What Happened In The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1? (Full Recap)


In Season 1 of “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” the show focuses on a group of ladies negotiating their romantic relationships, professional paths, and extraordinarily opulent and luxurious lifestyles in the United Arab Emirates. 

With Dubai’s desert paradise as its backdrop, this playground for billionaires is renowned for its extravagant extravagance, jaw-dropping modern architecture, and raucous nightlife scene. 

These glamorous and affluent ladies are ready to serve up searing drama and shocking turn whether they’re hosting on a private island, controlling their empires, or flying in on private jets.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1

  • Nina Ali – an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and reality television personality
  • Chanel Ayan – an entrepreneur, supermodel, and reality television personality
  • Caroline Brooks – an entrepreneur, real estate developer, and reality television personality 
  • Sara Al Madani – an entrepreneur, award-winning public speaker, and reality television personality
  • Lesa Milan – former Ms. Jamaica, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and reality television personality
  • Caroline Stanbury – an entrepreneur and reality television personality

Episode 1 - Sand Dunes and Don'ts

RHOD S1 - introducing the 6 cast

We get to know the ladies’ families throughout the episode, focusing on how they manage parenthood and their charitable and business pursuits. It is evident that these women go above and beyond to make their children’s life memorable, from Lesa Milan bringing in chunks of ice to chill her pool for her kids to Sara Al Madani and Nina Ali taking their kids to the Dubai Frame.

Chanel Ayan ponders what happened at the table as the episode closes, leaving viewers to wonder what else will happen in the conflict between Caroline Stanbury, and Caroline Brooks. 

Episode 2 - The G.O.A.T

This episode is strangely centered around the American holiday of Thanksgiving, which ex-pat Americans insist on observing out of respect for long-standing customs. Lesa goes all out with her mouthwatering “Jamerican” menu of jerky turkey, crab, mac and cheese, curry shrimp, and lamb chops.

Real housewife Chanel Ayan delivers a live goat as a gift to the Thanksgiving meal, which she claims is highly treasured in her culture. Lesa laughs that her new gift would likely wind up on a stove in Jamaica; she then gives Sara onions in the Shrek fashion.

Episode 3 - Lemons Into Lemonade

RHOD S1 - Ayan and Brooks

Ayan and Brooks deal with the fallout from their argument over Nina’s dinner. Sergio Carrallo’s baby fever disturbs Caroline. Lesa gets ready for her most significant professional night. Nina risks everything for a plate of fries.

Episode 4 - Desert Détente

RHOD S1 - Nina and her husband, Manuf Ali

Manuf Ali and Nina are talking about Nina’s extravagant anniversary gift. Lisa Vanderpump struggles to care as Lisa Rinna spews out her problems like a drama sprinkler in a storyline drought.

Chanel Ayan reveals that Caroline Stanbury provoked her outburst because of her tragic past. She spoke candidly about her troubled past and how it might have contributed to her dramatic and intense response to Caroline Stanbury in Wednesday’s show. A stalemate develops between Sergio and Caroline Stanbury regarding having kids together.

Episode 5 - Piping Tea with a Hint of Peach

RHOD S1 - Stanbury supports the claim that she developed her frigid demeanor over time due to mistreatment in her family

The rift between Caroline Stanbury and Ayan is starting to mend. Caroline Brooks greets Phaedra Parks upon her arrival in the city of gold.

“RHODubai” Caroline Stanbury supports the claim that she developed her frigid demeanor over time due to mistreatment in her family, where she was sent away to boarding school and essentially abandoned. He reserves the final five pieces of his heart for the pal kept up in his family.

Episode 6 - Dinner On the Rocks

Before starting the countdown to her wedding, Caroline Stanbury had several disagreements with Lesa at a high tea occasion. Caroline Brooks has a pool party, but when Ayan causes a fight with Nina, it’s not all fun in the sun. After receiving unsolicited counsel from her, Caroline Brooks wonders about her friendship with Sara. 

Episode 7 - Meet the Carrallos

As Caroline Brooks and Sara’s argument threatens to ruin their engagement celebration, Caroline Stanbury and Sergio’s parents finally meet. Nina is concerned as her father’s health at home deteriorates.

Episode 8 - Drama in the Sandbox

RHOD S1 - Stanbury and Sergio's wedding

The desert party is utterly disrupted by Sara and Caroline Brooks as a result of arguments over unsolicited advice. At their enchanted nuptials, Caroline Stanbury and Sergio exchange vows, and Brook’s mother’s presence uncovers some demons she is compelled to confront.

Episode 9 - Dancehall It Out

RHOD S1 - Lesa tries to persuade the women to participate in a dancehall battle in Jamaica

Caroline Brooks feels discarded and judged by Sara, while newlyweds Sergio and Caroline Stanbury are enjoying their post-wedding happiness. Even when Ayan and Nina try to reconcile Sara and Brooks, they only worsen matters. Lesa tries to persuade the women to participate in a dancehall battle in Jamaica. 

Episode 10 - Girls Trippin'

RHOD S1 - During the game night, the women inebriated discuss a few intimate topics

Caroline, who recently got married, leaves Sergio behind to take the women on a girls’ trip to Nurai Island. During the game night, the women inebriated discuss a few intimate topics, including the girls’ anal sex experiences. 

Lesa’s disclosure that she has a diamond clitoral hood piercing. Brooks’ admission that she had an affair with a married politician is probably why Ayan knew to whom Brooks was referring.

Episode 11 - Salty Waters

Ayan and Caroline Stanbury’s relationship is tested before the weekend at Nurai Island is through. The reason Caroline and Ayan don’t mesh well together is rather apparent. Caroline keeps acting as though she doesn’t understand. 

Ayan lacks the time for social and pretends to be niceties that Stanbury requires to maintain her position of superiority because of her cultural differences. Despite Stanbury’s fortunate case of forgetfulness, Ayan repeatedly thanked Caroline for the invitation, demonstrating that she was not rude.

Episode 12 - Du-Bye Girl

Lesa Milan presided over the funeral for her beloved goat at the beginning of the episode. The pet was a Christmas 2021 gift from Chanel Ayan. The kids of Milan grew quite close to Ms. Goat and were heartbroken when she went suddenly.

Only Ayan was present from the cast for the funeral. She informed Ayan there that she disapproved of Nina Ali. 

Episode 13 - Reunion, Pt. 1

After a turbulent season, the ladies of Dubai bring the heat of the desert to New York City to compete against one another. The reunion featured a cameo from a person close to Caroline Brooks, in addition to some juicy revelations and touching moments. During the group’s lunch break in the middle of the reunion, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks gave Brooks a motivational speech on FaceTime.

Episode 14 - Reunion, Pt. 2

RHOD S1 - Reunion Part 2

Lesa and Caroline Stanbury discuss their problems while burying their heels in the sand. Ayan discusses her early trauma in detail. The ladies end the conversation by exchanging gifts to tell each other how they truly feel about one another.

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV program 
  • aired on Bravo TV from July 1, 2022, to September 7, 2022
  • filming took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • developed as the twelfth installment of The Real Housewives franchise
  • Executive producers are Steven Weinstock, Jamie Jakimo, Chelsey Stephens, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Brandon Panaligan, Glenda N. Cox, and Andy Cohen
  • consisted of 14 episodes