“RHOSLC” Jen Shah Forfeits Multiple Designer Bags And Jewelry But Most Of Them Are Fake


Her luxury lifestyle comes at a price - literally.

Wealthy socialite Jen Shah has been caught up in a major fashion faux pas – owning fake designer bags and jewelry. It was found out following the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star’s court-ordered forfeiture of them as part of her plea deal in her telemarketing fraud case.

Jen Shah

The entire amount of inventory that was taken in March 2021 during the search for Shah’s home was 108 items, according to a recent court document that ABC News has obtained. There are over 40 fake pieces of luxury jewelry in total, in addition to more than 30 fake luxury bags.

The reality star’s fake designer goods include Bulgari, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Hermès, Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Gucci, among other high-end items. While it’s not clear if Shah knowingly purchased fake designer items or if a scammer duped her, this news has caused widespread mockery online. 

While many of the items in her luxury collection were knockoffs or fakes, there are others that are authentic, such as designer handbags and jewelry from Meredith Marks’ company, her “RHOSLC” castmate.

Jen Shah guilty

As we previously reported, Jen Shah has amended her plea to guilty in Manhattan federal court after she initially pleaded not guilty in response to charges that she had conspired to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing.

In addition, the real housewife consented to surrender $6.5 million, make up to $9.5 million in reparations, and perhaps serve 11 to 14 years imprisonment. She shocked many people, including some of her fellow housewives and Bravo executive Andy Cohen.

She also has recently come off as tense as she awaits sentencing since her inappropriate behavior in public was caught on camera, where she can be seen and heard cursing during a furious public dispute.

jen shah bags

At that time, she reportedly had a meltdown with four other individuals in downtown Salt Lake City. However, neither the cause of the disagreement nor the identities of the other individuals are known.

The charges against Shah are serious; if convicted, she faces up to 30 years in prison. But it’s also worth noting that her faux designer lifestyle is not entirely uncommon among reality TV stars. It’s common for them to flaunt designer items that they either can’t afford or don’t actually own.

It’s still being determined what will happen to the forfeited items now that it has been revealed that they are fake. But one thing is for sure: Jen Shah will be paying for her crimes with more than just designer handbags and jewelry.

Reactions to "RHOSLC" Jen Shah Forfeits Multiple Designer Bags And Jewelry But Most Of Them Are Fake

Not Jen shah had fake bags!

You guys are surprised Jen Shah’s won’t be joining the reunion? She’s a CONVICTED fraudulent criminal. Also those fake bags aren’t going to help pay back her restitution, which would have lowered her time behind bars #RHOSLC

Jen Shah was good tv but this current season you can see her spiraling and acting erratic for tv time. It’s best she didn’t go to the reunion and won’t come back to #RHOSLC. All we were going to get was lies anyway, even if she could talk. Her rage is as fake as her bags.

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