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One of the famously notable and wealthiest American preachers and also a pastor in Lakewood Church is Joel Osteen, whose full name is Joel Scott Osteen. Joel’s characteristic smile and undeniable oratory skills have garnered over 7 million supporters worldwide.

Joel is not your typical preacher; he tends to give lectures at packed-to-the-rafters stadiums and sports arenas. With his elegant good looks and persistent preaching of “live life to its full potential,” “seizing destiny moments,” and “living in victory,” he is a mainstream hit. (1)

Joel Osteen’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 11 in
1.82 m
Weight 159 pounds
72 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Joel Osteen

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $100 million
Religion Non-denominational Christianity, Charismatic Christianity, Word of Faith
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Birthday March 5, 1963

Joel Osteen’s Net Worth

With Joel Osteen’s career as an American televangelist, writer, and famously known pastor, he has an accumulated $100 million net worth for the year 2022. Joel presents talks on television, which millions of people watch. (2)

According to Filmysiyappa, he earns a salary of a large amount of $5 million only for his salary. Joel Osteen reportedly makes about $70 million in profit annually and is also regarded as the richest American preacher.

Joel also made his living primarily as a pastor. He expanded the Lakewood church into a larger church that welcomes a thousand visitors each week. His TV show also boosts his wealth.

He has a lot of luxury homes under his ownership, which indicates that he has also made real estate investments, which are covered in the section below. In addition to being a preacher, he is the author of a few best-selling books that have enabled him to earn a respectable living.

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Joel Osteen’s Early Life

The American pastor Joel Osteen, whose full name is Joel Scott Osteen, was given birth in Houston, Texas. His parents are John Osteen and Dolores Osteen, and they have four more children, along with Joel.

joel osteen early life

The pastor’s older sisters name Lisa Osteen and Tamara Osteen; his older brother Paul Osteen who is a vascular surgeon and a medical missionary; and his younger sister April Osteen Simons. 

His father founded the “Lakewood Church” and was a Southern Baptist minister at the time he was born. However, his father is now a retired pastor. The American pastor took communications as his subject when he was in college. However, he failed to complete the course.

Joel subsequently established a television channel that streamed his father, Pastor John Osteen’s, sermons. Joel became the lead pastor of the Lakewood church when his father passed away in 1999.

Joel Osteen’s Education

Despite enrolling in and starting the communications course in college, Joel never finished it. His father, Pastor John Osteen, had launched a television network, which he later established. Many people criticize Osteen for his educational deficiencies. Joel has never received a diploma in college and has only a high school diploma.

According to some critics, he has never had a formal education past high school and is unqualified to serve as pastor at one of the largest churches in America. However, his supporters say that his gift of preaching and his ministry success prove that he is qualified to serve as pastor of a large church.

The acclaimed preacher supported his father as the publishing administrator of their regional Houston ministry program.

Joel Osteen’s Controversy

Joel and his family have been verbal about their way of life. The Osteens worked hard and assisted many people while accumulating mansions, fancy automobiles, and private aircraft. According to them, there is nothing shameful about their way of life.

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August 2017, when the media stated that his church turned away Texans needing food, shelter, and other necessities, Joel came under fire from the media. That the heavy flooding brought on by the storm allegedly made it impossible to approach the church.

A building that appeared to be accessible and not flooded was shown in images that went viral on social media. Social media users were unforgiving toward Joel, labeling him as un-Christian and other things. The situation escalated into a public relations and administrative nightmare for Osteen and the church.

As a result of Lakewood Church’s apparent lack of empathy in its response to the allegations, Houstonians and Americans were bitterly disappointed with the church and with Joel personally.

Joel debunked claims that his community was not being taken care of, stating, “We’ve been here for 58 years taking care of the community, but social media can be powerful.”

He added, “The city set up a shelter about four miles from [Lakewood] that can house 10,000 people…they didn’t need us as a shelter at that point.”

In response to the question of whether he would alter his strategy in the event of another disaster in Houston, Joel said, “In hindsight, yes, we’re going to learn from it and move on and do better next time.” (3)

Joel Osteen’s Wife and Family Life

As of 2022, the pastor Joel Osteen is married to Victoria Osteen, a pastor, author, and TV personality. They initially met in 1985 when she was employed at her mother’s jewelry business, where Joel had gone in to purchase a new watch battery.

Together, they are parents to Jonathan Osteen, a son, and Alexandra Osteen, a girl. Victoria and Joel would go on to co-pastor Lakewood Church in the future.

Joel Osteen’s Career

In a little ceremony, the six-member Lakewood board ordained Joel Osteen as a minister in 1992. However, before, Joel’s father frequently urged him to preach, but he always declined the offer. Before ultimately accepting his father’s advice and giving his first sermon on January 17, 1999, he had wanted to stay in the background. He had remained to manage his father’s television program.

Furthermore, Joel Osteen started giving sermons soon after his father’s death. Just one week before his father passed away, he preached for the first time. The public favorably received his speech, and the church’s attendance increased to 43,000 individuals.

After moving it to Compaq Center, he refurbished the church to accommodate more people. Every week, millions of people tune in to the Lakewood church television program he leads.

He was selected on Barbara Walter’s list of the 100 most outstanding people in 2006. In addition to “Become a Better You,” Joel has published “Your Best Life Now,” and he has appeared on various television shows, including “Words of Art and The Star.”

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Joel Osteen's Real Estate

Joel Osteen is one of the wealthiest preachers in the United States. Osteen has claimed that “God’s will is for you to live in prosperity rather than poverty,” and he maintains his word. Joel Osteen’s home is in River Oaks, a prestigious Houston suburb.

Pastor Joel Osteen spent $10.5 million on the house. Joel and his wife also own a $2.9 million mansion in Tanglewood, Houston. The sprawling estate at the River Oaks stone property has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, five open wood fireplaces, three elevators, a one-bedroom guest house, a pool, and a pool house, among other opulent and distinctive amenities.

It has a large front door that leads onto a stunning entranceway and is surrounded by beautiful stone pillars. The house has a spacious backyard, and the area is more secluded thanks to the towering, green trees surrounding it. Additionally, there is a vast gray concrete driveway with room for more than 20 cars. 

The enormous 1.86-acre Joel Osteen home is 17,000 square feet in area. It is enclosed with a large, exquisite decorative fence. It qualifies as a mega-mansion rather than just a house. (4)


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