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The Rothschild Family is not new to the circle of wealthy individuals. After all, the family’s combined assets reach over $500 billion, and they’ve been ruling in the financial services, mining, real estate, energy, and other industries for years.

Besides, the Rothschild Family is of Jewish descent. They also come from Frankfurt, Germany. Their family is connected to wealthy individuals such as George Soros, Bloomberg, and more. They’re also linked to the Vatican’s inner group. (1)

Facts About the Rothschild Family


Jewish, British, German, French, American

Estimate Net Worth$500 billion
Zodiac SignN/A
Birthday17th century

The Rothschild Family's Net Worth

There is no doubt that the Rothschild Family is exceptionally wealthy. However, they keep almost all of their activities away from public scrutiny. No wonder you can hardly hear about them through the media. As of December 2022, their net worth is more than $500 billion. (2)

The founder of the wealthy family is Mayer Amschel Rothschild. She used his talents, intelligence, and hard work to build a formidable dynasty. The indestructible foundation of their success lies in their ability to network with perfect individuals and like-minded people.

In the 19th century, their influence on world affairs and history was notable. They have accumulated massive private monetary value in the world. Their businesses cover different industries such as financial services, realty, winemaking, and more. They also excelled in making money out of agriculture and nonprofits.

In addition, the Rothschild Family also dedicated their lives to the banking industry. In the 20th century, their wealth decreased since it was distributed to myriad descendants. However, they remained a force to be reckoned with in the world of money, influence, and dignity.

One of the reasons they were able to protect their wealth was secrecy. There needs to be a source of information available about their family, businesses, and activities. Even the locals and greedy leaders weren’t able to destroy their empire.

When it comes to protecting their money, they hide it through financial instruments circulating the world. No wonder it is impossible to directly or indirectly steal it from them. Mayer’s five sons were able to build empires in London, Paris, Naples, and Frankfurt.

Since each one of their family members is elusive, there is no way to know the extent of their wealth, the exact truth about their existence, and even the lies that were written about them.

Besides, the Rothschild Family could keep their banking business within the family. That was one of the reasons they practiced royal intermarriage in the past. In modern times, they started marrying individuals outside the family consisting of royalties and from other affluent families.

The Establishment Of The Rothschild Family

The first person to use the name Rothschild is Izaak Elchanan Rothschild. He was born in 1577. He lived in a red house with his family at that time. Hence, their name was taken from that source, popularly known as the red shield. You can now see a red shield amidst the family’s coat of arms.

Their family is of German Jewish descent. In the late 18th century, the family’s founded ventured into European banking and real estate to accumulate wealth. As a result, they’ve built an empire that inspired many people up to these days.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded the famous family. His father is Amschel Moses Rothschild, a money-changer entrepreneur. He was regarded as the “founding father of international finance.” Mayer created a way to expand his influence in the banking industry through his five sons. His eldest son was headquartered in Frankfurt, while his other children lived in different parts of Europe to establish their financing business.

The Rothschild family instituted endogamy to ensure their wealth remained within their circle. Some of their family members started to acquire nobility in Queen Victoria’s time in Austria.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born in 1744 in Frankfurt. As a teenager, he started becoming a bank apprentice. Then, he ventured into a money-changing business. That led him to participate in the coin business, resulting in other more significant financing projects.

In 1770, Mayer A. Rothschild married Gertrude Schnapper. They had ten kids: Schonche Jeannette Rothschild, Amschel Mayer Rothschild, Salomon Mayer Rothschild, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Isabella Rothschild, Babette Rothschild, Carl Meyer Rothschild, Julie Rothschild, Henriette Rothschild, and James Mayer Rothschild.

From 1902 to 1988, Baron Philippe de Rothschild acquired great wealth as a winemaker. He organized the Mouton-Rothschild vineyard.

There are reports about the Rothschild Family in modern history and recent events. David R. de Rothschild headed the merger of N M Rothschild & Sons and French Rothschild & Cie Banque. Four years later, the family created a joint venture Jardine Rothschild Asia Capital, specializing in capital investments.

In 2010, the family employed the first non-family member at the helm of their business, Nigel Higgins. From there, the name of their business is changed to Rothschild & Co. to position itself as the top financial market in the world.

Three years ago, the Rothschild Family collaborated with Redburn. It is an international financial organization that gives research in many coverage sectors involving monetary entrepreneurship.

Due to the expansive influence of the family, each member in their first generation was incredibly honored. For instance, the five sons of Mayer became barons of the Austrian empire. Besides, a family member entered the British Parliament, and a Rothschild received British peerage. (4)

Remaining Heirs Of The Legendary Rothschild Family

These days, the remaining heirs of the legendary Rothschild dynasty still exist. However, there are only a few members of the family who appear in and out of news reports. For example, many reports about Nathaniel Rothschild are always presented online.

In 2012, we heard about Nathaniel Rothschild, who sued a British publication due to a trip to a Russian establishment with a rich man and a British lord. There were reports that he was also connected with the son of Muammar Qaddafi, Saif.

David Mayer de Rothschild, the heir of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, is also famous. He is an active promoter of the environment and often enjoys adventure in different natural landscapes. As a scion that helps raise awareness about climate change, we often hear him writing a book about his advocacy, sailing a sailboat, recycling plastic bottles, and enjoying his residence in California.

Another intriguing member of the family is Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. She leads the E.L. Rothschild and promotes politicians.

We’ve also heard about Serena Mary Dunn, a socialite, and wife of Jacob Rothschild. Serena is also a horse breeder who resides in England. On the other hand, Nadine de Rothschild is an actress and French author. She is the widow of Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild. (5)

The Rothschild Family's Restaurant And Business Success

In 2014, John Rothschild attended a fireside chat about their restaurant business. Since he was the leader of Prime Restaurant Holdings Incorporated, John is the perfect person to provide insights about the ups and downs of a restaurant business.

