Teresa Giudice Offers Advice To The Chrisleys Ahead Of Their Prison Sentences


She understands what the Chrisleys are going through, having served time in prison herself.

Teresa Giudice, star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and who also served a prison sentence herself, has some advice for Todd and Julie Chrisley, stars of the reality show “Chrisley Knows Best.”

Teresa Giudice Jail Release

The Chrisleys were charged with tax evasion and other financial offenses earlier this year. Giudice herself spent time behind bars after being convicted of fraud alongside her ex-husband Joe Giudice, so she could be the ideal person to advise them on returning stronger and more positive.

The “RHONJ” star spoke briefly with a TMZ photographer on Tuesday at LAX and said that “manifesting” was what she used to get through her own 11-month prison sentence in 2015.

Then, she gave them the following advice: “Stand strong for their family and manifest while being in prison what they want when they come out … and just to be strong for their children.”

The reality star continued by saying that even though it would be challenging for them, in order to handle it properly, they must make the most of the circumstance and safeguard their relationship with their children.

In addition, Giudice discussed her own experience in jail, noting that having her kids visit once a week was crucial to keeping the family together while she was there.

She also mentioned that her children were still young at the time, but due to their schedule, they were still able to come to see her at least once every month.

Last but not least, she advised them to find alternative activities to engage in during the time when their family is not around to cheer them up. Examples of these include exercise, manifesting, doing yoga, and even writing a book.

Teresa Giudice Jail

As we previously reported, an Atlanta jury has convicted Todd and Julie of bank fraud and tax fraud after nearly three weeks of testimony from prosecutors and witnesses.

The television personalities were first charged with 12 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to conduct bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States in August of 2019, but they pled not guilty. However, on June 7, 2022, they were convicted guilty on all counts.

The famous reality couple allegedly submitted forged paperwork to banks while requesting loans. Julie also tried to rent a property in California using a bogus credit report and fraudulent bank records.

Prosecutors further claimed that they utilized a firm they owned to disguise revenue in order to prevent the IRS from collecting delinquent taxes owed by Todd.

Chrisley jail

Julie received just seven years in jail, but Todd is set to serve twelve. They have appealed the judgment on their sentencing. However, they’ll fly to Florida in a few weeks to serve their sentences.

The Chrisleys are facing a daunting task, but Giudice’s advice may help them get through it. Her words of wisdom underscore the importance of staying positive and staying close to family. With the right attitude, the Chrisleys may be able to make it through their prison sentences.

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