Fight Between An IndiGo Flight Attendant And A Passenger; Video Gone Viral


An air hostess yells at a passenger while the passenger throws back verbal insults at the crew member.

It seems like conflicts between passengers and crew members are more frequent now, don’t they? On social media, a video of an altercation between a passenger and a worker of the IndiGo flight crew has gone viral.

In the initial few seconds of the video, the air hostess sternly advises the passenger that they are not allowed to yell and point fingers at the crew. Adding that, one of the crew members cried, claiming that the cause was him.

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The passenger then rants at her, saying, “Why are you yelling?” to which the flight attendant responds, “Because you are yelling at me. I am sorry, sir, but you cannot behave like that to the cabin crew.”

The air hostess added that she was respectfully listening to the passenger and that he also needed to respect the staff member.

The passenger then abruptly yells “shut up” at the air hostess in a furious manner, to which the hostess responds, “You shut up.”

The flight attendant continued, “I am an employee here and not your servant. If you do not want to be yelled at, then please do not yell at me either.”

The video split the opinion of Twitter users, who debated whether the passenger or the staff person was to blame. It spread like wildfire on the internet.

One user shared a take that said, “The crew deserves equal respect,” to which the user added another reply, “Problem is never with the crew.”

Another user said, “I think she’s completely in the right. She stood up for her crew, and that guy seemed obnoxious as hell.”

Reactions to Fight Between An IndiGo Flight Attendant And A Passenger; Video Gone Viral

Well done to the brace crew. Some passengers think that crew on flight are their personal slaves.

Customer is King is the worst sermon to preach. I have seen absolutely obnoxious Indian travellers in flights and in this case , the cabin crew stood up for what’s her right to be treated well.

Why? Is she wrong ? Flyers should learn to behave with cabin crew They are employees not any passenger’s servant #indigo6e @IndiGo6E