What Happened In Shahs Of Sunset Season 5? (Full Recap)


In “Shahs of Sunset” Season 5, Reza Farahan, Asa Soltan Rahmati, Mike Shouhed, Mercedes Javid, Golnesa Gharachedaghi, and new cast member Shervin Roohparvar’s relationships are tested. They encounter difficulties in business, love, and enduring friendships as they embark on separate life journeys. 

Allegiances are tested when allegations of infidelity and irresponsible behavior rock the group to its core. 

Cast of Shahs of Sunset Season 5

  • Reza Farahan – an actor, real estate agent, reality television star, and an openly gay Persian 
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi – an actress, professional model, and reality television star 
  • Mercedes Javid – an Iranian estate mediator, body and figure positive diva, and reality television star
  • Mike Shouhed – a businessman, real estate agent, and reality television star
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati – an aspiring entrepreneur, actress, and reality television star
  • Shervin Roohparvar – an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and reality television star

Episode 1 - Persian of the Pacific

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Reza Farahan tells Asa Soltan Rahmati. that he is finally prepared to marry Adam after meditating on their failed engagement from the previous year

Reza Farahan tells Asa Soltan Rahmati. that he is finally prepared to marry Adam after meditating on their failed engagement from the previous year. A newlywed, Mike Shouhed, informs his wife Jessica that he is prepared to meet up with his old buddies again. 

However, a troubled Golnesa Gharachedaghi threatens to mar the celebration when the group gets together at Shervin Roohparvar’s 35th birthday party. But when a drunk GG tosses a second piece at Asifa Mirza, their quarrel escalates, and they come dangerously close to fighting.

Episode 2 - C'est La Vida

Reza appears genuinely startled that Adam wouldn’t want to immediately enter wedded bliss following that kind of betrayal for some reason.

Jessica confronts Mike about what she wants from marriage, which causes a rift in their relationship. Asa grapples with her new family business, Asa Kaftans, while MJ gets ready to meet her mother, Vida, who is her harshest critic.

As the episode closes, Reza attempts to bring up marriage with a wary Adam. Reza has made it evident to his pals that he’s prepared to commit. Still, Adam freely acknowledges that he’s much more skeptical of the prospect of getting hitched. 

Episode 3 - Oy Vey, MJ!

Shahs of Sunset S5 - GG and Shervin

As GG’s health problems worsen, she turns to Shervin for assistance during a grueling medical procedure. Mike and Jessica have a backyard Shabbat party to mend their connections with the group, but when MJ shares a secret Reza isn’t ready to share, things get tense. 

The last topic Mike and Jessica want to discuss is problems with GG, and Jessica abruptly ends the discussion by admonishing everyone to put the past in the past and move on.

Episode 4 - Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Asa starting her own company

Asa, a fashion designer, manages the pressure of starting a new company and a photo session for her Asa Kaftans brand, which is quickly gaining popularity. The group decides to go camping to deal with GG’s increasingly erratic behavior, but a night spent at Mike and Jessica’s house shows deeper problems in their marriage. 

Mike speaks a few kind words about how he hopes they all receive all they’re looking for out of the weekend in the woods as the Shahs link hands around the fire.

Episode 5 - Back to Nurture

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Mike struggles in his failing marriage

GG’s medical issues take center stage during an intervention that turns into a camping vacation. An exhausted Mike struggles with his failing marriage at the campground but won’t open up to his buddies. A ropes course unites the group, but the group must act independently when GG refuses to acknowledge her true problems.

Mike agreed to go on the camping trip to help GG, but there was still a lot of tension between these two. GG found that being in nature allowed her to relax, so she believed the camping trip was the ideal opportunity for her and Mike to express their concerns and move on.

Episode 6 - A Cat-astrophic Night

Shahs of Sunset S5 - MJ is revitalized after her camping trip

MJ is revitalized after her camping trip and is now focused on her new objective of establishing a baby with Tommy Feight. While Shervin puts his best foot forward on a date with a seductive Australian, Mike and Jessica begin counseling. The group learns a startling truth about Mike at Asa’s mother’s retirement celebration.

With Jessica visibly missing from his arm when he enters the gathering, Mike explains that she was accidentally out of town. However, when MJ asks about the couple’s actual situation while intoxicated, Mike eventually admits that they are experiencing severe problems and that Jessica has decided to live with her parents temporarily.

Episode 7 - Surprise! You're Married

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Reza and Adam's surprise wedding

To organize Reza’s surprise wedding to Adam, Asa and Reza travel to Palm Springs. MJ’s anxieties come to light when a coy Mike arrives without his wife, and GG tries to maintain order. Reza’s anxiousness intensifies as Adam unexpectedly shows up in the desert.

The rest of the group unwinds by the pool as Reza, Asa, and MJ visit an estate sale to get a ring for Adam. Tommy shows up unexpectedly to surprise MJ, and he even comes prepared. Reza is back at home, wearing an algae mask, and is concerned only about himself and his emotions. Okay, two concerns.

