Black Tip Nails Ideas 2023


One of the astonishing ways to look good is to have a chic nail design. There is pretty nail art to copy these days, so the trick is to find your favorites.

Today, we’ve gathered the best black tip nail ideas for you. We have also included some looks fit for next year, 2023. Isn’t it exciting? Study the nail design ideas and create your look based on a sample. Let’s get started!

Are Black Nails A Trend?

So what’s the nail art that has taken over Instagram lately? Well, it’s black nail polish color. In other words, it’s trending these days.

Some stories tell how popular the look is, especially those manicure lovers in the beauty industry. For instance, the You website reported that the John Lewis department has an increase of 435% in sales this year compared to last year. Simply put, many people followed the trend right away.

What are the most important aspects of wearing black tip nails? First, it is a neutral color, so it’s easier to style. Its versatility helps have different fashion looks. Second, you don’t have to worry about pairing it with other colors, incredibly vibrant ones. Third, it would be OK with your outfit and jewelry.

Now, there are various ways to show off black tip nails. However, you can master the basics before learning the more complicated techniques. To make it long-lasting, you can maximize the preparation.

If you opt for black polish, don’t forget to utilize the correct base coat. Then, make sure it won’t stain in applying it. After that, seal it with a gorgeous finishing coat.

The classic gloss finish also takes center stage at present. It’s perfect for a day-to-night look, too. Besides, it is elegant, minimal, and chic-looking. For those who want to avoid the classic pink, red and other hues, the classic gloss finish with black tip nails is one of the best alternatives.

Some people are scared to jump on the bandwagon wearing black tip nails, though. Well, it’s understandable. The look requires expert application, with the black tip becoming susceptible to stains. Or it’s a look that needs finesse in presentation. It would help if you were careful with this negative space manicure.

However, there are ways to feel less scared as possible. For example, you can start with a baby pink base and finish it with black tips and a classic gloss coat finish. See? You can even imagine the look without even trying.

That leads us to conclude that black-tip nails are challenging to do. It is necessary to book an appointment with an expert manicurist. If you’re professional and talented in creating nail designs, you can also perfect a black tip nail art at home.

In recent years, the popular nail polish color has been beige. Many celebrities wear it to events and work-related gatherings. In 2022, however, it seems that everyone is back to black nail art.

Lately, Popsugar announced that the black nail is trending among celebrities. They wear it to red-carpet activities, filming, and industry events. They also stressed that even famed manicurist Jin Soon Choi admitted that the black tip nail design would continue to be popular next year.

As an influential figure in the nail design business, Jin mentioned that black nail polish color evokes power and authority. Paired with a high-gloss finish, the look stands out on any occasion.

Another reason for its popularity is being gender-free nail polish hue. As such, anyone can wear it. It’s perfect for fashion-forward looks and even the most straightforward style. In other words, it has an endearing vibe of versatility and grandeur.

Besides, black tip nails make you feel confident, chic, and in control. It’s the color of being powerful and pretty at the same time.

Going back to the opposing sides of using the said color, it is essential to avoid being messy. In other words, your application technique should be clean, minimal, and steady. We want to avoid being tagged as playing around with ink, that’s why.

There are many brands that you can choose to apply black tip nails. Some industry experts prefer to use OPI Infinite Shine in “Black Onyx” to achieve a timeless effect and a high-shine look. You can buy the Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish in “Black Lace” if you want an affordable option.

Celebrities Wearing Black Nail Tips

We think black is beautiful, especially when it comes to nail polish. Many celebrities knew some tricks to take advantage of its beauty. Others stand out amidst a sea of other pretty stars wearing black nail polish.

For some, black is the little black dress of manicures. It is also the perfect style to show off a rebellious vibe.

The celebrities who mainly showcase the said nail polish color are Rihanna and Dua Lipa. The latter used a black tip to highlight her French manicure.

In addition, Kylie Jenner is also in love with black tips nails design. It seemed like she was revamping the classic black. This moody manicure shade is admirable, and Kylie has included it in her daily look. Like her sister Kourtney, Kylie opted for a jet-black effect to make her look sleek and sassy.

But Selena Gomez opted to be edgier this time. She chose the classic black tip with a twist – the inverted black French tip design. Selena was recently seen with a look that perfectly matched her classy outfit. On her Instagram account, she made sure to showcase her creative side and went on to follow the black French tips nails trend.

Lil Yachty didn’t want to be left behind when wearing black nail polish. He tried matte nail finish on one occasion without forgetting to look trendy. Even though males rarely wear chic nail designs, he stood out with his unique flat nail art.