He admitted that the highlights of his success pertain to managing the people, customers, and employees well. John is keen on knowing his employees’ lives so they can serve the company well by making customers happy.

John Rothschild also believed that allowing other people to manage their money strategically is vital to building their family’s wealth. He takes cash out of business and invests it in different means available.

For him, handling a restaurant business needs strategy by making big or opting to be specialized in the industry. He also pointed out that loyalty should take the backseat when necessary. For example, when an employee can no longer ride with the new market demands, he should have allowed the employee to find other opportunities. That would be beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

To end the interview, he admitted that he couldn’t cook. He advised aspiring entrepreneurs to be bold and start a business that you’re not a core expert; you’ll always have a way to find people to help them. (6)

The Rothschild Family's Women Through The Years

We know that the power, nobility, and prestige shown by the Rothschild Family for three centuries are enigmatic. According to the authors, their success is also due to the silent women in the family, such as mothers, wives, and daughters, who contributed to their long-standing power and influence in the business world.

Many also know that men dominate the banking industry built by the Rothschild Family. However, it was revealed recently through a historical account in a book that the women from the said family helped in shaping their formidable empire.

Besides, one author claimed that the women from the Rothschild Family are just glamorous, wealthy, and stylish and that there’s nothing more to talk about them. But there’s a book called “The Women of Rothschild: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Famous Dynasty,” which tells the beautiful lives of many prominent women of the British family branch.

They exemplified wives who worked hard and started to support their husbands’ political ambitions. These women also mixed with royalty to make their family name shine amidst the crowd and keep up with society’s demands to protect their family’s businesses.

For example, Charlotte Rothschild showed off her love of literary activities from 1819 to 1884. Some historians discovered her writings reflected the political and social landscape at that time. Besides, some of her well-written essays were produced when her daughter left this world due to childbirth. 

If, at present, we heard that some family members pursued a career in science, perhaps, they’re greatly influenced by the work of Miriam Rothschild. She is one of the pioneering scientists who are also a great environmentalist. She pioneers sustainability and promotes vegetarianism.

Let’s remember Ariane de Rothschild, the French entrepreneur who rose to prominence in the banking industry. As the head of the Rothschild-branded investment venture, she inspires many mothers with a burgeoning career in male-dominated banking and trading business.

Aside from taking care of her four daughters, she also helmed the family business to protect the empire and be able to pass it on to his daughters in the future. In other words, she could juggle highly demanding work and oversee her family even after her husband died in 2021. (7)

Who Are The Members Of The Rothschild Family Today?

Modern society is still in awe of the members of the Rothschild Family. They continued pursuing bigger goals, such as maintaining the growth of their banking business, promoting arts and science, being active in politics, raising awareness about ecological balance, and more.

Besides, one of them merged into the rich and famous in Tinseltown, marrying the sister of Paris Hilton, and another went on adventures to promote awareness of climate change. Many of them are active in charitable activities, including founding some organizations to promote the welfare of the Jews, helping disabled individuals find ways to earn a living, protecting historical establishments, and assisting the youth in navigating today’s living.

The world is aware of their sorrows and tribulations. In 2021, Benjamin de Rothschild was pronounced dead after suffering a heart attack in Switzerland. That was when his wife, Ariane de Rothschild, doubled her efforts to continue the family’s legacy.

In 1980, Jacob Rothschild had a family feud with Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in London. In 1996, a member of the family committed suicide. In 2013, Nathaniel Rothschild disagreed with David de Rothschild, leading to more controversies within the family.

Let’s not forget Ariane de Rothschild, who sued a family member, disagreeing to using the “Rothschild” surname alone and without initials in the business. Her strength as a woman is admirable, and even though many people believe that each family member should refrain from suing another, she seemed exempted from that notion. After all, she isn’t a Rothschild by blood but by marriage, and she’s the only woman who has helmed a Rothschild business.

However, many people noticed that the internal strife in the family only contributed to its strength. Later, mergers of their banking businesses held the business together, in and out, and on a larger scale worldwide.

JP Chase Morgan and Citibank are the leading financial institutions in terms of loans. However, the Rothschild banks rule in mergers and acquisitions due to connections with royalty, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

The Richest Members Of The Rothschild Family

Six members of the Rothschild Family are considered the wealthiest living individuals. They are Nathaniel Rothschild, Ariane de Rothschild, James Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild, David Meyer de Rothschild, and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

Nathaniel Rothschild Has A Net Worth Of $1 Billion

Nathaniel Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Nathaniel Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$1 billion
Zodiac SignCancer
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
BirthdayJuly 12, 1971

Nathaniel Rothschild's Net Worth

Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild is a famous British financier. As of October 2022, Nathaniel Rothschild’s net worth of $1,000,000,000. (8)

In the mid-1990s, he started his career as a financier. He worked for Lazard Brothers Asset Management at that time. To work for Gleacher Partners, he moved to New York.

Then, he collaborated with Atticus Capital. In 2009, the company was shut down, so he found other asset management companies to continue working as a leader.

For years, Nathaniel moved from one company to another to handle funds. He is also the Chairman of various investment companies. He worked as a co-chairman for emerging businesses such as metal, mining, and resources.

Nathaniel Rothschild’s metal, mining, and resources businesses also held several hedge fund companies. His expertise in handling investments led him to different opportunities. The famous Rothschild family member is also part of the Brookings International Advisory Council.

The Eton graduate is also active in high society. He lives in a posh ski resort town in Switzerland. During his 40th birthday, he invited affluent guests, celebrities, and famous individuals in Montenegro to the party.

Nathaniel Rothschild's Early Life

Nathaniel Rothschild was born in the United Kingdom on July 12, 1971. As of this year, 2022, Nathaniel Rothschild is 51 years old. His father is Jacob Rothschild, a banker. Nathaniel’s father is Jewish. On the other hand, his mother is Serena May, a racehorse owner. Nathaniel’s mother is a Christian.

