How Did Lynette Romero Lose Weight?


Lynette Romero’s reservations in sharing about her weight loss journey.

American news anchor and reporter Lynette Romero is well-known for her notable appearances on the “Weekend Morning News” on KTLA, a renowned news network, with her co-host Mark Mester. Lynette has enjoyed a productive career with KTLA.

Since joining this news organization in 1998, the television personality has achieved a wide range of duties for them, including hosting their station’s nightly newscast alongside veteran journalist Hal Fischman, serving as their general reporter, and most recently serving as their primary co-host of the “KTLA Morning News” on the weekends. 

Lynette started working at KUSA-TV in Denver as an anchor and reporter and stayed there for ten years before achieving her current popularity. Additionally, she worked for the Austin, Texas-based sister station of KUSA-TV, KVUE-TV, for about a year.

Lynette’s responsibilities during her time in Denver included the Waco siege, the 1993 papal visit, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building explosion. And as time went on, she launched her “Link Up with Lynette” program, a Sunday-only special feel-good news feature. 

Lynette, who was a co-anchor of “KTLA Prime Journalism” from August 2000 to October 2004, adds a depth of news expertise to her position. Lynette also serves on the advisory committee for the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Media and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Additionally, rumors exist that she may join KNBC after leaving KTLA, where she will anchor on weekdays. Moreover, Lynette managed to achieve her first Emmy Award as well as a Golden Mike Award for the coverage she conducted for the program “Access L.A. – The Latino Experience.”

She also received a Local Emmy Award for creating the five-part “From Farm to Fork” series. The American journalist continues to work at KTLA 5 News.

She eventually shared her weight loss secret, which resulted in a 50-pound drop in six months.

Many of the Emmy Award-winning journalist’s supporters were curious as to how she managed to lose almost 50 pounds in only six months. Before, Lynette stated that she carried no secrets regarding shedding a lot of weight. 

Lynette said she only had started to take her health seriously because she was still improving herself. The KTLA reporter also claimed that she was in no position and not credible enough to provide weight loss advice. But that didn’t last long, and she soon disclosed her weight loss.

The television personality revealed her diet method in a “Weekend AM story” on KTLA. The American journalist spoke about her 50-pound weight loss following the “intermittent fasting” method since June 2019 and admitted that it was her best attempt to achieve “good shape” ever since she was in the 4th grade. 

Lynette initially addressed her hardships on KTLA’s “Weekend Morning News” on January 12, 2020, before going into more detail on Instagram. The TV host also discussed why she previously avoided disclosing her body issues.

She has struggled with weight control since she was a little child, and focusing on her fitness became nearly unattainable as she grew older and was saddled with more responsibilities. And she was fixated on her career; Lynette Romero had utterly neglected her health. Because of this, she gained weight, which became an issue and hindered her progress.

She had been seeing her regular physician for 20 years, but for three years, she neglected to even go see him since she was so preoccupied with her job and household duties.

Midway through 2019, when she eventually visited him, he informed her that she had become unhealthy, anxious, and deficient in sleep. Others assert that she lost weight as an outcome of the accident she experienced, while still others surmise that she may have undergone weight loss surgery. 

Some claim she lost weight through intermittent fasting, which came out true since the American journalist revealed that she shed pounds through intermittent fasting, which is actually the one that works well for her.

Despite her hesitation about disclosing what occurred in her weight loss throughout the six months 50-pound drop, Lynette now appears to enjoy sharing her remarkable weight loss experience on her social media platforms.

When fans saw the reporter, they immediately recognized a massive shift in her looks. After being asked by several fans, Romero seemed to have drastically lost weight, and she also admitted to having done the same.

KTLA reporter Lynette Romero not only shows off her achievements but also highlights the obstacles she faced during her weight loss struggle and the dedication she had to put in to achieve them. Just like on December 13, 2019, the TV host shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a stunning dress after reaching her ideal weight.

Lynette Romero's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Lynette’s successful weight loss:

  • She opted for an intermittent fasting method to shed weight.
  • She maintains her perseverance in her weight loss journey.
  • She sticks to her weight loss regimen in order to be as fit as possible.

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She went through various diet methods before finding one that finally worked for her.

When the journalist was able to realize the threat of her gaining weight, she made a great decision to consult with her doctor. The doctor advised her to consider reducing weight immediately; if she hadn’t taken action, she might have had to cope with being overweight and other health-related problems.

This solution emerged as the one that gave Lynette success after trying any of the other methods. It’s not simply about not eating; it’s also about accomplishing it without becoming sick.

Lynette was referring to “Intermittent Fasting,” which she began in June 2019 after she finally decided to take shedding weight seriously. She has since started a serious weight-loss regimen and lost more than 50 pounds.

After receiving numerous questions from supporters, she eventually answered the matter but wanted to clarify: “A lot of people say, ‘Oh, fasting. That’s awful… You shouldn’t do that.’ That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it too much.”

Lynette continued, “Because I didn’t want to encourage people to do it, and then they get sick, you know… It’s not just fasting; it’s just, you know, organizing it in a way that works for you.”

It’s nice to see how excited she explained what “Intermittent Fasting” entails for weight reduction. Nevertheless, there are certain lessons to be learned from the conversation with Dr. Spar during the interview. 

Dr. Spar does not recommend the method mentioned earlier for teenagers and young children because it is vital for them to develop their organs continuously and have more energy due to their changing bodies. Instead of the usual 16-hour eating gap and 8-hour sleeping interval, this method “frequently” flips the periods, allowing for an eight-hour break for eating and sixteen hours of fasting.

The fasting period “gives the body the time to get rid of junk cells,” which is a huge concern and avoids late-night snacking. According to Dr. Spar, this effective weight loss also has anti-aging benefits.

Moreover, Dr. Spar stated that exercising immediately after a 16-hour fast is ideal for burning fat, which Lynette practiced. And following workout food is also a good option.

Avoid attempting to consume within the 8-hour window what you would typically consume during the previous 16-hour fast. Consequently, the weight loss approach will be of little use. Even with people who may have opted for the 24-hour fasting period twice a week, there are things to look out for, too.

What is Lynette Romero's workout routine?

Lynette Romero’s workout routine prioritizes it and even brings it to her Instagram platform to share it with her fans, which she calls the “KTLA Challenge.” She humorously created a video about spreading the challenge in one of her Instagram stories.

Lynette disclosed that to ensure she doesn’t skip a day of exercise, she joined a gym in the neighborhood. However, the television personality doesn’t always spend her time inside the gym; on weekends, she opts to work out by swimming and cycling.

Moreover, others suspect that the 55-year-old journalist underwent weight loss surgery in order to shed some pounds, but there is no proof that the allegation was true. However, a tragic incident happened last year, on July 17th, where Lynette was involved in a fatal accident in which she was struck by a chandelier and had numerous injuries.

Lynette was immediately taken to the hospital, where she underwent 11 stitches. Despite all the hardships she faced, either in her weight loss or life struggle, the Emmy Award-winning journalist was a perfect example of this courage and boldness. Through every obstacle, she persevered in fighting and didn’t give up.

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