Is Brandi Glanville’s Return To “RHOBH” A Done Deal?


She obviously wants to come back to the program, but perhaps she didn't actually get a diamond.

On Monday, Brandi Glanville hinted at a potential comeback to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but she later stressed that she knew “nothing” about the show’s casting for the upcoming season.

Brandi Glanville

Glanville had a significant role in the cast from seasons 3 through 5 until she was fired. Throughout her time on the show, she got into a series of feuds with her co-stars.

Recently, there have been rumors swirling that Glanville might be making a return to the show, especially after what she teased on social media.

The former housewife took to Instagram on Monday to share a snap of herself holding what appears to be a giant diamond ring but didn’t specifically say that the ring was from Bravo or that it was given to her in connection with the show.

As fans are anticipating information on the season 13 cast, Glanville posted a slow-motion video on December 26, exposing the diamond with the following caption: “I love this Christmas present.”

Obviously, she strongly hinted at knowing something about casting for the upcoming season of “RHOBH,” but she explained on Tuesday night that she is completely ignorant of the subject.

She wrote on Twitter: “Hey guys everyone just keeps sending me all of these crazy but cool videos about me on Beverly Hills! I honestly know nothing !!!but thanks for the love 🥰🥰🥰🥰right now I have a sick son so I have to focus my powers on healing him.”

Her tease was actually in good timing because, as we previously reported, Andy Cohen announced and confirmed the news that production on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” would be put on hold in late November last year.

It was also not known who will be included in the cast for the show’s return this year, aside from the fact that Kathy Hilton, who appeared on the show as a “friend of the cast,” exited. Because of this, fans quickly assumed that Glanville would be included in the cast list.

However, due to her clarification, it remains to be seen if she will actually make a return to “RHOBH” as either a full-time cast member or a friend of the housewife, something that seems unlikely at this time, as she is not currently in talks with the show’s producers.

Many fans were disappointed to hear that Glanville might not be returning to the show, as she was one of the most controversial and entertaining cast members. However, it remains to be seen who will be cast in the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Moreover, while the “RHOBH” alum may not be returning to Bravo’s hit reality show next season, it is still possible that she could make a guest appearance on the show, as she has done in the past.

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I am in tears I need her so desperately please bring her back i can’t live like this anymore

Right.. WHY post the video of you ‘revealing’ a diamond. Obviously people are going to assume and jump to conclusions that you’re coming back - why bother having a fake announcement if you’re then going to deny it and claim you ‘know nothing’. So thirsty stay away #RHOBH

You are playing us rotten queen Brandi Glanville

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