What Happened In Shahs Of Sunset Season 4? (Full Recap)


In Season 4 of “Shahs of Sunset,” a bombshell charge that rocks the cast finds a large portion of love with an abundance of success, but their lifelong friendships may be permanently altered. On vacation to Thailand, they realize that their true riches are each other as they navigate through the most trying year of their life.

Lilly Ghalichi left after Season 3, and Asifa joined the cast as a replacement.

Cast of Shahs of Sunset Season 4

  • Reza Farahan – an actor, real estate agent, reality television star, and an openly gay Persian 
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi – an actress, professional model, and reality television star 
  • Mercedes Javid – an Iranian estate mediator, body and figure positive diva, and reality television star
  • Mike Shouhed – a businessman, real estate agent, and reality television star
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati – an aspiring entrepreneur, actress, and reality television star
  • Asifa Mirza – a philanthropist, anti-aging expert, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and reality television star

Episode 1 - I am Gay Ghandi

Shahs of Sunset S4 - the cast celebrating Persian New Year

The Shahs celebrate the Persian New Year, but the celebration is soured when Mike Shouhed starts to argue with Asifa Mirza’s boyfriend. Reza Farahan attempts to mediate the conflict but soon realizes that Mike’s issues might be more complicated than initially thought.

They eat and drink more as the party bus draws to a restaurant. The gathering becomes unpleasant when Asifa’s boyfriend Bobby shows up since Mike and Bobby are feuding. Mike and Reza Farahan snicker at Bobby’s suit as they stand in the corner. 

Asifa becomes enraged and threatens to sue anyone who makes fun of her boyfriend. Reza makes an effort to mediate, but Asifa and Mike start disputing about who began the conflict, and he is still unhappy.

Episode 2 - What Happened in Turkey?

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Mike and Jessica

In the hopes of starting a relationship with Mike, Mike’s girlfriend Jessica accomplishes her spectacular ocean swim and converts to Judaism. When Golnesa Gharachedaghi spills a secret she’s been keeping since the group’s trip to Turkey last year at Asa Soltan Rahmati’s house. 

The group plans a posh staycation in Malibu to enjoy the California sun. The dynamic changes when Mike has a second run-in with Asifa’s boyfriend.

Episode 3 - The Devil's Staycation

Shahs of Sunset S4 - the Shahs in Malibu

The Shahs are having a good time at their Malibu getaway until a visitor makes some contentious remarks that set off yet another quarrel. As a result of Reza choosing Mercedes Javid to be his maid of honor, tension develops between MJ and Asa. Reza’s modest home is the scene of trouble when Reza’s fiancé’s parents arrive for the first time.

Back at Reza’s, the parents show up, and everything is okay. The conversation then turns to the gay issue, and Adam recalls how furious his father was, threatening to come after him with a baseball bat if he relocated to Los Angeles.

Episode 4 - The Secret Is Out

Shahs of Sunset S4 - GG continues to work in the marketing industry

According to her sister, GG continues to work in the marketing and advertising sector of the company, making her the brand’s spokesperson. She needs her Dad to help her out because the only issue is that she has no brand or business. 

Her Dad keeps using the same failure-related cliches, in which GG ought to be an authority by now. Moving on, she talks about the incident in Turkey, her connection with Mike, and yet another failure in her life.

Reza, Asa, and MJ begin to doubt GG’s credibility as more information about the trip to Turkey last year comes to light. Reza starts questioning whether his relationship with Adam grows stale as MJ spends more time with her new partner. When GG learns about Mike’s impending wedding, she tells the group as a whole what happened in Turkey.

Episode 5 - It's Nuclear Now

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Asa and Reza talk about violating their pledge to GG

While talking about the pool party, Jessica dislikes Mike’s friends. She will attend the pool party if only to keep Mike under control. He reads GG’s Instagram post about the class on his phone while watching Jessica model bathing suits. 

To let Mike’s buddies know what he’s getting, Jessica is standing nearby in a risqué bathing costume she intends to wear to the mixed-gender pool party. Mike prefers to be angry because GG cropped him out of the picture.

Asa and Reza talk about violating their pledge to GG and telling Mike about the rumors at the first large pool party of the summer. When GG senses the tension building, he approaches them first and questions Mike about what transpired in Turkey.

Episode 6 - Will You Marry Me?

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Reza assists MJ in preparing her boyfriend for a surprise

Asa buys wine at Reza’s because it helps her think of her phony therapy nonsense. Going back to Reza’s, G.G. is the culprit, not the Avon Lady. She’d like to take a polygraph examination. Only Reza makes a note of how peculiar that is.

Mike moves away from the cast. Reza assists MJ in preparing her boyfriend for a surprise lunch with her mother. Bobby and Asifa ultimately move in together, while Mike proposes to Jessica, his longtime partner.

Episode 7 - Crunch vs. Munch

Reza is confronted with reality as he prepares to wed his fiancé Adam. In the meantime, GG asks MJ for assistance reintroducing her to the dating world. Asa is on the verge of losing it as she juggles living with her parents, assisting Mike in getting back in touch with the group, taking in Reza’s marital woes, and grappling with MJ about leggings. 

