What Happened In Shahs Of Sunset Season 3? (Full Recap)


In Season 3 of “Shahs of Sunset,” Reza must deal with reaching 40 and reevaluate every aspect of his life, including his tumultuous business relationship with Mike and his decision to move in with his boyfriend, Adam. In her “rebuilding year,” newly single MJ works to heal her bonds with her erstwhile BFF Reza and “Iron Mom” Vida.

Mike struggles with making important decisions in business and love because he must decide between being loyal to his friends and acting morally. GG is trying to turn a new page and restore her relationships with her friends, her estranged family, and her new partner.

After a confrontation with MJ in front of the group, Lilly is forced to concentrate on her job while her friendships within the group are put to the test. After coming to terms with what it means to be a refugee through her art, Asa and the rest of the cast embark on an agonizing journey to Turkey.

Cast of Shahs of Sunset Season 3

  • Reza Farahan – an actor, real estate agent, reality television star, and an openly gay Persian 
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi – an actress, professional model, and reality television star 
  • Mercedes Javid – an Iranian estate mediator, body and figure, vivacious diva, and reality television star
  • Mike Shouhed – a businessman, real estate agent, and reality television star
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati – an aspiring entrepreneur, actress, and reality television star
  • Lilly Ghalichi – a lawyer, entrepreneur, and reality television star

Episode 1 - Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Reza and MJ

Reza Farahan made the most extraordinary effort possible to make amends with Mercedes Javid after an intense argument at the reunion last season (Season 2). Reza also wants to reward himself with a Porsche thing as he approaches 40. Mike Shouhed and Jessica start dating when she decides to begin the conversion to Judaism process. 

In the face of Leila’s unexpected divorce, GG and her sister Leila develop a new connection. To move on, Golnesa Gharachedaghi ultimately apologizes to Asa, her former adversary. Reza and the rest of the group get entangled in the conflict when Lilly throws herself an extravagant party for her “Dirty 30” birthday and unintentionally leaves MJ off the final guest list.

Episode 2 - These People Are Not Your Friends

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Sha believes her diamond water needs more adjustments

Asa Soltan Rahmati visits the Diamond Water bottling facility and learns that she will need to make even more adjustments. Reza and Adam decide to cohabit as their romance progresses. In addition to pushing her boyfriend Sean toward a more outstanding commitment, GG seeks to have MJ recruited as her sister’s realtor. 

The group is still divided over MJ’s exclusion from Lilly’s party, and tensions rise when the two finally cross paths. As a result, the group is compelled to pick sides in the MJ-Lilly Battle Royale.

Episode 3 - Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami

Shahs of Sunset S3 - GG approaches MJ for an apology

The group again accepts MJ, but she has caused yet another schism after telling her boyfriend Sean one of GG’s secrets. When GG approaches MJ for an apology, MJ declines, forcing GG to take revenge by trying to have Leila dismiss her. Lilly is still in shock over MJ’s claim that none of the other members of the group are her friends and wonders why she even bothers. 

To commemorate his brothers’ graduation from dental school, Mike helps his family organize an extravagant Persian party. However, the event quickly turns sour when Leila is forced to separate an irate GG and MJ.

Episode 4 - Sorry. Not Sorry.

Cast member Mike uses an outrageous strategy to generate new business for his collaboration with Reza, but he struggles to get his mother’s endorsement. When Lilly confronts Asa about not sticking up for her at the group meal, Asa finds herself on the defensive as she prepares to go forward with a new art show. 

Reza decides to con MJ into joining him on the yearly rafting vacation that GG and her family invite him to patch things up between MJ and GG. After a memorable rafting trip, GG requests an apology once more, but MJ continues to deny any wrongdoing on her part.

Episode 5 - Fresh Off the Boat

Shahs of Sunset S3 - MJ and her mom Vida try to improve their relationship

As MJ and Vida attempt to improve their relationship, Vida learns MJ can still surprise her. Asa tells her parents about her ideas for Diamond water. Reza’s boyfriend brings a surprise Persian neighbor home, which makes Reza violently emotional. 

Reza has yet another encounter with the undesirable neighbor as Mike convinces the group to join a middle eastern homosexual club to get closer to Reza. A contentious argument between them sets Reza off, and he surprises himself and the rest of the bar with his emotional breakdown. Reza rushes away with MJ, dividing the group and leaving Mike to pick up the pieces.

Episode 6 - Persian Pride

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Asa and Reza

Mike determines Reza and MJ shouldn’t travel on the Bar Nur float at the LA Pride parade in West Hollywood due to Reza’s tantrum at the Middle Eastern homosexual club. 

Asa, Lilly, and GG struggle with the tales they have heard about Reza and find his actions uncomfortable as they feel his absence. Reza finally reappears and breaks down in front of Asa, confessing his feelings.

