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Casey Anthony gained widespread recognition after her daughter Caylee Anthony mysteriously vanished in June 2008. As her tale of turbulent family life, several lies, and criminal activity came to light, many people concluded that she was undoubtedly guilty.

Contradictory evidence, on the other hand, led the jury to reach a different conclusion. Despite being cleared of murder in 2011, Anthony was hated by the public.

Casey Anthony's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height1.57 m
Weight54 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeSkinny
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Casey Anthony

Estimate Net Worth$ -1 million
Zodiac SignPisces
BirthplaceOhio, USA
BirthdayMarch 19, 1986

Casey Anthony’s Net Worth

Thirty-six-year-old Casey Anthony’s net worth was -$1 million. Even though Casey Anthony is not famous, he made headlines for committing a terrible crime. In 2013, Casey filed for bankruptcy.

It cannot be guaranteed that her net worth will increase in the future as she is currently back to partying and gambling.

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Casey Anthony's Early Life

Born on March 19, 1986, in Warren, Ohio, USA, Casey Marie Anthony is one of George Anthony and Cindy Anthony’s two children. George worked in law enforcement. Alongside her brother Lee Anthony, she grew up.

young Casey Anthony with her mom, Cindy

Young Anthony had friends, which many people assumed to be a typical American household. She was intelligent and likable.

Casey Anthony's Education

In Orlando, Florida, Cassey Anthony attended Colonial High School. When her parents, George and Cindy, and Anthony’s grandparents attended Anthony’s graduation, they learned she was still missing a few credits. Anthony stopped going to class, but she persuaded her family that she would walk at the graduation ceremony.

Casey Anthony's Pregnancy

Casey Anthony hid her pregnancy from her parents when she was 19. Casey parents expected that she could be pregnant because she had gained weight. She insisted that she was a virgin when asked about it. Later, she told her parents that she was pregnant, but she did not disclose any information about the father of her child.

Anthony named many males, one of them was her fiancé, Jesse Grund, and another was a young man she had dated before he was killed in a vehicle accident.

Caylee Marie Anthony was Born

Casey with daughter Caylee

On August 9, 2005, her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, was born. Anthony’s companion said that her mother had discouraged her from considering adopting the child. Caylee Anthony and her daughter, Caylee, lived with her parents, with Grund standing as Caylee’s father.

Even though he was aware that the time of Caylee’s conception made it unlikely, Grund still believed she was his child. The result of the DNA test shows that Grund was not Caylee’s father. Due to arguments with her mother, she and her kid fled her parent’s house in 2008.

Caylee's Mysterious Disappearance

Casey Anthony's car trunk

Casey regularly receives a call from Cindy asking how Caylee is doing. Casey would respond that the child was out with the babysitter, Zanny Fernandez Gonzalez. Her parents got a letter in 2008 informing them that her automobile was in a tow yard. (1)

George discovered her handbag, toys, and Caylee’s car seat when he picked up the vehicle. Later, he noticed an odor of rotten matter in the car’s trunk. Casey was at her boyfriend’s house at that time. The name of her boyfriend was Tony Lazaro.

Casey sobbed and confessed that she had left the child with the nanny who abducted her. Zenaida Gonzalez, meanwhile, claimed she doesn’t know Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony's Arrest

Casey Anthony's arrest

Cindy filed a missing person report for Caylee 31 days after she vanished. She did this to the sheriff’s office in Orange County. When Casey was questioned, it became clear that there was no nanny because no one was aware of the supposed nanny.

Later, she told the investigators a lie about her employment at Universal Pictures. Later, she acknowledged that she never went back to work for Universal. She was detained on a murder accusation due to the contradictions and lies. Her actions before Cassey’s disappearance became the subject of a question.

Casey Anthony was granted bail in August when television personality Leonard Padilla paid a $500,000 bond. Padilla bailed her out, hoping that she would direct the detectives to other leads. She was accused of faking checks and stealing people’s identities, thus making her return to prison.

The Trial

Casey Anthony's Trial

She went on trial in 2011. The Anthony family dominated the news during the live broadcast of the trial. Chloroform was discovered in the trunk of her car, and the prosecution used this information to depict her as the cause of Caylee’s death. 

Caylee died of drowning in the family pool, according to the defense, though. The defense said that George hid the death so Casey would not be accused of neglecting her daughter.

Casey was allegedly sexually harassed by George and Lee when she was eight years old, according to the defense, which Jose Baez led. Both George and Lee disputed these claims when called to the testimony.


Casey Anthony's Case Forensic Evidence

According to forensic examinations, a hair recovered in Casey’s car’s trunk was “microscopically comparable” to one in Caylee’s hairbrush, and there were traces of human decomposition in the trunk. Additionally, the report verified the presence of chloroform.

On December 11, 2008, Caylee’s skeleton was discovered in a forested area close to the family home with a blanket inside a trash bag. Duct tape was found on the mouth of the skull and closed to the front of the skull, according to both the investigation reports and the trial testimony. 

Although the medical examiner officially recorded the death as “death by undetermined methods,” it was cited that the duct tape was one of the factors to consider a homicide.

The Verdict

Casey Anthony's Verdict

The jury acquitted her on July 5 of first-degree murder, severe child abuse, and brutal manslaughter. The jury referred to indirect evidence. However, she was convicted of four counts of giving false information to law enforcement. (2)

Caylee's Law

Caylee's Law has been passed in various US states

The general public or the media could have received the judgment better. The story prompted lawmakers in numerous states to pass legislation known as “Caylee’s Law,” which would make it a crime for a guardian or parent to fail to notify a missing kid. Florida Governor Rick Scott enacted a Caylee’s Law in 2012.

Casey Anthony's Release from Prison

Casey Anthony released from prison

Casey Anthony later got pardoned for his exemplary behavior and time served. She was freed after three years in prison. She received a charge for more than $200,000 owed to law enforcement for the search for her daughter.

Casey Anthony Files for Bankruptcy

Casey Anthony went out to file for bankruptcy

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January 2013. She stated that she had no income at the time and roughly $1,000 in assets and $800,000 in liabilities. According to bankruptcy court filings, Anthony cited about 80 creditors, including a $500,000 obligation owed to her lawyer Jose Baez and a $145,660.21 liability owed to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

During a conference with creditors in her bankruptcy case, Anthony said she was surviving off help from friends and strangers who would mail her gift cards and cash.

Casey Anthony's Career and Life after the Trial

Casey Anthony lives in South Florida with Patrick MacKenna

Casey made an unsuccessful attempt to launch a photography business in 2016. She lives in South Florida in 2017 with Patrick McKenna, a private investigator who served as the case’s principal investigator in the 2011 trial about her daughter’s death.

The coronavirus pandemic has prevented Anthony’s film about her life after Caylee’s death from genuinely getting off the ground since she stated in June 2019 that she was working on it.

Anthony opened a private investigation agency in Florida in December 2020. The Florida Division of Corporation received papers for a new firm named “Case Research & Consulting Services LLC” under her name, according to documents acquired by The Daily Mail. (3)

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