Everyone agrees to play a competitive game of dodgeball to settle the score and release any tension that has built up.

Episode 8 - An Inconclusive Truth

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Mike and Reza

Even with the best intentions, Mike sought to get in touch with Reza, but as anybody familiar with their history can attest, it may be easier said than done. Reza puts MJ, Asa, and himself on a diet to prepare for his upcoming nuptials. 

While working on his wedding preparations, Mike tries to get in touch with Reza. GG submitted to a polygraph examination in reaction to prior accusations. The group has more questions than answers as a result of the polygraph’s unexpected results. MJ suffers an unexpected loss, she is crushed.

Episode 9 - Can't Fake the Funk

GG is still very dissatisfied with the outcomes of her initial polygraph examination, and she is more motivated than ever to show everyone that she is telling the truth. She arranges for a second polygraph test, and the findings are somewhat unexpected this time.

Following their discussion with Reza, Mike decides to plan a group dinner to mediate the conflict between the group and Jessica. Jessica, however, seizes the chance to express her dislike for Asa, MJ, and Reza, and she does not mince words.

Episode 10 - One Wedding and a Dog Funeral

Shahs of Sunset S4 - the cast at Asifa's Bollywood themed party

Reza decides to take a chance and be married abroad in Thailand even though his wedding arrangements are still in flux. When Bobby presents Asifa with a diamond necklace rather than a diamond ring for her birthday, she worries about their complex relationship’s future. 

Asifa hosts a Bollywood-themed birthday celebration for herself. Reza retracts Mike’s invitation to his wedding, causing a scene during Pablo’s funeral. The stunning Asifa Mirza, half Indian and half Persian, is rumored to be planning a destination wedding with her ex-husband Bobby Panahi.

Episode 11 - Tale of Two Parties

Shahs of Sunset S4 - women in Asa's family are spiritual

According to Asa, the women in their family are all very spiritual. Similar to her mother, who allows her cats to urinate all over Asa’s house. Reza allows Asa to “purify” his rehab endeavor to gain attention for his outrageous train stunt.

Reza is on the verge of becoming a runaway bride as Adam and Reza obtain their marriage license. MJ secretly holds Reza’s alcohol-filled go-go boy party without Asa’s knowledge to provide the perfect bachelor party.

Episode 12 - Bubbles of Fertility

Shahs of Sunset S4 - issues between Adam and Reza begin to mount

As the big day draws near, tensions between Reza and Adam grow. Reza is forced to make a decision about their future as Adam joins him for a therapy session. MJ mustered the confidence to test her fertility and visit a doctor, a subject that had caused her emotional turmoil.

Episode 13 - Big Trouble in a Little Phuket

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Mike and GG talk about the rumors circulating for months

Mike decides to meet with GG to talk about the rumors circulating for months as the party prepares to leave for Reza’s destination wedding. Asifa and Bobby are 8,000 miles from home, and their journey to Thailand quickly devolves into a therapy session as they reach their breaking point. Love is in the air, but the drama isn’t too far behind.

Episode 14 - Lions and Buddhists and Persians, Oh My!

The team reunites when the Shahs visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand, allowing everyone to choose their route to recovery. The gang assembles for Reza and Adam’s reception, which was supposed to be their last night in Thailand. 

Reza struggles with the life-altering decision of what his future with Adam will be as he starts to understand the effects of his choice and the reality sets in. Mike must make a significant choice at home between his prospective wife and longstanding pals.

Episode 15 - Reunion Part 1

Shahs of Sunset S4 - Reunion Part 1

The “Shahs of Sunset” cast meets with Andy Cohen for the first time since the season finale in Thailand. Reza’s facial hair removal prompts the cast to discuss their aesthetic changes. Asa and MJ argue over Reza’s bachelor celebration, and Asa updates everyone on his relationship with Adam. 

The talk turns serious. Asifa talks about the difficulties of being a newcomer, while GG and Mike explain the rumor that split the group and led to Reza’s unexpected exit from the stage.

Episode 16 - Reunion Part 2

Reza returns to the stage following a controversial exit in the second reunion segment. Andy Cohen questions MJ about her dating life and the passing of her cherished dog, Pablo. Bobby joins an emotional Asifa on the couch as GG informs everyone about her relationship with Danny and whether or not she’ll ever get married. 

Jessica stands nervously in her trailer as she waits to join the group as tensions rise. The group explodes in amazement and annoyance when Andy breaks the surprising news about Mike’s new bride.

Shahs of Sunset Season 4 Quick Facts

  • an American reality television series
  • aired on Bravo TV from March 2, 2015, to June 15, 2015
  • executive producers are Ryan Seacrest, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Steven Weinstock, Eric Gardner, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Julie Lombardi, Chaz Morgan, and Angela Rae Berg
  • under Ryan Seacrest Productions and Truly Original
  • consists of 16 episodes