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Macaulay Carson Culkin is an American actor known for his performance in the “Home Alone” series as Kevin McCallister. In the 1990s, he was esteemed as one of the most admired child actors. At present, he changed his name to Macaulay Culkin after running a poll on his website.

He is also the second placer of the 100 Greatest Kid-Stars in 1990. The 42-year-old celebrity is famous for his roles in “The Nutcracker, “ “Richie Rich,” and more. Due to his impressive performance as Kevin McCallister in the “Home Alone” series, he received numerous accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies. (1)

Macaulay Culkin's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 7 in
Weight65 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Macaulay Culkin

Estimate Net Worth$18 million
ReligionRoman Catholic
Zodiac SignVirgo
BirthplaceNew York, United States
BirthdayAugust 26, 1980

Macaulay Culkin's Net Worth

As of December 2022, Macaulay Culkin has a net worth of $18,000,000. (2) Macaulay is a famous actor, brand endorser, voice actor, television personality, podcaster, entrepreneur, and theater actor. 

Most of Macaulay’s income is derived from his participation as a lead child actor in the “Home Alone” movie series. The motion picture earnings are over $285 million in the United States alone. As one of the highest-grossing films in history, the two films had their most significant sales in the international box-office tally.

However, he started to appear in films through “Uncle Buck” in 1989. For the said movie, he earned $40,000. He also appeared in two movies before that, such as “Rocket Gibraltar” and “See You In the Morning,” but the definite amount he earned from those movies isn’t reported.

In 1993, he portrayed a demonic individual in the movie “The Good Son,” and he received $5 million as payment. Later on, he appeared in two specific motion pictures wherein he was paid $8 million, the highest cost ever for a child actor. Apart from his other projects, he also earned a fortune for participating in the “Party Monster” production in 2003.

His parents, who were never married in the first place, were involved in a lengthy custody battle for their children, including Mack’s earnings. As a result, the American actor refused to go back to acting while the court cases were still ongoing. In early 1997, Macaulay Culkin finally transferred control of his assets to Brentrup instead of his father, who was also his former manager.

Currently, he is involved in the podcasting business, TV commercials, brand endorsements, and television shows, so his earnings are increasing through the years, even though he is no longer as active as before when appearing in movies.

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Macaulay Culkin's Early Life

Macaulay Culkin was born on August 26, 1980, in New York City, New York, United States. As of this year, 2022, Macaulay Culkin is 42 years old. Macaulay Culkin prefers to be called “Mack.”

His father is Christopher Cornelius “Kit” Culkin, a sacristan at a Catholic church in their community. On the other hand, his mother is Patricia Brentrup, a telephone operator. Since his father is a former stage actor, he’s familiar with navigating the entertainment industry, and it helped in getting Macaulay to go-see for roles.

Patricia Brentrup met Kit when the latter worked as a road traffic controller in Wyoming in 1974. Mack’s mother is from North Dakota, and she agreed to move to New York City with his Kit Culkin to start a new life together.

The couple had seven kids: Shane, Dakota, Kieran, Macaulay, Quinn, Christian, and Rory. Mack’s paternal half-sister, named Jennifer, left this world in 2000. Macaulay Culkin is also related to actress Bonnie Bedelia. Aside from Mack’s activities in the entertainment industry, his father also enlisted his two siblings, Rory and Keiran, to become actors.

As a young kid, Macaulay experienced the financial struggles of his family. The family used to live in Manhattan in a small apartment. Besides, Mack’s parents decided to name him after Thomas Babington Macaulay.

There are reports that Mack’s father was overly demanding when he was his manager. He is also troubled as a father, often described by Macaulay as overbearing, probably because he doesn’t know how to handle the rising popularity of his kids, who went on to become successful in the entertainment industry. When they were older, Mack’s brothers, Rory and Kieran, became successful in their acting careers. (3)

Macaulay Culkin's Education

Macaulay Culkin attended Professional Children’s School. Before that, he studied at St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville for five years. Since Mack grew up as a Catholic, he attended a Catholic school.

There are no other records about Macaulay Culkin’s educational background. Many people are curious about his high school and college education. However, there were reports that he went back to school after an acting hiatus.

Macaulay Culkin's Girlfriend and Family Life

In 2017, there were reports that Macaulay was dating Brenda Song. The latter is his co-star in the comedy-drama, “Changeland.” She gave birth to Dakota Song Culkin on April 5, 2021. They named their daughter after Mack’s late sister, Dakota.

Brenda and Mack met on the set of their movie, “Changeland.” In 2020, many people were surprised by their relationship. Even their co-star and director, Seth Green, admitted that he never thought it would happen.

