How Did Kim Gravel Lose Weight?


Kim Gravel credits her weight loss success to making minor adjustments to her diet and lifestyle.

Television personality Kim Gravel is famously known for her job as a host on the home shopping channel QVC. Since joining QVC in 2016, Kim has established herself as one of the channel’s known hosts because of her extraordinary energy. Other than her role as a host, she is also an accomplished businesswoman, life coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, and author. 

In fact, Kim Gravel has a cosmetics line and a clothing business. The host’s clothing business is called “Belle by Kim Gravel,” which was established in 2016, while her cosmetic line, “Belle Beauty,” was launched only a year later. All of that is because of her earnings as a host in QVC. In addition, the TV star also hosts her own podcast, “LOL” podcast.

In her earlier years, the TV personality and host was a contestant in the 1991 pageant as Miss Georgia, and she was one of the youngest among the contestants. She is at the age of 19, to be exact. And later on, she appeared in the popular documentary series “Kim of Queens” on Lifetime Networks.

Furthermore, people became excited after Kim Gravel announced she had shed some weight-some; some people already noticed a change in the shape of her face that she went through a drastic weight loss. Moreover, she has never been secretive about her battle regarding losing weight and how she has yo-yo dieted for years.

After several failed attempts to lose weight, she managed to have an incredible turnaround.

Many people are familiar with the TV personality Kim Gravel from the television series “Kim of Queens.” Still, few are aware of the remarkable changes she has made to her weight. Kim has significantly shed some of her weight in recent years, and she owes her achievement to make minimal adjustments to her diet and way of life.

Kim has always been open about her struggles with her weight and health, as well as the emotional challenges she faced along the way. She has always been truthful about her battles with her weight and overall well-being, as well as the mental hurdles she experienced while trying to lose weight. 

The TV personality also highlighted the years she invested in “yo-yo” dieting, a diet practice where Kim Kardashian ended up after practicing restrictive eating to lose weight in three weeks. Still, Kim Gravel’s dedication and determination to lose weight made it fruitful. 

As a matter of fact, Kim even wrote about it in her autobiography, “Believe it, Gravel,” where she describes how her weight has changed throughout her life and how she had tried several times (and failed) to shed weight. However, what could be the motivation that pushes her to keep on going, despite all failed attempts?

Kim confessed that she was gradually willing to succeed in her weight loss journey when she came to a realization that her weight was keeping her from living her best life. She made the decision to change because she didn’t want her size to control how she felt or lived.

Like any other person, she also has occasionally had trouble staying motivated and has considered giving up. Even while Kim has succeeded in losing weight, the process has not always been as easy as it might seem, considering the significant change she has undergone. She has overcome these difficulties, though, by constantly telling herself her objective and the reasons she chose to lose weight. 

In addition, Kim Gravel has received encouragement from her family members and friends, who have remained by her side the entire time. Gravel has been successful in achieving her goals and keeping off the weight continuously by addressing the emotional difficulties associated with weight loss.

Kim Gravel's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Kim’s successful weight loss:

  • She stopped eating processed meals.
  • She followed a yo-yo diet for years
  • She is proactive about adding exercise to her routine daily
  • She keeps reminding herself of her diet goals

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What is Kim Gravel's diet plan?

Kim Gravel Lose Weight

As you get older, your metabolism generally slows down. However, it is different in Kim’s case because the TV star appeared to be the opposite—she was shedding pounds and looked much younger. The 50-year-eating old’s habits have shifted; she is now more mindful of what she consumes and refrains from bad, unhealthy habits like liquor and junk food.

But of course, it’s not only about avoiding certain unhealthy drinks and foods. Kim, without a diet plan, will never achieve the changes in her weight. One of those plans was her primary adjustment to her food diet. 

Before, the TV personality Kim Gravel used to consume a great deal of fast food and processed foods. Especially with Kim’s busy schedule, it would definitely be understandable if she occasionally enjoyed steak, pizza, or burgers as well as one or two scoops of ice cream. But, she now prioritizes eating healthy, nutritional meals.

Kim also made an adjustment when it came to her beverages. Along with abandoning her intake of alcohol, she also has reduced the consumption of sugary drinks such as soda and juice. 

With all her food diet practices, Kim now prefers to eat healthy foods, including fruits and nuts, rather than poor snacks, such as junk foods. Moreover, Kim Gravel has also succeeded in losing weight and managed to keep it off consistently by embracing a particular diet plan.

What is Kim Gravel's workout routine?

It is safe to assume that the 50-year-old TV star occasionally visits the gym or keeps all the necessary workout equipment in her house. Anyone seeking to shed pounds ought to do cardio exercises. It needs to be fast and energetic and necessitates physical activity to burn calories efficiently. 

When it comes to options, Kim had several choices for doing cardio, and she could use equipment such as using the StairMaster, a treadmill, or a bike. She might also have started a weekly half-hour run or jog around the neighborhood as a form of exercise.

Along with optimizing her diet, Kim Gravel also formulated a plan for her fitness routine. Before, the TV host used to be inactive when it came to working out, but now with her perseverance and her established motivation, she started to make time for regular exercise every day. And despite her busy schedule, Kim always makes time for exercise.

Even running is something Kim has taken up, and she occasionally competes in 5K marathons. Thus, she has improved her general health and managed to shed weight in a balanced manner by becoming more active. 

The TV host also recently tweeted about dropping down a “pant size” and questioned if anyone else had the same experience. The likelihood is that she would instead maintain her weight-loss routine until she achieves her goal of being fit and having healthy lifestyle habits.

The outcome of Kim Gravel’s perseverance on her weight loss.

Kim Gravel Lose Weight-2

Rumors suggested that Kim had surgery, specifically a facelift to give her cheekbones a more defined shape and a jaw-shaping procedure to give her a longer face. She may have also undergone liposuction along the process to get rid of extra fat. However, none of these allegations has been proven. 

However, Kim Gravel is thought to have ventured into a natural approach without using any artificial means. Also, it would be unseemly for her to take a short route since she is a motivational speaker who has assisted several individuals in getting back on their feet as well as leading good lifestyles.

On the other note, Kim Gravel is pleased with her weight loss efforts and the beautiful changes they have made in her life. A lot of people are fascinated by Kim Gravel’s weight loss accomplishment since it is simply incredible. She is also satisfied with her achievements after successfully shedding up to 30 pounds and tackling the burning of extra fat.

The 50-year-old is currently more active and attentive to her dietary practices. Moreover, the TV host is appreciative of the encouragement she has earned from her family members and friends and is happier and healthier than she has ever been. 

Kim Gravel desires to motivate those who are dealing with their weight to keep on going. She was able to use her presence on social media and her status as a TV celebrity to promote weight loss and offer her experience on her LOL podcast, in which she was able to interview her BFF, Amy Goins, who was able to lose 85 pounds, and on her social media.

She is aware of the potential struggle along the way, but she is also aware of the potential for fulfillment. Kim is of the belief that everyone can lose weight if they’re ready to put forth the effort, regardless of how difficult the journey may be.

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