Kyle Richards Expressed Regret Being With Sister Kim Richards And Kathy Hilton On “RHOBH”


The three had spent several seasons together, experiencing both joyous moments and difficult times.

Beyond her status as an actress and reality personality, Kyle Richards is best recognized as Kim Richards’ sister. The two also starred in the popular reality series “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo TV.

Kathy Kim Kyle

As for her relationship with Kathy Hilton, they developed a great friendship throughout the show. Kyle, though, recently voiced regret for working on the program with them.

The “Halloween Ends” actress even admitted in an exclusive interview with Page Six on Friday that she’d “rather watch ‘The Exorcist’ on repeat” than have to relive the forthcoming third segment of the Season 12 reunion.

“It was really bad for me. It was very emotionally draining,” she said, emphasizing that it made it impossible for her to maintain her composure throughout the “painful” day of filming.

In reference to her time on the show with Kim, she continued,  “The emotions that I was feeling were coming from: ‘I’ve already been down this road with my family before,’” adding, “My most difficult reunions were [Seasons] 5 and a 12. No coincidence there.”

Kim Kathy Kyle

While she didn’t say much about Kathy, she subtly made a comment about Kathy’s recent statement that she won’t be returning to the reality show if Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne do, saying, “I’m not even going to touch that one with a 10-foot pole.”

As we previously reported, there is a rift between Kyle and Kathy as a result of the latter’s criticism of the entire cast, including Kyle and her family. A “face-to-face” confrontation between the two also occurred, and since then, their main form of communication has been through a select few messages.

Not only that, but the two continued their feud on social media. Despite this, Kyle remains hopeful that they will be able to make up. “I mean, family’s family. You always come back together. So I will always hold out that hope.”

Reactions to Kyle Richards Expressed Regret Being With Sister Kim Richards And Kathy Hilton On "RHOBH"

That’s funny. I regret Kyle being cast on the show.

She regrets cuz she looks bad on tv for not defending her sisters enough or on their sides when it comes to bully Rinna

No Kyle you regret NOT being FAMOUS enough like your sisters. Kim has been the better actress than you & Kathy has/have been like by viewers since she joined the show NOT because she’s a HILTON. Plus I don’t think they know how to backstabbed their SISTER. 🤷🏻‍♀️