The speculations about their relationship started when they were photographed together while enjoying dinner at Craig’s in California. Then, they were spotted double dating Seth Green and his wife in Knott’s Berry Farm in California. The couple was also seen in France with Mack’s goddaughter, Paris Jackson.

In August 2018, Mack admitted that he was going severely with his relationship with Brenda Song. They’re even practicing having a family together.

The couple used to attend events together. They were spotted at a CatCon in California. After all, both are cat lovers. In December 2019, they got a cat named Santa Claws. Their other pets are two cats, a dog named Panda, some fish, and a parrot.

In 2020, Brenda Song penned a heartwarming message for Macaulay on his 40th birthday. She posted the caption on Instagram and a photo of them wearing a couple of plaid shirts. It is like a confession of her love to the actor on his life’s important milestone. This sweet action, including keeping a notebook to write Mack’s hilarious one-liner antics and gushing about him during interviews, are the ways she showed off her love for the actor.

On April 5, 2021, they welcomed their first child. She is Dakota Song Culkin, named after Mack’s older sister. A year later, they announced their engagement.

Brenda also shared her experience as a first-time mother. She admitted to being hands-on about it, getting help from his husband. Macaulay made sure to help her with house chores, especially during the first months of being a first-time parent.

It’s also known that the couple was child stars. Perhaps, they bonded over the reality that they started working in the entertainment industry as young actors. Besides, many people mentioned that Macaulay Culkin was saved by his fiancée.

Macaulay Culkin was fighting against major trust issues then. When Brenda Song came into the picture, they lived a fulfilling life. Before that, the actor went through a turbulent life, struggling with substance abuse amidst fame. He even grieved due to the death of his two sisters.

But, he also admitted that he became accustomed to such a life and adjusted well to the situation. He became a homebody and prepared to be the husband of Brenda Song.

There’s a backstory to his trust issues struggle, though. He isn’t fortunate when it comes to love. His first marriage didn’t last long, and his relationship with Mila Kunis was painful and horrible, based on the latter’s confession that she hurt her ex-boyfriend.

When Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song dated, he had always expected the worst things to happen because he thought the love that he received from Brenda was too good to be true. Fast forward to today, they’re happily preparing for their wedding.

Mack is lucky because Brenda doesn’t listen to what other people say about him. In the past, he was misunderstood as a celebrity, some who could be crazy or twisted and other nasty things, and he was afraid that Brenda would think that way about him. (4)

However, the actress didn’t jump to conclusions right away. She took time to get to know Mack and who he was. At present, Brenda Song hoped that Macaulay Culkin would return to acting soon, promising to give his favorite human, whom she calls a “magical being,” all the support he needed in life.

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin dated from May 2002 to January 2010. The couple ended their romantic relationship amicably a few months before January 2011, as reported, and stayed close as friends.

Macaulay Culkin was married to Rachel Miner, an actress. In 1998, the couple had an intimate wedding ceremony when they were 18. In 2000, they decided to part ways. Rachel and Macaulay were divorced in 2002. (5)

Macaulay Culkin's Career

Macaulay Culkin started his acting career when he was four years old. Life was difficult then, and his family stayed in a small living quarter in Manhattan. Through New York Philharmonic, he participated in a “Bach Babies” production as his first-ever public appearance as an entertainer.

In the 1980s, he was always present in television and stage productions. It also includes fantastic roles in movies. In 1985, he acted in “The Midnight Hour,” his first TV movie project. Three years later, he was seen participating in a TV show episode of “The Equalizer” and played the character of a young kidnap victim.

That same year, he snagged his first film through his appearance in “Rocket Gibraltar” as Cy Blue Black. Later, he worked on the motion picture “See You in the Morning,” allowing him to act alongside famous actors such as Drew Barrymore, Jeff Bridges, and more.

From there, he started to work on mainstream child roles. First, he signed on to act as Kevin McCallister for the “Home Alone” series. That was his first big project in the 1990s. This was also when he worked again with his “Uncle Buck” co-star John Candy. The director who worked for their film also helmed “Home Alone,” the first part of the series.

Due to his impressive acting in the motion picture, Mack received various accolades as a child actor. One of these notable recognitions is receiving an American Comedy Award. At present, his co-star Joe Pesci revealed in an interview that Macaulay is a sweet kid and a professional in his work.

Mack’s career improved when he worked for “My Girl,” a movie in which he starred opposite Anna Chlumsky. He was nominated for an award and received the Best Kiss win from the MTV Movie Awards. At that time, Macaulay Culkin juggled working for an animated TV series, hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and appearing in Michael Jackson’s music video.

