What Led Andy Cohen To Issue A Public Apology To “RHOBH” Star Garcelle Beauvais

What Led Andy Cohen To Issue A Public Apology To “RHOBH” Star Garcelle Beauvais?


He appears to be sorry for how he treated her during the Season 12 reunion.

Andy Cohen didn’t want to let his misunderstanding with Garcelle Beauvais last because Cohen decided to release a public apology to her for not treating her well during the Season 12 reunion of Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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On Monday, during his SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” segment, he said, “I need to really sincerely apologize not only for diverting the topic but for not returning — even worse — to the serious conversation that was at hand,” adding, “I have deep admiration for Garcelle.”

He went on to say that he had a great talk with Beauvais last Thursday and explained that they have since resolved their issues in a private. “I should have been more in tune with her feelings. I just wanted to say that because I’ve been logging in and I get it.”

The Bravo executive later apologized for making a joke about the housewives’ recycling practices at the same time Lisa Rinna admitted to trashing Beauvais’ autobiography “Love Me as I Am,” despite Erika Jayne’s claims to the contrary.

His insensitive joke received backlash from Beauvais’ fans. All of them are disappointed and even point out how he has favoritism among the cast members.

One user tweeted, “Good morning Andy, have you acknoweldge the backlash you received over the way you treated Garcelle at the reunion laughing with EJ and Rinna about her book in the trash, you need to watch it back and see how hurt she was holding back her tears.”

“Andy you were not neutral at the reunion. You need to leave your friendships with Lisa and Erika at the door when hosting another RHOBH reunion. You were there laughing with them while the RHOBH cast is divided and you are not helping. You didn’t call out your friend Lisa,” another user wrote.

While some show fans feel Cohen’s explanation was insufficient, others applaud his willingness to accept his mistake and apologize.

Reactions to What Led Andy Cohen To Issue A Public Apology To “RHOBH” Star Garcelle Beauvais?

Garcelle fighting back tears while they laugh about recycling…? Andy is part of the problem #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH

Andy Cohen and the rest of the cast owe Garcelle a huge apology. She has been bullied on the show ever since she got there and her treatment as a Black Woman clearly shows. That scene with Andy, Erika and Rinna joking about recycling & her book was terrible #RHOBH

Andy Cohen really is the PROBLEM here, my heart breaks for Garcelle, that was so cruel. #rhobh #RHOBHReunion

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