Andrew Anthony’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki


Andrew Anthony is a Canadian voice actor famous in the sports industry. He popularized the legendary audio, “EA, Sports, it’s in the game.”

The 34-year-old voice actor is one of the favorite celebrities of almost every FIFA follower. He’s the man behind the iconic voice that many people still listen to these days. (1)

Andrew Anthony's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height6 ft 1 in
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Andrew Anthony

Estimate Net Worth$12 million
Zodiac SignAries
BirthdayMarch 24. 1988

Andrew Anthony's Net Worth

Andrew Anthony is famous as a voice actor. As of October 2022, Andrew Anthony has a net worth of $12,000,000. (2)

He has participated in numerous voice projects throughout his career, including commercials and other profitable endeavors. No wonder he increased his income through the years.

Andrew Anthony's Early Life

Andrew Anthony was born in Canada on March 24, 1988. As of this year, 2022, he is 34 years old. However, Andrew didn’t share information about his early life and family background. Perhaps, he wants to keep other details of his life private.

Andrew Anthony's Education

Andrew Anthony attended the University of Windsor. After four years of studying, he earned a BFA in Acting at the said university.

Later, Andrew Anthony continued honing his artistic skills in the United Kingdom, specifically at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School. It’s a unique training setup since it only accepts 14 students across the globe per annum.

Andrew didn’t share anything about his high school education, though. But knowing his college education, it’s interesting to note that he’s seriously upgrading his talents.

Andrew Anthony's Wife and Dating History

Andrew Anthony is a celebrity from Canada. As a prolific voice actor, he has inspired many fans throughout his career. No wonder many fans want to know about her dating history.

However, there are no available data about Andrew’s past relationships. He wants to keep the information from public scrutiny, too.

Andrew Anthony's Career

Andrew Anthony has had an incredible journey in the voice-acting industry. Before being immersed in sharing his legendary audio with us, he was already talented in acting and other artistic endeavors.

However, it is his unique voice that made him a household name for sporty fans from around the world. It’s the reason many people want to know more about him.

Perhaps, you’ve heard about the audio, “EA Sports, it’s in the game.” The said voice is precisely what made Andrew so famous so many years ago and even up to now. The phrase has been engraved in the hearts of fans in the sports and entertainment industry.

Many gaming enthusiasts love the soothing yet lively voice of Andrew Anthony, leading them to watch their favorite sports events. But some people can’t believe the voice existed. Thankfully, supportive fans shared that Andrew’s famous phrase isn’t artificial.

Andrew Anthony has worked for FIFA, Madden, UFC, and NBA. For over three decades, he has helped avid sports fans get even more excited with every game. As a result, numerous fans are still loyal to his voice up to the present time.

The Canadian voice actor admitted that it was serendipitous for him to land the job in the early 1990s. He has a friend who was asked to do a commercial for Electronic Arts. His friend was hesitant about it since he didn’t know them well. However, the people from EA convinced him. So he accepted the project.

Andrew’s friend wrote an original phrase, “If it’s in the game, EA Sports, it’s in the game.” After that, his friend communicated with him to perform voice acting for the commercial. Since he was asked to travel to Toronto for the project, he readily accepted the job even if it was “for free.”

When Andrew Anthony recorded the iconic phrase, he thought he would never hear about it again. However, it became well-known in the world of sports. Besides, more than ten people auditioned for the job and learned he got the part later.

The funny thing is that he first learned about his newfound fame when his son’s friend visited their home. The latter played a new video game, and then he overheard his voice.

That led to more voice acting projects for Andrew Anthony in the EA Sports industry. It includes making a voice impression in front of the camera. He also met many gaming fans in the process.

As a voice artist, many video game lovers know his talent. His mega-brand project catapulted him to stardom. For him, it was “pretty cool.”

Apart from that, you have probably heard the famous catchphrase even if you’re not an avid sports fan. Andrew’s voice is an inspiration for those who are fond of video games. Once you open your television and use your gaming console, such a beautiful voice will help you enjoy the game.

So there’s no reason to say it’s a fake voice. It’s indeed Andrew Anthony’s voice, an organic part of a gamer’s life from the 1990s. EA Sport’s loyalty to him is also admirable. They surely know how to spot natural talent in voice acting.

Andrew Anthony also produced a tutorial on how to say the iconic phrase. He believed that it should be delivered with volume and sincerity. He also talked about the necessity of one’s attitude to speak the best version of his famous commercial in the history of sports.

Like his other advertising projects, Andrew gave all of his heart to the job. No wonder it became prevalent and has remained in the hearts of his loyal fans. (3)


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