Bethenny Frankel Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian Over Gwyneth Paltrow Interview


Her criticism of Kim implies that she doesn't think highly of her fellow reality TV star.

In recent years, Kim Kardashian has been the subject of much public scrutiny. Her every move is analyzed and critiqued, often by people who have never even met her.

Bethenny Frankel

So it’s no surprise that when Kim sat down for an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the world’s most famous and respected actresses, she got criticized, and Bethenny Frankel is one of them.

Paltrow praised the SKIMS founder in a picture of the two of them on Instagram after she recently appeared on her “Goop” podcast, writing, “@kimkardashian is fascinating to the world, we know this.”

“For me she is fascinating because she challenges so many ideas of what a woman is supposed to be, and how she is supposed to look and behave while doing it. I loved getting to interview her for the @goop podcast and get into this and so much more. Link in bio to listen to the full episode.”

Multiple people, especially the “KUWTK” fans, expressed their support for the reality star. However, there are also those who disliked KK, including Bethenny Frankel, who commented on the actress’ Instagram post.

She wrote: “I mean LOL.” Her comment reached more than 3,000 likes, enough to get attention and is sure to stir up some controversy, but she is certainly not afraid to speak her mind. 

On the other hand, this isn’t something that comes as a surprise since this isn’t the first time the “RHONY” alum has criticized Kim. Recently, Bethenny threw shade at Kim after learning that Kim was “booed” at a football game and about her most recent drama with Kanye West.

At that time, she tweeted: “Why is everyone surprised that @KimKardashian was booed at a football game? It’s America’s pastime. The fans are people with daughters & sons who have hope for realistic role models for their children. Football is not the superficial land of fashion. Those fans can’t be bought.”

bethenny frankel kim kardashian

Frankel also expressed her thoughts on the latest online conflict between Kim and Kanye after it was reported by numerous websites that Kim is stepping up security for their children since the rapper revealed the school they attend.

In an Instagram post by Page Six about the former couple’s drama, the philanthropist isn’t shy to leave a comment that reads, “Stop feeding the beast.”

It will be interesting to see if Kim would respond to Frankel’s criticism now but given numerous shades where the SKIMS founder didn’t reply to her, it’s unlikely that she’ll take the comments too seriously. After all, Frankel is known for being one of the most outspoken celebrities on social media.

Reactions to Bethenny Frankel Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian Over Gwyneth Paltrow Interview

Bethenny is nothing but a bitter Betty at this point. All she does is rag on others to try to stay relevant. Just go away.

Instead of her jumping onto others fame why doesn't she post something worth while?

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