Since he’s the only son of Jacob Rothschild, he took part in the family’s banking reputation. When he was younger, many people were aware of his decadent activities. Nathaniel is always surrounded by girls who want to be part of their prestigious families.

Nathaniel also succeeded in the title held by his father. He also followed the family business as the only son. After all, he has always participated in the family banking business.

Nathaniel Rothschild's Education

Nathaniel Rothschild attended Colet Court. His classmate is George Osborne. Nathaniel went to Elton College and Wadham College later on to study history.

The young Rothschild also attended Oxford for his Master’s studies. Upon graduation, he started working as an investment entrepreneur.

Nathaniel Rothschild's Wife And Family Life

Nathaniel Rothschild was married to Loretta Basey in 2016. She is a former model. The famous model has been featured in a U.K. tabloid. They had a son.

In 1994, Nathaniel married Annabelle Neilson. She was a model and socialite. Due to his parents’ disagreement, they eloped to Las Vegas. The couple divorced in 1997, and they have no kids together. In July 2018, Annabelle died.

Nathaniel Rothschild's Career

Nathaniel Rothschild is a successful businessman. At a young age, he is known as a rebellious child. He had shown pride, arrogance, and more negative attributes. However, he emerged victorious in life due to his ability to take risks.

After he graduated with his Master’s degree, he started to work at Gleacher. Later on, he held numerous positions in business organizations. In 2000, Nathaniel Rothschild controlled money up to £312m. In other words, he followed his family’s reputation in handling investment portfolios well.

Aside from financial management, he also held a significant position in Vivarte. It is a European owner of Kookai, the famous clothing brand.

He also participated in the cable car business. As the biggest shareholder of Volex, an electric cable producer, he increased his financial portfolio.

As he prefers to be called, Nat is also active in investing in commodities. He is interested in the largest coal producer in Indonesia, Bumi. Aside from that, he invested in the oil business with Tony Hayward.

Speaking about his massive business influence, he is identified as an ally of billionaire Oleg Deripaska from Russia.

Ariane de Rothschild Inherited Around $1.5 Billion

Ariane de Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 6 in
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Ariane de Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$1.5 billion
Zodiac SignCapricorn
BirthplaceSan Salvador, El Salvador
BirthdayNovember 15, 1965

Ariane de Rothschild's Net Worth

Ariane de Rothschild is a French banker who received a tremendous amount of inheritance from his husband. As of December 2022, Ariane de Rothschild has a net worth of $1,500,000,000. (9)

Ariane started as a homemaker for many years. She married Benjamin de Rothschild in 1999. Since they had four children, she took care of them.

In 2006, she joined her husband’s business as a supervisor. Later on, she became a member of the Board of Directors. Ariane’s husband died, so she became President of the company.

Aside from the money she inherited from her husband, Ariane owned his supercars and other properties. At present, she resides at her mansion in Paris with her daughters.

In April 2019, Ariane de Rothschild was the Edmond de Rothschild Group president. Based on reports, she is the first woman to lead family-branded monetary holdings.

Ariane de Rothschild's Early Life

Ariane de Rothschild was born on November 15, 1965 in San Salvador, El Salvador. As of this year, 2022, Ariane de Rothschild is 57.

His father is N. Langner, a senior executive of Hoechst. On the other hand, Ariane’s mother is Michelle Schmidlin. She has a brother named Philippe. The family has lived in Bangladesh, Columbia, and Zaire.

When Ariane de Rothschild married Benjamin, she didn’t convert to Judaism. However, she fully supported her husband and their businesses.

Ariane de Rothschild's Education

Ariane de Rothschild attended Pace University in New York from 1988 to 1990. She earned her MBA in Financial Management at the said university.

She also studied at Sciences Po in Paris. That happened after she attended the French Iycee in Zaire. Besides, she worked as a broker at Societe Generale in New York City while studying at Pace University.

Ariane de Rothschild's Husband And Family Life

In 1999, Ariane de Rothschild married Benjamin de Rothschild. When she met her then-husband, she was a young financial entrepreneur in New York.

During the courtship stage, Benjamin sent a dozen roses to her desk, giving her an impression of thoughtfulness and sweetness. At that time, she isn’t fully aware that her future husband comes from a higher social class.

After their marriage, Ariane and Benjamin had four daughters, all living with her. They’re now between 18 and 25 years of age.

Ariane de Rothschild's Career

Ariane de Rothschild had an extensive career before marrying Benjamin de Rothschild. Before joining the wealthy family, she was already in the world of financial entrepreneurship.

In 1990, she graduated from Pace University in New York. Before that, she worked as a broker in a famous trading company. Three years later, she met Benjamin in Paris. He was a client of AIG, a trading company she served in 1993.

Later on, she worked for the family business in 1999. La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild, or LCF, needed a manager for its lifestyle businesses, such as the winemaking department, farms, hotels, and restaurants. Ariane is the perfect addition to the company since she is interested in the lifestyle.

Ariane de Rothschild also contributed much to the philanthropic services of the company by restructuring it in 2005. The purpose of changing the landscape of their philanthropic mission is sustainability. No wonder she created the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, an organization comprising five active sectors: public entrepreneurship, art and culture, cultural interchange, health and research, and charity.

From 2006 to 2014, Ariane became immensely active in joining the family business. She held several positions, such as supervisor, member of the group, and vice president. She wanted to restructure the company to keep track of the scattered assets of the company.

Through Ariane’s presence in the family’s banking business, innovative ideas started to flow, and some applied techniques to keep a new leadership style in the company. Aside from that, several restructuring moves were made to simplify the company, resulting in a more organized family business in Europe.

In 2021, Ariane’s husband died. As a result, she became the only majority owner of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, having the majority of the votes together with her daughters.

