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Stars Wearing Fabulous Mini Skirts

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Do you want to wear mini skirts? Do you think it’s hard to style? Well, you’re in luck. There are myriad ways to wear mini skirts in style— thanks to celebrities who dazzle in the chic clothing piece. We’ll discuss the gorgeous stars who have rocked mini skirts so far.

Sydney Sweeney's Seductive Look

Have you seen Sydney Sweeney’s cute mini skirt ensemble? She attended the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles wearing gorgeous attire. The lovely actress opted for a seductive look.

For the glamorous awards show this year, Sydney donned a body-hugging pink crop top featuring a wide neckline that displayed some of her skin. She teamed it with a glittery pink mini skirt ornamented with a little slit up the leg.

Sydney emphasized her toned body with a couple of high-heeled platform shoes. She completed the look with on-trend makeup and a simple hairstyle. Everything fit well with her Miu Miu custom pink sparkling mini skirt.

Even though Sydney’s hairstyle looked simple, the stylist admitted that it was elaborately prepared for the event. Her blonde tresses were styled seductively, effortlessly, emphasizing her ultra-glamorous look.

Kim Kardashian's Chic Orange Skirt

We know that Kim Kardashian loves to wear mini skirts. She has an enviable fit body, too, so her mini skirts look good.

In July 2019, she donned one of the most attractive mini skirts fashion looks. She was seen walking to a dining place in Beverly Hills then.

The reality TV star wore an orange miniature skirt and matching top for the night out. She teamed it with a miniature orange Hermes handbag, gorgeous nude heeled flip-flops, and a seductive hairstyle. Her makeup is always on-point, giving her a radiant look.

Selena Gomez's Two-toned Skirt

Selena Gomez is one of the gorgeous stars who can rock mini skirts effortlessly. She’s beautiful inside-out, as shown in her attractive personality. The singer chose a captivating look for a Sephora event in Paris this year.

Selena attracted extra attention with her green long sleeve button-down shirt and a matching mini skirt. Her chic skirt is an orange and black small number that emphasizes her toned legs.

The 29-year-old actress also wore her hair in an updo, framing her pretty face and highlighting her trendy makeup for the beauty event. Selena’s black heeled footwear and dangling earrings completed the look.

Selena rocked her mini skirt attire while grabbing a microphone to share her thoughts about Sephora during the show. The pleated Prada tiny skirt is swoon-worthy, especially for those fashion lovers who also like Selene Gomez as a celebrity.

Gamble Breaux Opted for a Frilly Skirt

Many fans of “The Real Housewives” franchise are fond of Gamble Breaux. She is one of the famous stars of the “Real Housewives of Melbourne.” On occasion, Gamble strolls in Melbourne with a famed celebrity fashion designer.

The reality TV star opted for a black mini skirt with frill embellishment and a pair of black thigh-high booties. She paired it with a black denim long sleeve button-down shirt. With little makeup, a black bag, sunglasses, and trendy earrings, she was able to turn heads as she walked down the pathway.

Given her timeless look, she was right to carry a black Chanel handbag. It perfectly matched her feminine-looking attire.

Bella Hadid's Plaid Skirt

In the world of fashion, who isn’t familiar with Bella Hadid? She has rocked different types of clothing pieces, from modest ones to the most seductive items.

The gorgeous model was spotted wearing a chic miniature skirt in New York City in June 2022. She was strolling the streets with her boyfriend, Marc Kalman. She wore a vintage-looking plaid mini dress that she teamed with a mint green zip-up top. The button-down skirt features plaid embellishment on the shoulder, matching Bella’s mini skirt.

She carries a brown bag and sports chic earrings, shades, and many rings to complete the look. She also opted for a pair of Nomasei loafers that she teamed with white ankle socks. Bella’s casual look is highlighted with an updo that framed her lovely face and light makeup.

Kendall Jenner's Ethereal Look

Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner showcased an ethereal look with her pretty mini dress. On January 13, 2022, she also donned an equally-seductive outfit. Her choice at that time was a tiny black mini skirt.

The supermodel supported her friend, Fai Khadra, who collaborated to create Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Kendall’s tiny waist was highlighted with the small skirt, including the matching black long-sleeve top and a body-hugging Bec + Bridge button-down vest.

Kendal also donned a pair of black knee-high leather boots to make it look ultra-fabulous. Her simple hairstyle, trendy makeup, and black handbag completed the attire.

The focal point of her chic attire is her fashionable vest and black booties. The latter has drop pockets, black buttons, and a knitted texture. On the other hand, her boots truly elevated her style.

Olivia Culpo and her Two-Piece Outfit

Olivia Culpo is beautiful, and her choice of outfits is fantastic, too. One time, she was seen wearing mini skirts. The lovely celebrity attended the Sports Illustrated pre-Super Bowl gathering this year.

