What Happened In Shahs Of Sunset Season 7? (Full Recap)


In Season 7 of “Shahs of Sunset,” adventure is just getting started when fierce best friends Golnesa Gharachedaghi, Mercedes Javid, Mike Shouhed, and Reza Farahan start the newest chapter in their life. Despite having experienced just about everything together.

Cast of Shahs of Sunset Season 7

  • Reza Farahan – an actor, real estate agent, reality television star, and an openly gay Persian 
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi – an actress, professional model, and reality television star 
  • Mercedes Javid – an Iranian estate mediator, body and figure positive diva, and reality television star
  • Mike Shouhed – a businessman, real estate agent, and reality television star
  • Destiney Rose – an entrepreneur and a reality television star
  • Nema Vand – a digital marketing consultant, actor, and reality television star

Episode 1 - A Short Kiss Goodnight

Shahs of Sunset S7 - Siblings Mona and Nema

Mike Shoujhed invites Mona Vand and her brother Nema Vand on a trip to Big Bear after finally starting to get over his marital problems. Mona is single and eager to see Mike. Nema, still going through a tough divorce, is the sole person in her sight. 

The Shahs try to stay balanced on the slopes and at their shared home while the party travels up the mountains. They head back to the cabin and report that Nema and Golnesa Gharachedaghi got along incredibly, but Mike informs them that he and Mona didn’t get along. 

Reza Farahan warns the camera if a lady doesn’t worship Mike in the first ten minutes. He will write her off. Mena begs GG to accompany him outside so they may make up.

Episode 2 - It's My Party and I'll Make You Cry If I Want To

Shahs of Sunset S7 - Reza and MJ

The cast disagrees after Reza and MJ make exciting news at the end of a fun-filled vacation. Reza, Mike’s project manager back in LA, is reluctance-filled yet diligent, and he is gradually growing resentful of Mike’s reliance on him.

Mercedes Javid prepares Valentine’s Day party, but her expectations of a love fest are disappointed when the evening ends in a tense clash. Nema, on the other hand, is going through a relationship crisis and understands he needs to tell his live-in partner about his flirtation with GG.

Episode 3 - A Date with Destiney

Shahs of Sunset S7 - MJ experiences emotional roller coaster

As she copes with the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day party and her dad’s failing health, MJ experiences an emotional roller coaster. Nema admits to his live-in partner that he flirted with GG and has to deal with the repercussions.

Reza, whose husband Adam has been discreetly hinting at wanting a child for more than a year, is thinking about an investment possibility that would probably put the baby plans on hold. In the meantime, Destiney Rose starts to re-enter the dating scene.

Episode 4 - Javid Shah: Long Live the King

Shahs of Sunset S7 - Mona Vand

The Shahs support MJ as she strives to preserve her stability while continuing to prepare for her wedding after the devastating death of her father. At his sister Mona’s birthday celebration, Nema finds himself in an unpleasant situation when his crush, GG, and his ex-girlfriend, for whom he still has affections, cross paths. 

To move forward with her divorce from her estranged spouse, GG takes the following steps. MJ’s father, Shams, passed away following a stroke and years of medical issues. He spent many years confined to a hospital bed. 

While MJ’s rose-colored contacts and removal of her rose-colored spectacles didn’t make her erroneous perception of her dad’s predicament as bad as it was last season, it was nevertheless unsettling.

Episode 5 - Bridal Bath Wrath

As MJ prepares for her Bridal Bath in Palm Springs, she struggles with losing her dear father and grows unhappy with Tommy’s lack of involvement in their wedding preparations. 

Without alerting Adam, Reza takes the plunge and invests significantly in his new company. Nema, who GG is working with to launch a new company, warms up to her. Mike also decides to start a new business venture against his mother’s advice.

Episode 6 - Emeralds Aren't Forever

Shahs of Sunset S7 - the Shahs celebrate Persian New Year

The Shahs celebrate the Persian New Year with food, entertainment, and drama. Mike decides not to invite his girlfriend to the celebrations at his mother’s house because his past haunts him, and everyone has an opinion. 

Reza becomes agitated as he tries to tell Adam about his significant investment in a haircare line. After some hesitation, GG tries to move her divorce procedures forward.