Kourtney Kardashian chose black tip nails for her engagement event to Travis Barker. But, the activity happened in 2021. In other words, Kourtney is one of the celebrities who started to revive the black revolution in nail art designs. She also donned a jet-black hue to match her fabulous engagement ring.

The look is so impressive that many of her fans were inspired to try the black nail tips fashion. Kourtney’s manicurist, Kim Truong, admitted that the reality TV star chose jet black for the occasion. Before that, she also painted micro French manicures on Kourtney’s nails, and it has ebony tips for a change.

Adele, one of the most famous singers, also wears black tip nails. While promoting her new album recently, she opted for jet-black nail polish. Her delicately rounded almond shape nails in jet black matched well with her classy style.

Hailey Bieber also tried the black nail polish design. The trend is perfect for her daring personality. She uploaded a photo of her wearing jet-black nail polish with pretty black tips on Instagram. She followed Kourtney’s version of the trend.

Megan Fox wanted to be included in this trend this year. She donned a white and black outfit and paired it with a black manicure. Fox did it for her Boohoo campaign. The nail design is long almond nail art in shades of black polish. The result is beautiful, edgy, and stunning.

How To Do Black Tip Nails?

There are two primary ways to do black tip nails: DIY nail polish application and hiring a manicurist to do the job. If you prefer doing it at home, you can explore many options to do it better.

So how do black tip nails? Many people want to learn to achieve chic and cool black French tips nail art at home. It is an option other than the traditional French white tips.

The versatility of the black nail polish color is also notable these days. It can be worn with any outfit, including jewelry. Everything will surely turn out gorgeous as long as it’s applied well on your nails.

It’s also true that you shouldn’t miss the design of the black tip for your nails. After all, white tips are no longer trending, and darker ones dominate social media. We’ve got numerous inspirations, for that matter.

The famous classic black tone is genuinely phenomenal. Since it is edgy, it’s also dubbed as the new twist on the classic French white tips. Getting a dark and mysterious vibe on your nail design is impressive.

If you want to imagine the easiest way to apply the color, try thinking about a small line of black nail polish. Your tips will look even more fabulous if you make them sleek. This effortless design is also easy to copy at home.

If you check Instagram, there are beautiful photos of black tip nails. As mentioned earlier, it’s a trending style feature this year and will extend to 2023.

Before you start, have glossy light pink nail polish, glossy black polish, transparent nail polish, stencils, tweezers, silver décor materials, glue, acetone, and cotton swabs. As a reminder, you can use different shades of pink. However, baby pink is the perfect pair for black tips.

At this point, talking about the tools and tips for applying the dark shade is timely. The classic French suggestions, for instance, can be easily used with precision in mind. Laying white on the nail bed, then black on the nail tips, makes it easier to achieve the black and white combination nail art.

First, prep your nails. Make it even in length and shape. Before using the nail file tool, ensure to soak your hand in warm water and remove under-nail residue. Just to let you know, it is not necessary to cut the cuticles. Its purpose is to protect your nail bed from infection. Instead, apply reliable cuticle oil.

Second, apply the base coat. Your base nail polish should be free from toxins. So as you know, most mainstream products have toxins.

Third, choose your French tip nail polish color. As we’re talking about black tips, find something that suits your preference. For example, you can pick one from an array of shades such as aubergine, jet black, charcoal, flattering metallic, and more.

Fourth, practice applying crisp French tips to nails. Just use tape for a more straightforward application. Before using tape, apply the base coat. Expose the information and make sure to clean it beforehand. Then, apply one to two coats of black nail polish using a brush. As an option, you can apply nail stickers.

Fifth, apply a glossy top coat to finish the look. Opt for smooth full skin if fingernails are prone to chipping away.

Another option is the V-French tip. It is edgier, better, and chic-looking for you. The design is easier to achieve when you apply nail polish at the end diagonally, making a point in the middle. It’s also highly recommended for medium to long nails.

In addition, Teen Vogue also shared how to apply your black tip nails. This is also applicable to black nail polish applications. First, you should use a clear base coat. The purpose of this is to protect nails from stains. Then, apply a top coat to make it last longer and shine better. Keep your tips in black color.

Another technique is to keep nails trimmed and clean. In wearing dark nail polish, neat and pretty nails look good. If it’s chipped and unkempt, achieving an elegant and effortless look is impossible.

Top Trending Black Tip Nails Ideas

Here are the top trending black tip nail ideas. Make sure to study how to apply the black nail polish color before trying it at home. Choose your favorite products, too, and prepare the necessary tools.

Glossy Black Coffin French Tips

There is a definite feeling if your wear black tips nails. It’s called an effortless classy feeling. But you can combine edge, fashion, and glossy finish elements with the said look.

