Woman Was Splashed With Water By Other Tourists After Dancing On Mayan Pyramid In Mexico

Woman Was Splashed With Water By Other Tourist After Dancing On Mayan Pyramid In Mexico

An unidentified woman earned backlash, crowd throwing insults, after dancing on Mayan Pyramid after reaching the top.

After a female tourist, who had no idea what she was doing, climbed the historic Mayan pyramid and danced on the stairs. 

This caused the tourist crowd to become enraged; they threw water at her, yelled insults at her, and demanded that she be locked away.

The first few seconds of the video show a female tourist climbing up the pyramid in a blue and deep pink outfit. In the later second, a man can also be seen climbing up, seemingly warning the female.

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Then what the woman did after that put the crowd enraged when she started dancing. A large gathering of tourists watching her wild antics from the ground yelled as she swung her pelvis and swung her arms in glee.

Some other tourists were heard verbally attacking the disrespectful female, using terms like “a-hole” and “st*pid.”

mayan pyramid disrespect

In the background, there were Spanish chants of “lock her up” and “jail, jail, jail.” Before climbing down the pyramid’s 365 steps, the blonde woman first stepped into the shrine’s room.

An outraged mob and officials of the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) approached her at the foot.

mayan pyramid disrespect_001

Viral videos on TikTok and Twitter show enraged witnesses pouring the disrespectful tourist with water from plastic bottles and calling her “dumb.” The footage on TikTok garnered more than 2.8 million views and 87.5k likes.

When one user said they were not getting the situation, the user explained, “People aren’t allowed to climb it anymore to preserve it. It has a little perimeter around it as a notice.”

Another user said, “They would allow people to climb it and go inside but unfortunately, like 4 to 5 years ago, they stopped letting people go inside.”

Reactions to Woman Was Splashed With Water By Other Tourists After Dancing On Mayan Pyramid In Mexico

This is how u treat ppl who disrespect your culture. Get on code with your ppl


If only all colonizers were treated this way from jump.


I love to see it


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