The wealthy and famous banker also has different activities. She organized an award for artistic endeavors from 2003 to 2011. Then, she supported women who pursued doctoral education in Israel. The project was started in 2009.

The following year, she initiated a meaningful intercultural discourse between the Jewish and Muslim groups. Through the documentary “The Billionaire’s Pledge, “ she shared her thoughts about philanthropy with Warren Buffet.

Five years ago, Ariane de Rothschild acquired the perfume company, Parfums Caron. She revived the brand and promoted it to attract buyers. After the death of her husband, she held the management of Gitana Team, a sailing stable. Then, she released a vintage wine brand developed through collaboration with another winemaker.

This year, 2022, Ariane de Rothschild is part of the 2022 Swiss Finance’s Women to Watch list. Simply put, she will strengthen the banking industry that her family built for many generations.

There are also a lot of things that you can learn from Ariane de Rothschild. First, she prefers simple yet fierce to run the family business. In the past, there were no women in a banking jobs. However, she made sure that the employees and the people working for the industry knew that someday four women would join them.

Aside from that, she also admitted that her husband has a unique personality. The latter also told her that he’s the smartest of all the Rothschild family members because he married someone who did the job for him. After all, Ariane is active in the financing business and is even impressed with her career.

Ariane also taught her daughters to learn to handle the business. Her youngest daughter even designed a bottle for their perfume brand. She asked their opinions about running the business, training them at a young age to manage the family business someday.

Since Ariane is adamant about preparing her daughters to inherit the business, she also shows them how it’s done. She even told the employees that they should get used to her presence in the company, as additional four women would follow suit later.

Ariane de Rothschild is a well-known career woman. When her kids were younger, she stopped working to raise them. Then she went back to the corporate world later on. There was a time that she told the school coordinators who were handling her kids’ education only to call her when her daughters had low and unacceptable grades.

She was busy working hard to shape the company for her daughters to join someday. Ariane restructured the company to include women in the business, enriching the company’s lifestyle departments.

Besides she also mentioned that one of her daughters asked her to change their surname. It was tough for her as a Rothschild when she was four years old. Other kids probably bullied her for being part of a wealthy lineage with all the negative write-ups about her ancestors. However, Ariane told her kids to accept their fate and be strong as a member of the Rothschild family.

James Rothschild's Net Worth Is Harder To Estimate

James Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 11 in
Weight70 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGray Green
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About James Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$5 billion
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplaceLondon, England
BirthdayAugust 19, 1985

James Rothschild's Net Worth

James Rothschild is a famous member of the Rothschild Family. He is a British financier and entrepreneur. As of December 2022, James Rothschild has a net worth of $5,000,000,000. (10)

We know that members of the Rothschild Family are affluent. They primarily have inherited the family’s banking business and other lifestyle-related ventures set up by their ancestors. No wonder James Rothschild is one of the wealthiest individuals in London.

As the only son of Amschel Rothschild, James inherited the Rothschild Asset Management. Since 1990, he has worked as the CEO of his family’s company. Being a banker runs in his blood as a descendant of the Rothschild Family.

James Rothschild's Early Life

James Rothschild was born on August 19, 1985, in London, England, United Kingdom. As of this year, 2022, he is 37 years old. James is a member of the famous and wealthy Rothschild Family.

James’s father is Amschel Mayor Rothschild, a financier. He is also the stepson of James Wigan. On the other hand, her mother is Anita Guinness Wigan. James is a family scion who has had an established banking business since the 1970s.

James Rothschild grew up in a wealthy upbringing. His elder sisters are Kate Emma Rothschild and Alice Miranda Rothschild.

James Rothschild's Education

James Rothschild is a famous entrepreneur, financier, and husband of Nikki Hilton. Many people are curious about his educational background.

However, James Rothschild didn’t disclose much about his personal life. He didn’t reveal details about his high school education. However, we’ve learned that he attended a reputable university in London. Perhaps, he wants to keep his life away from public scrutiny.

James Rothschild's Wife And Family Life

James Rothschild is married to Nikki Hilton, the entrepreneur sister of Paris Hilton. The two of them got married in July 2015. James and Nikki are, without a doubt, among the most famous couples in the business world.

Based on reports, Nikki Hilton was married to Todd Meister. After three months, they decided to part ways due to unsettled differences. Then, they got divorced later on.

In 2011, Nikki met James. The socialite revealed that she met him at a mutual friend’s wedding. It was the wedding ceremony of Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt.

She was standing with her sister in a hallway during the event in Rome. At that time, Paris Hilton was talking to someone. A few minutes later, James appeared and introduced himself. After they, they dated and had a long-term relationship before tying the knot in 2015.

On August 21, 2014, James Rothschild and Nikki Hilton were engaged. It happened during their vacation in Italy, specifically at Lake Como. The pair got married a year later.

Their royal wedding was an inspiration to many people. It was held at The Orangery, Kensington Palace Gardens in London, England. The wedding celebration was composed of three days of fun and excitement. James and Nikki live a happy married life.

James Rothschild's Career

James Rothschild is famous for being part of the Rothschild Family. No wonder we expect him to have many businesses throughout his career.

Even though James Rothschild is private, there are reports about his work life. As a clue, he belongs to a family of bankers. Besides, there were reports that the Rothschild Family has earned more than a trillion dollars combined through the years.

If the family has amassed such wealth, they probably know what they have been doing for years. James followed the family tradition in the financial investment industry.

Since James’s family is wealthy, we can quickly tell that he has the option to enjoy his inheritance. However, the young descendant of the wealthy family also worked hard to claim his success.

First, he worked as a partner and vice president at Monument Capital Group Holdings LLC. It includes leadership at Lepe Partners LLP. As an Analyst at Hargreave Hale Limited, he built a remarkable career from 2005 to 2006.

