How To Copy Blake Lively And Kim Kardashian’s Silver Bandage Dress?


There are many reasons to look chic and sassy. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration for your next social gathering, you can check out the hottest celebrity party outfits.

One of the best examples is Blake Lively’s silver bandage dress. It isn’t a simple bandage dress, though. It is well-designed, dramatic, and exceptionally stylish.

Here, we’re giving away the best and most wise tips to imitate Blake Lively’s look without spending too much money. After all, you can simultaneously look like your favorite celebrity and save cash. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Go for Amazon shopping to cop Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian's silver bandage dress

The first step to don Blake Lively’s outfit is to shop VVMCURVE women’s sexy V-neck sequin glitter bodycon stretchy club flapper dress and 20s Great Gatsby party gown on Amazon. The said clothing item is the closest piece you can get for a lesser price to cop her look.

The aforementioned Amazon silver Great Gatsby party gown is sleeveless type, shimmering, and with V-neck detailing. For less than $50, you can wear a bandage dress like Blake Lively. If you’re in for similar looks, you can opt for other colors, such as navy blue, purple, red, and black.

Aside from that, the bandage dress from Amazon also featured a zipper closure in the back, which makes it easier to slip on when you’re in a hurry. It is elegant in stretchy material with tassels and sequined ornaments.

Aside from that, the bandage dress from Amazon also featured a zipper closure in the back, which makes it easier to slip on when you’re in a hurry. It is elegant in stretchy material with tassels and sequined ornaments.

Taking a closer look at Blake Lively's silver bandage dress

Blake Lively sizzled in New York on Sunday night four years ago. She donned a glamorous outfit that you can copy at present. After all, wearing silver is still trendy this year.

Blake had her winning sartorial moment by wearing a silver backless minidress as she sashayed down the red carpet. At that time, she attended the Versace runway show at the American Stock Exchange.

The lovely celebrity opted for a dazzling outfit, a silver bandage dress that showcased her fit body. The clothing piece has gold detailing, too. Due to its open-back design, Blake Lively didn’t disappoint with her daring yet glamorous look.

To add more bling to her outfit, she donned a pair of glittery Louboutin pumps and sparkling jewelry. Her gorgeous curls and pink lip stain amplified her seductive look.

The vintage Versace chainmail dress is attractive with its delicate detailing and glittering style. It also has a halter neck design and dipped hemline that perfectly highlights her enviable physique. Besides, the gold butterfly on the back emphasized the vintage appeal of the dress.

Get inspiration from Kim Kardashian's Silver Mini Dress

The second step to look like your favorite style icons, such as Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian, is to check social media fashion updates relating to street style and red carpet looks.

For instance, you can emulate Kim Kardashian’s look for the Versace runway show in New York in December 2018. Her ex-husband, Kanye West, accompanied her. The couple turn heads at the venue, specifically at American Stock Exchange in New York.

Kim donned a glittery plunging minidress at the event. The clothing piece looked similar to Blake Lively’s ensemble for the event. Besides, the silver dress featured pink crystal detailing, making it even more stunning.

Kim Kardashian’s look is another option for you to copy since her hairstyle is different. She opted for a high ponytail, and her straight hair flowed down her shoulders.

On the other hand, Kim’s makeup is on-point, giving her a ravaging vibe. She didn’t disappoint with her seductive ensemble.

In addition, Kim wore a pair of transparent Yeezy pumps. It matched well with her designer’s miniature dress. She completed the look with chic cross necklaces, a pink crystal hair accessory, and sparkling rings.

The reality TV star showed off her fit body with the Versace cowl neck mini dress. It’s also interesting that her chosen outfit showed some of her skin.

Each of the sample outfits shown above is remarkable. All you have to do is channel your inner fashionista and imitate Blake Lively’s look. You can also expand your imagination by checking Kim Kardashian’s take on the silver bandage dress ensemble.