kathryn and Ashley controntation

When Ashley confronts Kathryn on the group’s first night in Hilton Head, tensions are high. Everyone in the group is on edge for the rest of the weekend after being forced to choose sides. When the final spasm occurs, Austen is the one who suffers when a flirtation with Chelsea comes back to bite him.

Suddenly, Austen receives a call from Victoria. She is getting all bent out of shape when he brings it outside into the terrace because it was a picture of Chelsea in Austen locking elbows while on the boat. The show ends with him telling her to get over it, but he’s not going to play along since she’s too envious.

Episode 10 - Family Ties

Southern Charm S5 - Cameran and Craig welcome new baby

As their vacation in Hilton Head comes to an end, Chelsea goes back in time and shares details about her history, while Shep visits his mother and ultimately admits some truths about himself. In the meantime, Cameran finally welcomes her new baby while Austen makes amends with Victoria back in Charleston. 

Saint’s second birthday party brings everyone together, and Thomas and Kathryn eventually strike the right balance in their co-parenting. On the other side, Ashley has a grievance that can make her leave.

Episode 11 - Beer and Trembling

Craig continues to work on his pillows for Patricia while Austen gets ready to serve his beer to his family and friends. While Kathryn and Shep enjoy some time together, Cameran tries to get used to her new life with baby Palmer. 

Ashley returns from California, but things between her and Thomas are still shaky. At Austen’s beer tasting event, Chelsea and Victoria eventually run into each other, forcing him to answer questions regarding their relationships.

Episode 12 - Gone Girl

Southern Charm S5 - Ashley and Thomas struggle to overcome their differences

Austen is confronted with romantic reality after wallowing in the glow of his fantastic beer event, and Craig must face some unflinching facts. Chelsea feels vindicated when she learns some news from Shep as Thomas and Ashley struggle to overcome their differences. When Kathryn suddenly vanishes, Cameran may finally enjoy some freedom from parenthood as her friends worry about the worst.

Episode 13 - Game Changer

Southern Charm S5 - Craig and Naomie are dating again after break up

Ashley and Thomas’ relationship is ambiguous since Thomas keeps pressuring her to find work in Charleston. Chelsea and Austen are dealing with their friendship’s current situation, and Craig and Naomie are trying to date again after their breakup. 

After Thomas extends an invitation to the group to attend his final polo match at Brookland Plantation, Kathryn is forced to confront her apprehensions about returning to the location she had imagined would be her happily ever after.

Episode 14 - Ho, Ho, Ho

Southern Charm S5 - Kathryn and Ashley meet for the first time after Hilton Head

Patricia finally reaches out and extends an invitation to Kathryn to her Winter Ball after five years of endless conflict. The delicate ceasefire between Craig and Naomie breaks up when he takes a date to the Ball as these two former rivals are making up. 

While Ashley is scorching Thomas, Austen tries to tell him that there is a nasty rumor about Ashley going around. The first time Kathryn and Ashley have spoken since Hilton Head, their discussion rapidly devolves into a fight.

Episode15 - Reunion Part 1

Southern Charm S5 - Reunion Part 1

Hosted by Andy Cohen, the cast of “Southern Charm” reunites to face the music and one another after a season filled with betrayals, accusations, and startling revelations, but one Charmer is missing. Craig adopts the “#meanNaomie” tactic and lashes out when Naomie explains why she was on the attack this season. 

While Kathryn celebrates her development as a person, Cameran exhibits a rare emotional meltdown that shows how motherhood has bonded the two women and united them in the face of a common enemy.

Episode 16 - Reunion Part 2

Southern Charm S5 - Reunion Part 2

After the heartfelt conclusion of the “Southern Charm” reunion, Austen and Chelsea finally lay to rest any remaining questions about whether they would ever be more than just friends. Shep opens up about his private interactions with Kathryn in the meantime. 

As Ashley squares up against the entire ensemble, essential revelations are made that shift the tables in an unanticipated way, necessitating Kathryn’s intervention.

Married to Southern Charm 5 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from April 5, 2018, to July 30, 2018
  • Created by Whitney Sudler Smith and Bryan Kestner under Haymaker Productions
  • Executive producers are Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Jessica Chesler, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Bryan Kestner, Jason Weinberg, and Morgan Miller
  • spin-offs are the following: Southern Charm Savannah, Southern Charm New Orleans, Southern Charm Summer House, and Southern Charm Leva Land.
  • Consists of 16 episodes

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