Lenny Hochstein: NBC Must Release Lisa’s “RHOM” Compensation Info


Aside from their ongoing divorce battle, it is evident that their disagreement regarding finances has caused tension between the two.

Lenny Hochstein is currently requesting NBC to give his ex-wife, Lisa Hochstein, compensation information for her time spent appearing on Bravo TV’s popular reality series, “Real Housewives of Miami.” His demand for transparency comes after Lisa claimed that he refused to provide her access to his American Express card.

Lenny and Lisa

According to court documents filed by Lenny’s legal team on Monday and acquired by Page Six, the plastic surgeon is asking NBC Universal to give him all documents relating to his estranged wife’s pay on the program from the start of 2012 to the present.

In addition, his legal team seeks that NBC Universal and any of its affiliates provide any details regarding the reality star’s “anticipated, offered or future employment, engagement and/or retention.”

The documents further stipulated that by December 20, 2022, Peacock, the streaming site where “RHOM” is presently shown, must turn over all of its records about Lisa’s employment.

This comes after we previously reported that Lisa is currently in a bad financial situation after it was found that she is struggling to provide for her children, specifically food and diapers, because she was denied access to Lenny’s American Express card.

Lisa and Lenny Hochsteins

She then decided to file a second “urgent” motion for interim support from her former spouse. The real housewife also claimed that after taking her car, he left her with only a two-door automobile to drive their minor children and did not deposit any funds into her account for “several months.”

Moreover, the Bravolebrity alleges that when Lenny was hosting a $100,000 Halloween party, she drove their kids trick-or-treating in an Uber after he prevented her from driving “all vehicles.”

It seemed like Lenny was not the only person who was “demanding” someone since she likewise demanded the court order Lenny, to maintain his current reasonable financial situation, provide temporary assistance, and award attorneys’ fees.

As of the time of writing, NBC Universal has yet to respond to requests for comment from numerous news organizations.

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Can you imagine what Lisa probably spends on an average day? I bet she is bleeding him dry lmao

She probably makes like $500k per season, maybe less. Which is nothing to sneeze at but in comparison to his salary it’s peanuts. He’s so gross for this