Olivia sported a seductive look, wearing a canary yellow mini skirt and matching crop top. The vibrant attire matched her modern makeup look. She dazzled in a couple of pink heels, a white quilted handbag, and a light yellow chiffon duster coat. Her lip stain is nude, perfect for the on-trend style.

Olivia’s brunette tresses were styled in loose curls cascading down her shoulders, giving her an awesome fashion icon vibe. Besides, Olivia’s sheer blazer is famous among style enthusiasts since it’s from LAPOINTE.

Olivia Culpo didn’t disappoint with her sleek look for the glitzy event at Century Park in Los Angeles. Her face is perfect for a night of fun and world-class entertainment.

Ashley Roberts's Coordinating Ensemble

Many people want to know Ashley Robert’s choice of clothes and accessories. Earlier this year, she donned a matching two-piece clothing piece that is truly stunning. She was photographed leaving the Heart FM studios in London, wearing a white, black, and gray tweed mini skirt and a Karen Millen cardigan coordinating outfit.

Since we know that the perfect way to dazzle the outfit is a pair of knee-length booties, Ashley indeed rocked the outfit with the exact footwear. She opted for black sunglasses, light makeup, a simple hairstyle, and a friendly personality to complete her look.

Ashley embodies a fashion icon vibe, mainly when she chooses to display the “suit trend.” The gray and turquoise color combination, as seen on her tweed jacket, is enticing, too.

Hailey Baldwin's Lavender Mini Skirt

If you’re a Justin Bieber fan, you’re probably supporting Hailey Baldwin-Bieber’s fashion displays. The 24-year-old model is fashionable, relatable, and gorgeous. No wonder we love to discuss her clothing choice.

In June 2021, Hailey was spotted with Justin Bieber, wearing a trendy mini skirt. The color is impressive, too. She donned a lilac mini skirt and lavender tank top. She is also carrying a lilac coat to match her tiny skirt.

Besides, Hailey completed her dashing look with pretty necklaces, black sunglasses, earrings, and light makeup. Her hairstyle is sleek to frame her lovely face well. Hailey Baldwin-Bieber’s black loafers are perfect for her girly look.

Emily Atack and Her Gorgeous Mini Skirts

We can’t forget to add Emily Atack’s looks here. She was seen wearing two gorgeous mini skirts.

First, she added an excellent photo of her look on Instagram. Her outfit is a little bit bold yet trendy. She donned a pastel green mini skirt paired with a blue long-sleeve striped polo.

The lovely actress opted for a couple of brown leather knee-high booties. Emily’s photo was taken while lying on a light pink sofa. She emphasized her glitzy look by wearing sparkling earrings and on-trend makeup with a simple hairstyle.

Emily also graced an episode of “Celebrity Juice” in style. She attended the show in a Katy Perry look. She wore Katy’s famed candy-inspired ensemble from her “California Girls” video produced in 2010.

The outfit is too colorful. However, Emily was able to show it off well. The focal point of the look is her hot pink heeled platform shoes and lavender hair.

Emily Ratajkowski's Sporty Look

We’re also adding Emily Ratajkowki’s gorgeous mini skirt look here. After all, she’s one of our favorite style icons.

In June 2022, Emily took her son Sylvester for a stroll in the streets of New York City. She was seen wearing an orange two-piece tie-dye outfit— one for her cute top and the other is a chic mini skirt. Her crop top highlighted her toned physique.

Emily didn’t disappoint with her choice of footwear. She wore a pair of leather cowboy boots to emphasize her alluring style. She dazzled in hoop earrings, a watch, and a sleek hairstyle for a more modern look.

Emily’s hairstyle and makeup matched her incredible look. Besides, her Zara leather cowboy booties elevated her outfit.

Miranda Kerr's Black Maniature Skirt

One of the fascinating models is Miranda Kerr. On one occasion, she was seen wearing a trendy mini skirt. Going back in 2012, she provided an example in New York City on how to wear a mini skirt in style.

The runway model donned a black mini skirt with an A-line design and a white button-up skirt. She opted for laid-back outerwear, a studded denim jacket. Miranda’s footwear, a couple of brown suede ankle boots, emphasized her exquisite look. Then, she completed it with a brown fedora hat, Miu Miu sunglasses, and a two-toned handbag.

Olivia Rodrigo's Feminine-Looking Outfit

Olivia Rodrigo also showcased a charming mini skirt fashion. Earlier this year, she rocked the outfit on a night out in New York City.

Olivia donned a long black leather jacket and a plaid mini skirt. Underneath her massive coat, she wore a small black shirt. The singer strutted in black shoes with warmers. Her classy hairstyle and glowing makeup completed her look.

It seemed that Olivia just came out from one of her night performances. Nevertheless, she looked in high spirits as she took the evening walk. Her fans waved to her; no wonder she looked enthusiastic in her photos.

We’ve rounded up stylish celebrities wearing chic mini skirts. Which one is your favorite?

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