Episode 7 - It's Passover: Let Your Girlfriend Go!

Destiney employs a private investigator to track down her father to understand the source of her problems with men. Reza is motivated by this to address his fatherhood difficulties and acknowledges he might not be prepared for the kids Adam so dearly wants. Mike hesitates to advance his relationship with Morgan, but the gang tries to go further than he is willing to go.

Episode 8 - Clash of The Persians

For MJ’s final trip as a single lady, The Shahs rule Vegas. When GG and Shalom’s progress falters, the others decide to take action. When the group leaves for MJ’s bachelorette weekend, Mike’s relationship with Morgan takes a significant knock, putting him into a spiral that puts several of his relationships with the crew to the test.

Episode 9 - Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos

The group wakes up after a fantastic night of clubbing in Vegas and learns a startling fact about Mike. Chaos and tensions reach a peak when he is confronted. Upon returning to LA, MJ begins her first dress fitting as part of her wedding preparations. With the aid of Nema, GG expands her marijuana business.

Episode 10 - The Prenup Hiccup

Shahs of Sunset S7 - With Nema's help, GG organizes the WüSah official launch party

Final preparations are made for MJ and Tommy’s wedding. With Nema’s help, GG organizes the WüSah official launch party, but she is dubious if it will garner her desired interest. Mike continues to work on himself with assistance from his father. 

Episode 11 - Vida Knows Best

Shahs of Sunset S7 - Over Mike's real estate investment, Reza and Mike get close

MJ is under pressure to complete her wedding while preparing for a baby and caring for her mother, Vida. Over Mike’s real estate investment, Reza and Mike get close. GG finally begins the procedures required to submit divorce documents. 

Adam confronts Reza about his reluctance to grow their family after having an honest talk with his old friend Asa. On her arduous quest to locate her father, Destiney receives unexpected assistance.

Episode 12 - Bless This Mess

Shahs of Sunset S7 - MJ and Tommy attempt to persuade Vida to approve their marriage

MJ and Tommy attempt to persuade Vida to approve their marriage before getting engaged. Reza starts up his haircare company, whether or not Adam agrees. Nema gains some “street cred” in the Persian community while MJ makes a poor decision en route to the altar. 

Episode 13 - A Very MJ Wedding

Shahs of Sunset S7 - MJ and Tommy wedding

In classic MJ form, commotion and difficulty are scattered throughout MJ’s wedding. The Shahs are forced to face their genuine views about marriage and think about their futures as the bride tries to walk down the aisle unharmed.

MJ says she used to be the one who was opposed to marriage but is now taking a risk because she loves Tommy. Mike claims that although the marriage wasn’t intended for him, it might work out for Tommy and MJ.

Episode 14 - Reunion Part 1

Shahs of Sunset S7 - Reunion Part 1

The Shahs start the reunion hosted by Andy Cohen by immediately stirring things up. Mercedes and Tommy recently got married and have some life-altering news to share with their pals, but only after speaking with Mercedes’ opinionated mother, Vida. Reza recalls the problematic obstacles that brought him and his husband to the verge of divorcing each other. 

Adam is also present. Talk of his most recent failed relationship prompts Destiney and Nema to question Mike’s handling of women, putting him on the defensive. Golnesa’s impetuous companion finds it too much when the group confronts her about her excessive smoking.

Episode 15 - Reunion Part 2

The gang continues to narrate a series of thrilling highs and trying lows as the dramatic sit-down unfolds. The exhausting quest for her father is revisited by Destiney, who also relates what she learned about him. 

While Mike and Reza grapple with the lingering effects of their fallout in Las Vegas, Nema and Golnesa open up about how far their flirty encounters went. With Vida and Tommy by her side, Mercedes shares details about her wedding and their future aspirations.

Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Quick Facts

  • an American reality television series
  • aired on Bravo TV from August 2, 2018, to November 29, 2018
  • executive producers are Ryan Seacrest, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Steven Weinstock, Eric Gardner, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Julie Lombardi, Chaz Morgan, and Angela Rae Berg
  • under Ryan Seacrest Productions and Truly Original
  • consists of 15 episodes

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