In 1992, Mack reprised his role for the second installment of the “Home Alone” series. He received a pay increase from $110,000 for the first film to $4.5 million for “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.” Later, his father decided to look for a different acting role for his son, preferably opposite his role in the “Home Alone” series. As a result, he appeared in the movie, “The Good Son,” as a villain. It was a praise-worthy performance, so he received a nomination for Best Villain since his role is a troubled kid.

Macaulay’s work for “The Nutcracker” led him to study at the School of American Ballet. However, his other films didn’t work well, such as “Getting Even with Dad,” “Richie Rich,” and “The Pagemaster.” He worked on these projects in 1994.

After the film “Richie Rich” wrapped up, Macaulay Culkin decided to retire as an actor. He dreamed of having an everyday life then. That was the time he studied in a private school in New York. Mack’s last project is appearing in a music video for Sonic Youth’s song.

In 2000, Mack went back to acting. He accepted a role in the “Madame Melville” stage production. Three years later, he appeared as a guest for the sitcom “Will & Grace.” At that time, he portrayed an immature divorce lawyer. Then, he returned to dark roles, such as a drug user and killer for the movie, “Party Monster.”

However, he received praise for acting in the movie, “Saved!” and cemented his status as an adult actor. Mack’s work as a voice actor for “Robot Chicken” is also praise-worthy.

Three years later, Macaulay Culkin released a semi-autobiographical novel, “Junior,” which is a story about his life, including his tumultuous relationship with his father. After that, he was cast in the film “Sex and breakfast.” After “Saved!” was released in theaters, that was his second movie. The American actor also worked for NBC’s “Kings” for thirteen episodes.

In 2009, Macaulay Culkin received numerous jobs, such as promoting Aviva insurance through a commercial, appearing on WWE Raw, and working in an online series, “The Park.” He also joined a tribute project for John Hughes alongside other actors like Ally Sheed, Matthew Broderick, and more.

In 2010, Mack continued working in the entertainment industry. He was a significant part of the viral video with Phoebe Kreutz. It’s a parody of a documentary scene of “66 Scenes from America.” The project aims to promote “The Pizza Underground,” his comedy rock band.

There was an incident when Mack experienced storming off the stage during a tour. When he was rendering a solo act, some audience members hurled pints of beer at them and booed the band. Many speculations were made that the disbandment of The Pizza Underground resulted from the said experience in Rock City.

In 2016, Macaulay Culkin appeared in a commercial for Compare the Market. After that, he launched a podcast and comedy site called “Bunny Ears.” He also collaborated with Red Letter Media so many times. Through his appearance in a Google Assistant advertisement, he reprised his role in the “Home Alone” series as Kevin McCallister. The project went viral, proof that he has had an army of fans since he was a child actor up to the present.

Macaulay’s movie, “Changeland,” was released in June 2019. He co-starred with Brenda Song in that Seth Green film. In 2021, he became part of the show, “American Horror Story: Double Feature.” Based on reports, his performance for the series was critically praised by entertainment enthusiasts. (6)

Macaulay Culkin and His Unsuccessful Choices In Life

Macaulay Culkin has downfall episodes in his life, including unpleasant choices. Perhaps, it stemmed from his complicated relationship with his father. Mack often admits that his father was overbearing when he was younger.

On one occasion, he attributed his father’s violent tendencies to jealousy. After all, Macaulay was successful from the time he started acting. Besides, his father didn’t marry his mother. During his teenage years, he had to live a chaotic life after his parents separated and when Mack’s mother filed for custody of her children.

As a result, Macaulay filed a legal proceeding to stop his parents from controlling his income. Then, he never talked to his parents. Many people call it emancipation, though. However, the actor denied the allegation, explained that he had just legally named another executor, and explained that he didn’t emancipate himself from his parents.

Macaulay Culkin has to undergo emotional turmoil after his family faces trials and tribulations. Jennifer Adamson, his half-sister, died due to a drug overdose. On the other hand, his sister Dakota left this world after being hit by a car.

In 2004, Mack was arrested for various possessions of drugs. He has undergone court appearances for the misdemeanor and other related legal proceedings. Ultimately, he paid $540 and faced three one-year suspended prison sentences.

In 2018, he legally changed his name to Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. He allowed his fans to vote for his middle name via his website. When he was 40 years old, he tweeted about it, and it instantly went viral.

Due to his appearance in Michael Jackson’s music video, they become close friends. When the latter was tried in court for sexual child abuse, he went on to testify against the allegation. He also frequently defended Jackson in interviews and became the godfather of his friend’s children.

In 2018, Macaulay Culkin received a backlash after being accused of stereotyping Asians. Many people didn’t like what he said about Asian babies. It came out of his comments about having Asian babies. On Twitter, he received negative comments for saying that in 2018. However, the actor explained his side of the story and only referred to his future kids with his Asian wife, Brenda. (7)

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