Matte Black Coffin Nails with Glossy Tips

One of the best coffin nail art is the matte black coffin nails with glossy tips. Although it is a loud look, you’ll always enjoy its elegance. The transition from a matte finish to a shiny coat is remarkable.

Black and Orange French Tips

There’s no need to lengthen the introduction of this style. Given the mixture of orange and black as a refreshing take on black tip nails, you won’t find it daunting. Try this design if you like wearing a vibrant blue with black nail color.

Black Coffin French Tips With Abstract Swirls

This look is appealing. At the end of your nude coat, top it off with abstract swirls for more impact. Besides, this nail art is both elegant and modern-looking.

Black Coffin French Tips With Glitter

We know that sparkling designs are attractive. Any shimmering nail art commands attention. So if you want to show off a sophisticated look, this one is for you.

Black Rhinestone-Bedazzled Coffin French Tips

One of the exciting nail art is the fancy look. The black rhinestone-bedazzled coffin French tip is an example of lavish nail designs. In addition, it’s perfect for a day and night look.

Coffin French Tips With Sparkling Line Art

You can also play with lines by applying black nail polish color. You can opt for vertical or straight lines, depending on your mood. Choose silver material to highlight your dark-colored manicure.

Short Black French Tips With V-Shape Glitter Line

These days, V-shape nail art is exciting. Aside from the incredible effects of the V-shape, it’s also elegant and edgy. Remember the glossy top coat finish.

Black Mismatched Glitter Stiletto French Tips

Do you like thinking outside the box? It’s applicable to nail polish application, too. Get this look by applying black tips with glitter for a dazzling style.

Short Black French Tips With Black & White Dots

The center stage of this look is the black French nails. Just dab black and white dots on the negative space to finish the style. In that way, you can be both chic and trendy.

Short Black & Yellow Double French Tips

The beauty of the black and yellow combination is famous. Try this look if you want to stay away from vibrant colors without losing the edgy vibe of your nail design. Here, the first layer is a yellow nail polish hue. The second layer is black nail polish color.

Black & White Rose Coffin French Tips

This nail design is gorgeous. Since floral-decorated nails are attractive, you will like this look. The primary color is black over a light shade base. Then, top it off with white roses.

Long Black Square French Tips With Black Swirls

So far, this is the trendiest nail art I’ve ever seen online. Hence, this is a perfect addition to your plethora of inspiring black-tip nails design. Just mix angled French tips and swirls on your long square nails.

Black Almond Angled French Tips With Black Strokes

This nail art looks clean and stunning. If you like baby pink and black tips mixture, this is for you. Besides, this looks effortlessly chic.

What Does It Mean If You Wore Black Tip Nails?

There are myriad implications if you love wearing darker nail polish colors. When it comes to black, you’re more of an adventurous chic than a timid beauty enthusiast. Here are some meaningful descriptions if you wear black tip nails.

Being creative

It seems that black nail polish color has been regarded in a bad light. However, it is a trending nail design at present. Besides, you are displaying your creative personality if you wear black tip nails.

Being a good leader

Black is an intense color. No wonder it reflects power and authority. In nail polish applications, black is also an overpowering shade. Who would want to look different from a leader at times?

Being chic

If you look stylish, you have an effortless, preppy look. You’re also an expert in mixing and matching outfits and accessories, especially colors and designs. In the case of a black nail polish color, you can quickly transform one look into another by wearing it.

Being spontaneous

Spontaneity is one of the reasons we enjoy trying out different looks. It helps us to become versatile and be in the moment. In wearing black nail polish, you’re showing off an endearing demeanor by wearing dark colors yet looking beautiful.

Being fearless in showcasing your femininity

To achieve a feminine-looking aura, you should wear black tip nails. This fantastic twist to the classic white-tip staples is remarkable. Even though wearing white makes you look young, black can also emphasize wit and glamour.

Being confident in showing one’s personality

Let’s say you have a different personal style. For example, you like gothic fashion. If you wear black tip nails, you’ll be able to express yourself effortlessly.

Being expressive and cheerful

If you want to express yourself, try wearing black nail polish. The trick is to make it simple. Or, if you prefer to demand attention, you can wear complicated yet charming designs such as black and white almond shape nails with black tips. Finish it off with a small heart drawing.

In sum, people who wear black tip nails exude different personalities. For instance, you can look confident if you wear black nail polish. Besides, you can be daring and dauntless. It’s the perfect way to express your individuality.

These are fantastic tips for nail design enthusiasts these days. You can also check your favorite influencers if you’re eager to know the primary ways to do this look. That way, you can get ideas on how they do it right.

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