To gain experience in the job, he worked for JNR UK Ltd. Then, he started working as an investment financier later on. He was instrumental in the success of his family’s business, N M Rothschild & Sons.

Knowing all these things about James Rothschild, we can tell he is an intelligent businessman who can grow his money even more. He’s also good at the job of trading and investing monetary value.

James Rothschild has no longer been Monument Capital Group’s leader since 2012. After that, he founded the investment company JR Cap Limited.

James Rothschild And Nikki Hilton's Marriage And Current Reports

The popularity of the marriage of James Rothschild and Nikki Hilton is notable. Even though it happened in 2015, many people are still curious about their married life. After all, both are regarded as successful in their chosen field of careers.

Nikki Hilton is well-known and comes from a prestigious family. On the other hand, James Rothschild is also talented, intelligent, and a member of a business dynasty.

Nikki was born on October 5, 1983, in New York. Her father is a real estate agent and entrepreneur. Nikki’s siblings are Paris Hilton, Conrad Hughes Hilton, and Barron Hilton II. Nikki’s parents are Richard Hilton and Kathy Hilton. She is a socialite, a talented fashion designer, and a model.

James Rothschild is a descendant of wealthy individuals such as Amschel Rothschild, Rozsika Rothschild, and more. James’s aunt is Katherine Rothschild. He is the grandson of Victor Rothschild and Teresa Georgina Rothschild.

In sum, both James and Nikki come from elite families. It’s no surprise that they achieved success in their respective business ventures.

Nikki Hilton had her own clothing business. The boutique was launched in 2004. Part of her job is to design handbags. In 2008, she organized a fashion show for her brand. She has also showcased a 10-piece fashion collection that reflected her style.

Six years later, Nikki Hilton joined the jewelry business. Besides, she also started a footwear brand in collaboration with French Sole.

On the other hand, Nikki’s handsome husband is young and talented. He is also a gym buff and likes running as a hobby. He is one of the most-searched celebrity businessmen online. Simply put, James Rothschild has a lot of fans even though he isn’t active on social media.

Moreover, Nikki released a book, “365 Style.” Her primary goal in writing the book is to teach others how to find their style. The lovely mother has also appeared on “Project Runway” as a guest judge.

These days, it is also noticeable that Paris Hilton is proud of her sister’s marriage to James Rothschild. She usually posts updates on her social media account about the couple. She even claimed that James and Nikki are loyal to each other and in love. Paris Hilton likened them to a prince and a princess.

Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, Has A Net Worth Of $5 Billion

Jacob Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 11 in
Hair ColorGray
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Jacob Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$5 billion
Zodiac SignTaurus
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
BirthdayApril 29, 1936

Jacob Rothschild's Net Worth

Jacob Rothschild is a prominent British entrepreneur and the 4th Baron Rothschild. As of December 2022, Jacob Rothschild’s net worth of $5,000,000,000. (11)

The wealth of the Rothschild Family came mainly from banking. Jacob Rothschild is also an active financier for years. Even though his net worth is humungous, Jacob is not even the wealthiest Rothschild alive. However, he is one of the inspiring members of the legendary family.

Jacob’s income is a result of his work at the family bank, N M Rothschild & Sons. He joined the company when he was 30 years old. Working in the family banking business for 15 years, he gained many entrepreneurial skills.

In 1980, he decided to work on his own and not just depend on the existence of his family’s company. He accepted the challenge to lead RIT Capital Partners PLC as an independent investor.

Despite his decision to leave the banking company of his family, he is still the Chairman of the Trust. Besides, he also held leadership of the subsidiary company of the RIT, the J Rothschild Capital Management.

He also earns more money as the founding partner of Xander Real Estate. Jacob has other activities in the business world that truly inspires many people.

Jacob Rothschild's Early Life

Jacob Rothschild, the 4th Baron Rothschild, was born on April 29, 1936, in Berkshire, England. Jacob’s father is Victor Rothschild, the 3rd Baron Rothschild. On the other hand, his mother is Barbara Judith Rothschild.

Jacob’s half-siblings are Emma Georgina Rothschild and Amschel Rothschild. The famous Rothschild family member is also an honoree leader of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. He is the eldest son of the family.

Jacob Rothschild's Education

Jacob Rothschild is famous, so it isn’t shocking that many people are curious about his educational background. He also comes from a prestigious family of financiers.

Jacob Rothschild attended Eton College. Then, he also studied at Christ Church in Oxford. His tutor is Hugh Trevor-Roper. Jacob Rothschild is known as an excellent student.

Jacob Rothschild's Wife And Family Life

Jacob Rothschild was married to Serena Mary Dunn, a famous granddaughter of a banker. The two of them got married in 1961. However, Serena Mary Dunn died in 2019.

The couple has four children. The eldest is Hannah Mary Rothschild Brookfield, born in May 1962. Beth Matilda Rothschild Tomassini is also their daughter. She was born on February 27, 1964. The couple’s third child is Emily “Emmy” Magda Rothschild Freeman-Attwood, born in December 1967. Their fourth child is Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild. He was born on July 12, 1971.

Jacob Rothschild's Career

Through the years, many people have been curious about Jacob Rothschild’s career. Even though we know he belongs to a family of wealthy bankers, we’re still keen to learn more about his professional life.

From 1963 to 1980, the well-esteemed Baron worked as a financier for his family’s company. However, he left in 1980 because of a family feud. The root cause of the family dispute is his father’s decision to focus on his scientific career instead of growing the family business. As a result, he lost control of his majority voting shares.

Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Jacob’s distant cousin, took the company’s helm. No wonder Jacob Rothschild decided to sell his minority voting shares in the banking business. But, he made sure to have independent control of their investment company, RIT Capital Partners plc.

He was also the founder of St. James Place plc in 1991. Jacob collaborated with Sir Mark Weinberg for the project. Before that, he fought for British American Tobacco with Sir James Goldsmith and Kerry Packer. However, their bid eventually failed in 1989.

