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Molly Bloom is an American author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Olympic skier. She rose to fame for her memoir Molly’s Game” and for running one of America’s high-stake poker tournaments with A-list clientele. 

Molly Bloom's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 5 in
1.64 m
Weight 126 pounds
57 kg
Hair Color Black 
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Molly Bloom

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $500 Thousand
Religion Jewish
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Birthplace Loveland, Colorado, United States
Birthday April 21, 1978

Molly Bloom's Net Worth

In 2022, Molly Bloom’s net worth is estimated to be worth more or less than $500 thousand. (1) A huge portion of Molly’s assets can be associated with the money she earned from her book called “Molly’s Bloom: The True Story of the 26-year-old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World!”

When she was caught and charged $200 thousand for running a high-stakes poker game, she saw the attention of dozens of people, which led to publishing her book. The book was so popular that it was adapted to the silver screen starring Jessica Chastain in 2017.

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Molly Bloom's Early Life

Molly Bloom came from a financially well-off family in Loveland, Colorado. She was born on April 21, 1978, making her 44 years old in 2022. Molly’s parents have decent jobs.

Her father, Larry Bloom, works simultaneously works as a clinical physiologist and professor at Colorado State University. On the other hand, her mother, Char Bloom, is a ski and snowboard instructor and, at the same time, a professional fly-fisher and business owner. Her mother has her own clothing line.

Molly is one of the three children of her parents. He has an older brother named Jordan Bloom, who works as a surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Jeremy Bloom is her younger brother, the Olympic skier and NFL football player playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. (2)

Growing up in an active family, Molly Bloom was also into sports. Like her brother, former Olympic skier and NFL Jeremy Bloom, Molly Bloom was into skiing as well. In fact, one of her most significant achievements in life is placing third in the Nor-Arm Women’s Cup in the 1990s.

Molly Bloom's Education

Molly Bloom earned her degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she took up a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She graduated from the university in 2000. But before that, Molly attended her local high school, Loveland High School. She graduated from high school in 1996.

Molly Bloom's Husband and Family Life

Molly Bloom is currently married to Devin Effinger. He works as a neuroscientist. Molly, an author, and a poker queen, gave birth to her daughter earlier this year. In one of her interviews, Molly Bloom shared the details of her struggle with conceiving.

According to Bloom, her age was the most significant factor contributing to her infertility. Molly got her sentence when she was 35 years old, prompting her to have her eggs frozen at 37. She had 11 frozen eggs, which she fertilized after marrying her husband, Devin Effinger, in 2019. Despite freezing her eggs, the couple still struggled with conceiving. By the time she was 41, her eleven eggs still failed to be fertilized, which deeply saddened her. (3

Recently, at 43, it was like all of her prayers were answered when she conceived after a rigorous and draining process of in-vitro fertilization. She did nine rounds of IVF, but according to Bloom was all worth it when she saw her daughter Fiona’s face.

Molly Bloom's Career

Molly Bloom’s career started at a young age. Before becoming known as the Poker Queen, who ran one of the United States’ most exclusive poker games, Molly was an accomplished athlete. In the late 1990s, Molly Bloom was ranked third at the women’s Nor-Am Cup. An unexpected incident in the 1998 Winter Olympics caused Bloom to be injured. The incident caused an unexpected end in her skiing career.

After the end of her skiing career, Molly turned her attention to business. She moved to Los Angeles in 2004 in pursuit of better opportunities in the industry. In Los Angeles, she began working as a barmaid to make ends meet. 

While working as a barmaid, she was able to widen her network and became associated with Darin Feinstein, one of the owners of “The Viper Room Nightclub,” and Spiderman actor Toby Maguire. 

The pair had introduced and awakened her passion for the poker game. Feinstein recruited Bloom to manage his poker games, earning approximately $10,000 per game. By 2008, she had enough money to start her own company called Molly Bloom Inc.”

After years of catering to Feinstein’s clients, Bloom started to host her poker tournaments. Barely a year after hosting her poker tournaments, the hands in her games went as high as $5 million per game and took place in various mansions and hotels like the Peninsula Beverly Hills. At this point, she was reportedly earning $300,000 with extensive clientele like Leonardo DiCaprio, Macaulay Culkin, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Dan Bilzerian, and Alex Rodriguez. 

With clients of this caliber, she attracted the attention of the FBI. The FBI arrested Bloom for running high-stakes poker games, and in May 2014, she pleaded guilty. Bloom’s sentence was reduced to a year in probation and 200 hours of community service. Simultaneously, she was also given a fine of $200 thousand, which left her in debt. 

Bloom used the attention she got to become a television personality. She appeared in talk shows such as Good Morning America,” “Fox and Friends,” “The View,” and The Insider.” 

Following that, Molly penned her book “Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-year-old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World!” In 2017, a film adaptation of it was released. The movie “Molly’s Game” won an Academy Award for “Best Adapted Screenplay.”

Molly Bloom is currently one of the most in-demand inspiring keynote speakers, regularly appearing in publications including “Vulture,” “NPR,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Ellen Show,” and “Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.”

Molly Bloom's Arrest and Imprisonment

The FBI searched a Molly Bloom-hosted poker tournament in 2011. Afterwards, it was closed down as part of their ongoing investigation into the Ponzi scheme, which was run by her acquaintance Bradley Ruderman. The countless of lawsuits against Ruderman led to the discovery of her underground poker tournaments.

Ruderman had lost $5 million of his illegally gained money in poker games, which also happened to Bloom when she faced various lawsuits herself. It was in 2013 that the former Olympic skier got arrested together with 30 other people for illegal gambling and money laundering.

Because of the charges against her, Molly Bloom had to face up to 10 years of imprisonment once convicted for her illicit gambling business. Molly further encountered another hardship when her assets and other properties were seized by the court a year later. The freezing of her properties, as well as the years of imprisonment, prompted Bloom to plead guilty to lessen her charges.

Molly Bloom’s camp issued a plea deal where she would face up to six months in prison. However, according to the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Joshua Naftalis, Molly’s role in the illegal gambling scheme was minor, and she can avoid jail time. In the end, Molly Bloom was sentenced to one year of probation with $200,000 in fines and 200 hours of community service.

The penalty left Bloom in debt, and the only monetizable asset that she had was her story. She later published a book regarding her experience, and it was published by HarperCollins. Until now, the royalties that she gained through her book and the movie to which it was adapted continue to earn her a lot.

Molly Bloom's Real Estate

Molly Bloom has brought an estate in Keystone, Colorado. The amount of her estate is not disclosed.

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