Episode 8 - Six Persians Walk Into A Bar

Shahs of Sunset S5 - MJ and Tommy

After returning from Palm Springs, MJ must deal with the repercussions of her failing relationship with Tommy. Reza, recently married and full of newfound confidence, dives fully into his new hobby of stand-up comedy. Additionally, Mike makes a gallant effort to win his wife back when the group comes together for Reza’s maiden performance at a neighborhood improv night.

Episode 9 - Lights, Camera, Kaftans!

After their romantic evening, Mike and Jessica discuss how to mend their relationship. Asa learns from MJ that her relationship with Tommy has deteriorated and that he has moved out. When Shervin confronts GG about reports regarding the seriousness of her illness, Asa’s debut fashion show for Asa Kaftans is filled with high glamor and powerful drama.

Episode 10 - Belize It or Not

Shahs of Sunset S5 - GG's anger toward Shervin explodes over a problematic first night's supper

Reza arranges a last-minute family vacation to Belize so that Mike and Jessica can resolve their differences to save their marriage. Mike anxiously awaits the arrival of his wife as the group lands in the Belizean jungle. GG’s anger toward Shervin explodes over a problematic first night’s supper, and MJ muses on life without Tommy while she is alone and without her man.

Episode 11 - Trouble in Paradise

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Shahs vacation to Belize

Mike takes Shervin, Nima, and GG for a day trip through the Belizean rainforest to forget his marital issues. At the resort, MJ tells Asa that Tommy might have been lost because of her Vida-like behavior. Reza confronts Mike with new information about his marriage after a shocking guest stuns the group, compelling Mike to divulge a sinister secret.

Episode 12 - Is It Too Late to Say I'm Sorry?

Shahs of Sunset S5 - while the Shahs visit Mayan ruins in Belize

The group visits the Mayan Ruins, but an argument between Reza and GG during the excursion jeopardizes the expedition. After everyone has arrived back in Los Angeles, a sorry Mike approaches Asa for assistance in getting his wife back, while GG starts an extreme new fitness regimen that surprises her friends. Reza finally makes his first appearance on the comedy stage since his initial bombing, persistent and focused.

Episode 13 - Mr. Shouhed's Wild Ride

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Newly wed couple Reza and Adam

Asa Soltan Rahmati takes Reza and his husband Adam Neely to their Palm Springs house for a photograph as Shervin FaceTimes his Australian date from a previous episode. The newlyweds have agreed to participate in Asa’s project to shoot couples, and the guys are excited to capture the romance of the first few months of marriage. 

On set, the Persian priestess is a formidable director who knows what she wants and how to obtain it from her actors. Reza and Adam are forced to climb a mountain while lugging chairs from the restaurant where they married. Asa then completes the picture shoot quickly, capturing the love that every newlywed couple hopes to experience one day.

Episode 14 - La Vida Loca

Shahs of Sunset S5 - MJ declutters her condo to make room for Tommy

MJ declutters her condo to make room for Tommy, but she finds it challenging to go with some of her possessions. Finally, Reza and Adam make their union legal. While posing for Asa’s art show photographs, Mike struggles with his emotions. Tommy has a profound surprise in store for MJ at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where she is planning a lavish “rebirth” ceremony with friends and family.

Episode 15 - OMGG

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Golnesa Gharachedaghi

As part of her rebirth, MJ makes an effort to grow her real estate agency but encounters a significant roadblock. Reza and Adam have an insightful discussion about having children, while Mike must decide whether to continue without Jessica after receiving shocking news about his wife. Reza and GG reach a point of no return when Asa’s photographic project is explosively unveiled, reopening old wounds from past conflicts.

Episode 16 - Reunion Part 1

Shahs of Sunset S5 - Reunion Part 1

Rifts within the group come to the fore in Part 1 of the reunion hosted by Andy Cohen, which gets off to a fast start. Reza and Golnesa don’t spend time getting back together after being dumped. When Mike discloses that he and Jessica Parido are getting divorced, it jeopardizes the group’s friendship and causes Asa and Mercedes to unexpectedly butt heads. 

Mike is then compelled to confront the group. Tensions reach a height when Mama Vida Javid comes and expresses her brutally honest comments about her daughter’s close-knit group.

Episode 17 - Reunion Part 2

As the reunion ends, the fiery Shahs confronts Asa over her refusal to reveal her “true life” on TV. A heated “he said-she said” exchange between Golnesa and Reza results from her having to face the uncomfortable truths regarding her rheumatoid arthritis. A heartbreaking breakdown caused by one group member who finds it all too much triggers an unexpected event.

Shahs of Sunset Season 5 Quick Facts

  • an American reality television series
  • aired on Bravo TV from April 10, 2016, to August 3, 2016
  • executive producers are Ryan Seacrest, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Steven Weinstock, Eric Gardner, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Julie Lombardi, Chaz Morgan, and Angela Rae Berg
  • under Ryan Seacrest Productions and Truly Original
  • consists of 17 episodes