Going back to RIT Capital Partners plc, Jacob Rothschild was able to flourish its income, with a net asset value of £2 billion. He did it as the company’s leader with the help of his equally talented associates.

Aside from the said business endeavor, he also led other projects such as the J Rothschild Capital Management. Since it is a subsidiary of his other company, Jacob made sure that it would also be successful, along with his other investment firms and realty deals.

Jacob Rothschild also has other businesses. For example, he was the deputy chairman of BSkyB Television in 2003. He stopped being a leader of the company on his retirement in 2008. At the same time, he also handled RHJ International, another financial service group.

Another prominent position held by Jacob Rothschild was being a member of the council for the Duchy of Cornwall for the Prince of Wales. In 2020, he received recognition for the abovementioned services as a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order of CVO.

He also held the same position for the International Advisory Board of The Blackstone Group, giving him more opportunities to use his talent and knowledge in finance management.

Jacob Rothschild is also interested in the oil business. Before Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s arrest, there were reports that the former received shares of his YUKOS business under a deal.

The Russian oil industrialist may be aware beforehand that he needed someone to handle his business and that Jacob was the perfect entrepreneur to do it. Besides, Jacob Rothschild also held oil business leadership in Israel through Genie Energy.

When it comes to philanthropic deeds, Jacob Rothschild is remarkably active. In Britain, he spent his free time supporting art. He held National Gallery and National Heritage Memorial Fund leadership before his retirement. For four years, the Prime Minister entrusted him with the administration of distributing £1.2 billion in grants through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Before that, Jacob Rothschild became a Trustee for the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg, Courtauld Institute, and Qatar Museums Authority. He was also happy to serve as Chairman of various organizations such as the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, Gilbert Collection Trust, Hermitage Development Trust, and Somerset House.

Because of Jacob’s involvement in various charitable organizations relating to art, he received recognition in 2014, such as the J. Paul Getty Medal.

Jacob Rothschild also lent his valuable time to the restoration of Somerset House in London and the Spencer House. The latter is one of the remaining 18th-century townhouses in London.

In addition, Jacob has a holiday home in Corfu, Albania. Hence, he founded Butrint Foundation with other interested individuals to record and preserve the archeological site of Butrint.

Of course, he didn’t forget helping his family’s charitable projects in Israel by being a Chairman of Yad Hanadiv, including a presidency for The Rothschild Foundation. As such, he is also part of the leadership of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Jacob Rothschild showed gratitude by helping preserve the Waddesdon Manor, an inheritance he received from his aunt, Dorothy de Rothschild. In the cellars of the said property, there are over 15,000 bottles of wine from his ancestors. Some of the wine bottles were from the 1870s.

Currently, Waddesdon Manor is popular among locals and tourists, generating more income and attracting prestigious awards. Celebrities, politicians, and essential people also visited the estate, giving it a noble structure vibe through the years. The estate was donated to the National Trust, for that matter, a place with more than 300,000 guests every year.

Jacob Rothschild also received various honors and awards in the United Kingdom, the United States, Continental Europe, and Israel. He also has an impressive Coat of Arms as the 4th Baron Rothschild.

There are also many things that we can learn from him. He admitted that the members of the Rothschild Family are united individuals. However, he is aware that it doesn’t prevent competition between them.

He also revealed that he loved working on his philanthropic projects and businesses because he couldn’t say no to the charitable organizations where he worked for years. After all, he manages numerous things, including his collection of artistic belongings and estates.

Jacob Rothschild also mentioned that he wanted to become a history professor when he was younger. At that time, he was a student at Oxford. It didn’t happen because of the pressure to participate in the family’s banking business.

For 20 years, Jacob worked in his family’s banking business as a minority shareholder. But, he also stressed that both of his parents were interested in arts, which explains his elaborate involvement in philanthropy that involved art.

He is also confident that his family name has a myth. He also remembered building an investment and banking company when he left the family business.

In 2014, Jacob Rothschild shared many things about his family, hobbies, and businesses. He isn’t living at Waddesdon House but at a nearby home. However, he oversees all the beautification and maintenance of the estate.

He also admitted that he purchased artwork for the house, including Giovanni Panini’s creations. Jacob said that they have funding for the stated purpose. Besides, he owned Chateau Lafite winery.

The said winery business, as told by the Baron, didn’t have income for years. However, it eventually gained traction as the Chinese bought many wine bottles from them in recent years.

Again, he admitted that his family is close but competes with each other simultaneously. For instance, Chateau Mouton, owned by a relative, is a competitor of Chateau Lafite. In terms of banking, the financing business of his cousin Benjamin also competes with the banks of the Rothschild Family members in France.

Despite the competition, Jacob insisted that he didn’t need to compete with other family members. Thanks to his foresight to build his investment firm, and worked hard as the biggest shareholder. That gives him independence and the capability to oversee many philanthropic organizations.

During his spare time, Jacob Rothschild gives time to his family. He used to go to football games with his grandchildren and children to bond with them.

David Mayer de Rothschild Has A Net Worth Of $10 Billion

David Mayer de Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height6 ft 4 in
Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About David Mayer de Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$10 billion
Zodiac SignVirgo
BirthplaceLondon, UK
BirthdayAugust 25, 1978

David Mayer de Rothschild's Net Worth

David Mayer de Rothschild is a prominent British ecologist, adventurer, businessman, and environmentalist. As of December 2022, David Mayer de Rothschild has a net worth of $10,000,000,000. (12)

The banking heir is prevalent in many ways. Aside from being the heir of the Rothschild Family’s colossal fortune, he actively protects the environment and goes into adventurous pursuits.

First and foremost, he is famous as a top-rated horse jumper. That was his favorite activity when he was a teenager. Then, he founded a music advertising business when he was younger. At 20 years old, he had already sold his first business.

