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American singer and actor Justin Timberlake became a household name in the 1990s as a popular boy band NSYNC member.

NSYNC was an extremely popular boyband. They even performed at the Olympics and the Super bowl. However, Timberlake launched a solo career when the group disbanded in 2002.

Justin Timberlake's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 181.6 cm
5 ft 11.5 in
Weight 78 kg
172 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Justin Timberlake

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $250 million
Religion Christianity (Southern Baptist)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Birthday January 31, 1981

Justin Timberlake’s Net Worth

Justin Timberlake became famous because he was a member of an extremely popular boyband, NSYNC boy band, in the late 1990s. His solo career was also successful. He was able to release several albums and sell millions of copies across the globe. His popularity as a singer also made him become an actor.

The 41-year-old celebrity is considered one of the wealthiest celebrities globally, with an estimated net worth of $250 million as of October 2022. His net worth is anticipated to increase in the future because he has a lot of investments in and outside the entertainment industry.

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Justin Timberlake's Early Life

Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee. His parents are Harless and Charles Randall Timberlake. He was exposed to music at a young age as his father is a choir director of a Baptist church.

At a very young age, Timberlake was exposed to music. His grandfather taught him how to sing country and gospel songs. He joined a “Star Search” on television when he was eleven, using the name “Justin Randall.”

Justin Timberlake when he was a young boy

In 1993 and 1994, he became a regular cast of “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.” In 1995, Lou Pearlman and Timberlake formed the NSYNC group. Timberlake requested Chasez to join him in the newly formed boyband. (1)

Justin Timberlake's Education

Justin Timberlake completed his elementary education at the E.E. Jeter Elementary School, located in a military town in Millington, Tennesee, north of Memphis. He was homeschooled after the sixth grade and completed his high school education at the University of Nebraska High School.

Justin Timberlake's Relationships

Danielle Ditto (1994 - 1996)

Justin Timberlake and Danielle Ditto

At fourteen, Justin Timberlake dated Danielle Ditto for two years. They then broke up on January 28, 1996.

Veronica Finn (1996 - 1998)

Justin Timberlake and Veronica Finn

Veronica and Justin first met when they were both 16 and 17. In 1998, the young couple split up because Veronica became jealous.

Britney Spears (1999 - 2002)

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had a relationship from 1999 until 2002; it was during the early years of their careers. Their relationship appeared to be a match made in heaven.

Jenna Dewan (2002)

After Justin Timberlake’s breakup with Britney Spears in 2002, he dated Jenna Dewan. During Dewan’s interview, she said that she was not a rebound.

Alyssa Milano (2002 - 2003)

Justin Timberlake and Alyssa Milano

In 2002, Justin dated the Charmed actor for a brief period. In 2016, Justin admitted he had a crush on her while she was on Who’s The Boss on the Australian morning program, “Rove and Sam.”

Cameron Diaz (2003 - 2006)

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

Diaz and Timberlake had a four-year romance that seemed unbreakable. With their outstanding displays of apparent support and encouragement for one another, Diaz and Timberlake appeared to have all the elements of a perfect relationship. They broke up in 2006.

Jessica Biel (2007 – Present)

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who made their relationship public in January 2007, had a temporary separation in February 2011. Five months after they broke up, they reconciled, and in January 2012, they became engaged. The couple got married in 2012. They also have two sons, Phineas (3 years old) and Silas Randall Timberlake (7 years old).

Justine Timberlake's Career


In 1996, NSYNC started its career in Europe. After releasing their self-titled debut studio album in 1998, which sold 11 million copies, they gained popularity in the U.S. (2) When their second album, “No Strings Attached,” was released in 2000, 2.4 million copies were sold in its first week. Their 2001 album “Celebrity” was a great commercial hit.

“Like I Love You,” Timberlake’s first solo single, was released in August 2002. His solo album, “Justified,” was released after three months.

T.V. and Movie Actor

Justin Timberlake in Palmer

Timberlake started appearing in movies after developing a reputation as a kind and talented performer. His first significant performances were in the grimy dramas in 2006, “Black Snake Moan” and “Alpha Dog.”

He won praise for his portrayal of Internet entrepreneur Sean Parker in “The Social Network,” a dramatized version of Facebook’s beginnings, in 2010. “In Yogi Bear,” a movie adaptation of the beloved T.V. cartoon, he gave the voice to Yogi Bear’s tiny companion Boo Boo. (3)

Following that, Timberlake appeared in more movies, to name a few: “Friends with Benefits” in 2011, “Bad Teacher” in the same year, and “Inside Llewyn Davis” in 2013. Timberlake received more attention due to his regular participation in “Saturday Night Live,” a comedy program.


Other than a music career, Justin Timberlake is also a movie and record producer. He has produced a couple of films and T.V. shows, to name a few: ” Spin the Wheel,” The Phone,” and “The Short Game.”


Justin Timberlake's 901 Tequila

Timberlake started several businesses in addition to performing. Notably, when the advertising company “Specific Media” bought the social networking site Myspace in 2011, he obtained a small share in the company. He served as the creative consultant and assisted in repurposing Myspace, a community for musicians and their followers.

Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, his childhood closest friend, established “William Rast” in 2005. Their grandfathers, William Bomar and John Rast, combined to form the brand name. It inspired them to introduce classic looks. Their clothing company specializes in selling relaxed denim outfits with rugged accents.

Justin Timberlake created the “Tennman Records,” which was launched in 2007. The name Tennman comes from Tennessee, where he was born and raised. He hired Ken Komisar in 2009 to be the President of Tennman Records. Komisar is the former vice president of Sony Music Entertainment.

Justin Timberlake introduced “901 Tequila.” Timberlake paid homage to his heritage by naming the company after the Memphis, Tennessee, area code where he grew up. Kevin Ruder, the President of the tequila company, is his business partner.

Justin Timberlake bought the Mirimichi Golf Course, situated in his hometown in Memphis, Tennessee. He spent $16 million renovating the course and designing an environmentally friendly layout.

The NBA team, the Memphis Grizzlies, Timberlake is one of the team’s owners. Following Robert Pera, he decided to buy stock. For $377 million, an internet entrepreneur purchased the NBA team.

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Justin Timberlake's Humanitarian Works

Justin Timberlake donated an estimated $9,262,381 to his chosen charity, Shriners Hospitals for Children, in 2009, breaking the previous record for the largest charitable donation.

Timberlake founded the Justin Timberlake Foundation to share his craft by supporting music programs in public schools. The EE Jeter Elementary School received his first donation, wherein he is an alumnus.

The school and the Justin Timberlake Foundation will collaborate closely to incorporate music instruction into the curriculum. The initiative is expected to launch as early as September 2000.

Justin gave a piece to watchmaker Nixon to be turned into a watch, and the proceeds from its sale went to the MusiCares MAP Fund, a fund set up to help musicians struggling with addiction and recovery.

Timberlake collaborated with Michael Stipe of REM for a charity single to support Mercy Corps and continue relief for Hurricane Katrina victims. You may purchase the CD In the Sun on iTunes.


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