Viral Video: Owner’s Pet Snake Attacks Her As She Takes It Out Of The Cage


A snake owner was bit by her pet while attempting to remove it from its cage in a video that has gone viral online.

Animals that humans keep as pets range widely in type. It could be dogs, cats, and reptiles, like turtles, which certain people prefer.

However, in this viral video, the pet owner owns a dangerous type of pet; a snake. In the footage, a woman attempts to open the cage’s lid while the reptile hisses at her.

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The snake quickly bites her hand and tries entirely around the woman’s shoulder within a short time. The woman makes several desperate attempts to reattach the snake to the lid.

She seemed to be in pain. Although a second man rushes to her aid, the enormous reptile is still hugging the woman’s hand.

After catching it with a snake hook, the man attempts to push the snake toward himself. By this time, the woman is obviously bleeding heavily.

pet owner_snake

Several users debated the idea of having snakes as pets in response to the agonizing video.

One user wrote, “Keeping wild animals as pets will never make sense.”

The majority of the users tend to go overboard by saying the woman deserved what she experienced for owning wildlife in her home.

Furthermore, it’s unclear from the video where it was filmed and whether or not the woman recovered.

Reactions to Viral Video: Owner’s Pet Snake Attacks Her As She Takes It Out Of The Cage

It has tasted human blood. Gotta put it down now.

DO yOU wAnT Me tO sTop fiLmiNg?

I don’t get why one would feel the need to own a snake