He is also interested in sustainability, including adventurous activities. Through Myoo Agency, he was able to help many businesses achieve sustainability. Plastiki, his well-known invention, created a novel sustainable ship boat that inspired many people.

David Mayer de Rothschild also participated in activities involving environmental preservation and protection. Besides, he wrote a book about the global warming survival guide. With his numerous business endeavors, David is undoubtedly capable of growing his net worth, aside from receiving an enormous inheritance value from his family.

David Mayer de Rothschild's Early Life

David Mayer de Rothschild, born on August 25, 1978, in London, is one of the famous members of the Rothschild Family. His father is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, a financier. On the other hand, David’s mother is Victoria Lou Schott, an American.

He is the youngest member of the family. David’s middle name is derived from the founder of the family’s banking business, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. David’s mother comes from a real estate scion in the United States.

David Mayer de Rothschild has two older siblings, Anthony de Rothschild and Jessica de Rothschild. He spent most of his time with horses as a teenager. David left the horse-jumping world to study college in London.

When it comes to appearance, David is also famous. He has thick dark hair, and close associates often joke with him that he resembles Jesus. In most cases, articles about him start introducing him as a banking heir. No wonder he jokes one time that he has “banking hair.”

David Mayer de Rothschild's Education

David Mayer de Rothschild attended the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2002. He received an advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine from the said university.

In 1996, he left Harrow School to continue his educational pursuits. Then, he studied Political Science and Information Systems at Oxford Brookes.

David Mayer de Rothschild's Girlfriend And Dating History

David Mayer de Rothschild is a popular member of the Rothschild Family, a strong reason for girls to wish to become part of the lineage. Many people are also curious about his dating history.

However, there are no records of his past personal relationships. In other words, David Mayer de Rothschild is known as single as of the present.

David Mayer de Rothschild's Career

David Mayer de Rothschild’s career is intriguing. After all, he didn’t engage in banking like other family members. If you check the articles about him, you’ll rarely see an introduction to him as an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, David is no stranger to building a business organization from scratch. As mentioned earlier, he founded a company relating to music. He did it before David was 20 years old. When he sold the business, many people were curious about his subsequent pursuits.

In 2001, David Mayer de Rothschild purchased an organic farm in another country. After buying the real estate property in New Zealand, he was asked to participate in a Polar expedition. As a result, David became an eco-adventurer entrepreneur.

Since David Mayer de Rothschild chose to become an adventurer, his life is centered on his explorations, aside from his entrepreneurial endeavors. For 100 days, he crossed the Arctic place in 2006. Many people praised him for being the youngest British to do so, traversing Russia to Canada in exploratory activity.

Besides, he traveled the Antarctica continent and was lauded for being one of the only 14 people who experienced the trip. David is also part of the team who quickly traveled to the Greenland ice cap. It was a record-breaking feat that catapulted David’s name to many adventurers worldwide.

He created the Mission Control website to inspire youth to preserve and protect the environment. After his successful Arctic trip, he planned to highlight an Amazon trek or a journey from Lake Baikal to Gobi Dessert.

The purpose of his expeditions is to raise awareness of climate change issues. As such, he founded the Adventure Ecology group to support the mission. It is a vehicle for discussing climate change problems and for communities to share insights.

In San Francisco, David Mayer de Rothschild built a plastic ship under his invention named Plastiki. His mission was to raise awareness of the Pacific Garbage Patch. The project was founded on sustainability, allowing supporters to share their part.

To make the project successful, David led the development of Seretex technology to process recycled plastic bottles and other waste products. Besides, the Plastiki and its crew traversed the Pacific Ocean, departing from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.

The famous exploration was popular at the time of its maiden voyage, being featured on CNN. On July 26, 2010, the Plastiki arrived in Sydney, marking its successful trip. As a result, the project was named one of the fifty best inventions in 2010 by Time Magazine.

The Plastiki’s popularity is reflected in David’s efforts to reuse, recycle, and reclaim waste products and plastic bottles. He also invented ways to create sustainable materials for the parts of the boat. For him, it is one of the solutions to clean and protect the environment.

Before the trip, a famous reporter wrote that David Mayer de Rothschild is akin to Sir Richard Francis Burton and Sebastian Snow as an adventurer.

David Mayer de Rothschild’s efforts didn’t stop there. He founded and worked on ARTiculate, and a project focused on an expedition to the Amazon. He started the project in 2007. David explored the rainforest in Ecuador, revealing the effects of industrialization on nature, specifically the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

The trip is also a way to have a dialogue involving the controversy of the Belo Monte dam. Through, many people have the opportunity the read articles about the expedition. Then, local children shared their artwork to conclude the project.

Outside Magazine has extensive coverage of David’s efforts in the Amazon rainforest. In retrospect, he admitted that it is naïve for someone to claim that the project can change everything overnight. However, he believed that you’d never know the outcome in the years to come if we continue to promote environmental protection and preservation to stop people from dying due to our inability to do so.

David Mayer de Rothschild also spearheaded the Sculpt the Future foundation. The purpose of the project is to spread awareness of ecology by inspiring people to improve their environment. He also created Mpact, a vehicle for followers and volunteers to help organizations maintain ecological balance.

Aside from his explorations, David wrote books to promote environmental sustainability. The books he wrote and edited are “The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change – Or Live Through It,”Earth Matters: An Encyclopedia of Ecology,” “The Boy, The Girl, The Tree, “ and “True Green Kids: 100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet.”

Aside from that, David supported other efforts to promote ecological balance, including contributing to Sebastian Copeland’s book, sharing and writing ideas on environmental problems for Huffington Post, and trademarking the phrase “Equation For Curiosity.”

It seemed that David Mayer de Rothschild also intended to protect children’s rights. By producing the documentary “Playground,” he raised awareness about the child sex trade in the United States.