Episode 7 - The Velvet Rage

Mike and Jessica go to a conversion class, and Mike accepts the reality of living with Jessica. In their argument over MJ hanging out, GG and Leila both express their frustration at MJ’s inability to respect their family. Lilly throws a ridiculous dog birthday party, and GG brings Sasha, her new pal. 

Reza seeks counseling to address his recent outbursts and makes some unexpected discoveries. When GG and MJ stumble into one other outside of a Hollywood bar, their simmering animosity explodes, and things worsen as they become more intoxicated.

Episode 8 - Caught In a Bad Bro-mance

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Asa takes GG to Tai Chi

When Asa accompanies GG to Tai Chi to assist her with dealing with her rage, GG makes the decision to at last tell Sean that MJ was honest with her regarding her improper conduct at Lilly’s birthday party.

Mike is upset that his work isn’t going well enough to give Jessica the engagement ring he believes she deserves as he shops for her. Due to recent occurrences, Mike, GG, and Lilly are excluded from Reza and Adam’s housewarming party, which is intended to celebrate their cohabitation.

Episode 9 - Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off

While pursuing a professional and personal relationship with GG’s sister Leila, MJ seeks to recover some explicit private movies that she deleted from her computer. While his mother pressures him to “put a ring on Jessica,” Mike joins with dubious pals to seek a business possibility. 

GG tries to date the hunk she had sex with at Lilly’s party after her most recent breakup. Asa plans a gorgeous, star-studded launch party for her baby Diamond Water.

Episode 10 - The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant

Shahs of Sunset S3 - GG and MJ fight

The girls believe that getting Reza and Mike together for an enjoyable day at the races will inspire them to kiss and help them repair their relationship following the Diamond Water incident. A shaky cease-fire between MJ and GG is mediated by Asa.

Despite the best intentions, tensions rise as MJ and Mike begin arguing over MJ’s eating habits. This nearly derails Mike’s reconciliation and causes the peace between GG and MJ to be destroyed in an epic drunken catfight.

Episode 11 - In Love There Must Be Torture

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Reza and Lilly

Following the disaster at the racetrack, MJ goes over the line with GG’s parents to exact revenge on her. After the event, GG calls her sister out for unquestioningly supporting MJ. Reza and Lilly have a vital conversation that has an unexpected conclusion while the remainder of the group prepares for their momentous trip to Turkey. Asa makes her professional art debut in front of her friends, and when GG arrives to assist Leila with moving out, she learns that MJ has once more gotten in the way.

Episode 12 - Return to the Homeland, Part 1

Shahs of Sunset S3 - the cast in Turkey

Despite the building tensions, the cast travels to Turkey for Asa’s family reunion. GG and MJ finally resolve their summer-long argument. While seeing the old city, Mike had a startling discovery near the Blue Mosque, and Reza struggles with his identification as a gay man in a neo-Muslim country. An emotional reunion between Asa and her mother and family members who were abandoned following the Islamic Revolution.

Episode 13 - Return to the Homeland, Part 2

Shahs of Sunset S3 - the cast travel in Turkey

The company decides to sail in the Mediterranean, and GG and Reza must take unconventional measures to overcome their motion sickness. During lunch, a discussion regarding women wearing the veil erupts between the group’s Muslims and Jews. 

Asa, her mother, and Reza are unable to return to their country, so Asa arranges a secret expedition to the Iranian border for themselves. This is motivated by her family reunion. MJ experiences an extremely emotional epiphany about the direction of her life over the family’s goodbye supper.

Episode 14 - Is This 40?

In the season finale, Reza and Mike decide to dissolve their partnership for the sake of their friendship when they meet to straighten things out. When Mike takes Jessica out for a romantic evening, he finds that she is getting impatient waiting for his proposal. 

While MJ and her mother’s birthday spa date goes tragically wrong, GG and MJ go to the clinic to discuss freezing GG’s eggs. Reza arranges a trip to Palm Springs for everyone but Lilly, where he discloses a significant surprise regarding his future.

Episode 15 - Reunion, Pt. 1

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Reunion Part 1

With Bravo’s contentious third season of “Shahs of Sunset” coming to an end, Reza, MJ, Mike, Lilly, Asa, and GG sat down with Andy Cohen for the absolute Farsi face-off.

Episode 16 - Reunion, Pt. 2

Shahs of Sunset S3 - Reunion Part 2

The third season’s drama, excitement, highs, and lows are still being discussed by Reza, MJ, Mike, Lilly, Asa, and GG with Andy Cohen.

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series
  • aired on Bravo TV from November 5, 2013, to February 25, 2014
  • executive producers are Ryan Seacrest, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Steven Weinstock, Eric Gardner, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Julie Lombardi, Chaz Morgan, and Angela Rae Berg
  • under Ryan Seacrest Productions and Truly Original
  • consists of 16 episodes