Terrifying Video Shows Aggressive Raccoon Attacking A Schoolgirl, What Her Mom Did Amaze The Internet


The schoolgirl's mother impressed the internet with how effortless it looked as she pulled the raccoon away from her daughter's leg.

Unexpected things certainly happened out of nowhere. One of them may be seen in the viral video below, where a raccoon runs up to a schoolgirl and bites her.

A terrifying video of an aggressive raccoon running on a young girl in Canterbury, Connecticut, while she stood outside her home has gone viral. The video of the incident happened on Friday morning.

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In the first few seconds, the young child seemingly attempted to go back inside her home as she eyed something down on the ground. Then a raccoon appeared on the screen, and the girl immediately panicked. 

The young child attempted to kick the wild animal off her leg, but the animal seemed to have a tight clutch on her. Still, she repeatedly tries, yet her efforts are to no avail. 

Later, a woman in a yellow flannel shirt came out, identified as her mother, immediately took the raccoon by its name and tried to separate it from her daughter.

aggressive raccoon

After successfully separating the raccoon from her daughter, the mother compelled the latter to enter their home before dealing with the wild animal, now trying to cling to her arm.

But Kelsey, the name of the schoolgirl’s mother, made several attempts before she successfully threw the aggressive intruder onto her lawn later.

The raccoon appeared immobile for the first few seconds before walking away from the family’s home.

Users commended the mother for her incredible strength and success in separating the child from the wild raccoon. Some were scared for their safety.

One user even says, “💪🏼 mama strength is no joke!”

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