The famous Rothschild scion also developed “Eco Trip: The Real Cost of Living” production to share the impact of household pieces on the environment. He also produced a docudrama featuring George Lazenby’s casting in the James Bond movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

David Mayer de Rothschild is also the brainchild of the Lost Explorer, a lifestyle brand that is ecology-oriented to support his cause on environmental protection.

Due to David’s earnest efforts to protect the environment, he received several awards from different organizations. He received the Honorary Award from the German Sustainability Award in 2011.

In sum, David may have focused on something other than banking as a career as a member of the Rothschild Family. Still, he shaped the future of protecting the environment through his impressive projects. It made him inspiring as an entrepreneur who takes care of other people.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Has A Net Worth Of $20 Billion

By Steven Whyte - Steven Whyte, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height6 ft 1 in
Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Estimate Net Worth$20 billion
Zodiac SignVirgo
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
BirthdayAugust 29, 1931

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Net Worth

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is a British financier, entrepreneur, and financial advisor. As of November 2022, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild has a net worth of $20,000,000,000. (13)

He acquired massive wealth due to his membership in the Rothschild Family. He also worked on various businesses. Besides, he worked as the financial advisor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The businesses handled by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild are Rothschild Bank AG, NM Rothschild, and Sons, and Rothschild’s Continuation Holdings, AG.

He followed the footsteps of his ancestors when it came to career preference. He led different banking institutions and investment companies for years. Sir Evelyn also helmed other charitable foundations of their family and held several positions in politics, medicine, and economics.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Early Life

Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild was born on August 29, 1931, in London, Middlesex, England. His father is Anthony Gustav de Rothschild, and his mother is Yvonne Lydia Louise Cahen d’Anvers.

Named after his uncle Evelyn Achille de Rothschild, Sir Evelyn spent most of his teenage years in America. As a young man, he experienced the life of a super-rich and spent time socializing with others.

The wealthy scion started working for his family business at 26. Two years before working at N M Rothschild & Sons, his father left his leadership position in the company because of sickness. Evelyn’s cousin took his father’s place to run the banking empire.

On November 7, 2022, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild died in London, England. He was 91 years old at the time of his demise.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Education

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild attended Trinity College in Cambridge. However, he left school before completing his studies.

Before that, he also studied at Harrow School. As a pupil, he learned many things with his classmates. When he was a boy, he stayed in the United States in the early 1940s.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Wife And Family Life

In November 2000, a few months after his divorce from his second wife, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild married Lynn Forester, an American attorney, and businesswoman. They were invited to the White House to spend their honeymoon.

He lived in London with his wife and stepchildren, Benjamin Forester Stein and John Forester Stein. He left this world on November 7, 2022, after a stroke. He was 91 years old.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was married to Victoria Lou Schott in 1973. His second wife is an offspring of a wealthy real property developer. The couple divorced in 2000. They have three children: Jessica de Rothschild, Anthony James de Rothschild, and David Mayer de Rothschild.

The first wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is Jeannette Bishop. She was a relative of Sir Stanley Hooker. They got married in 1966. They don’t have children together. The couple divorced in 1971.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's Career

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s career is typical as a member of the Rothschild Family. If others chose a different job, he intended to help his family’s banking business flourish through the years.

In 1968, he was chosen to be the director of de Rothschild Freres in Paris. On the other hand, Guy de Rothschild joined N M Rothschild & Sons as a partner. It was only in 1976 that Sir Evelyn held a chairmanship position at N M Rothschild & Sons. Later on, he also led the Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG.

Aside from being at the helm of Rothschild Bank A.G. years later, Sir Evelyn also handled businesses in France and the U.K. For his family’s business in India, he founded Lynn Forester de Rothschild with his wife.

In addition, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is a leader of various businesses such as Milton Keynes Development Corporation, The Economist, IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited, United Racecourses, De Beers Consolidated Mines, and the British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association.

Besides, he worked as a financial advisor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For years, he has experience in overseeing the business operations of Lord Black’s Daily Telegraph, and as well as the newspaper of Lord Beaverbrook.

His charitable inclinations were exposed when he established Eranda Foundation. The project’s purpose is for medical research, education, and the advancement of art.

In Germany, he helmed The European Association of Banking and Financial History. As a governor of The London School of Economics and Political Science, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild showed off his knowledge of politics.

His other philanthropic efforts include leading the Princess Royal Trust for Careers. He also served as a council member of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which gave him numerous opportunities to showcase his love for the arts.

Additionally, he was active in helping individuals with impairments through the Snowdon Trust. Sir Evelyn’s houses include Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Mentmore Towers, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild De Haar Castle, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Flint House, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Ascott House, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild House in Great Britain, and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild House Rothschild.

Sir Evelyn’s other known properties are Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Planet Nine Yacht, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Buggati Atlantic, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Hispano Suiza K6, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Buggati Type 55 Super Sport Roadster, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Ferrari California, and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Jet G-EVLN.

The New York Times wrote an extensive article about him the day after he died. He was referred to as a London scion of a banking dynasty. (14) They revealed that Sir Evelyn didn’t like banking outright and even failed to finish his economics course in college.

He was also known to be a playboy when he was younger, always present at party scenes, excursions, and other activities usually done by rich and famous individuals. However, he seemed not to have a choice and eventually joined the family’s banking business.

Sir Evelyn is innately clever and cunning in handling the family business. He used talented spies and couriers in the investment world, befriended the government of Britain, allied with the media, and more. When Queen Elizabeth II knighted Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in 1989, his power and influence even grew more prominent.

He has ties with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and helped her financial and political visions come to life. The highly esteemed entrepreneur is also instrumental in protecting the Rothschild name from threats by competitors and internal strife. He can eradicate family feuds by outsmarting other family members to preserve the independence of their family.


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