How Did Wendy From Red Velvet Lose Weight?


Knowing Red Velvet’s Wendy and behind her extreme weight loss after debut.

A South Korean girl group member of “Red Velvet,” Shon Seung-wan, also goes by the stage name and is popularly known as Wendy. Moreover, aside from her role as a vocalist in her group, Red Velvet, she is also a voice actress and radio host. Wendy also works alongside her members, Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun), Yeri (Kim Ye-rim), Joy (Park Soo-young), and Seulgi (Kang Seul-gi).

The remarkable singer Wendy trained for less than two years before being revealed on March 14, 2014, as a part of SM Entertainment’s pre-debut trainee team, SM Rookies. As a member of SM Rookies, Wendy recorded the track “Because I Love You” for the soundtrack of the Mnet drama “Mimi.” Changmin, a labelmate, also acted in the series and appeared in the music video.

On the official YouTube channel of SM Entertainment, Wendy can be heard singing a version of Taylor Swift’s song “Speak Now.” Then, later on, Wendy made her debut with her three members in their first single, “Happiness,” which hadn’t yet introduced her other co-member, who is also the youngest Yeri. 

Her family also includes her sister Son Seung-hee, who is three years older than her, as well as her parents, whose identities haven’t been made public. In Cheongju, South Korea, Wendy spent most of her formative years. Since she was six years old, Wendy has dreamed of being a singer.

Thus, she has worked hard to achieve this dream throughout her life. Along with her striving, she was able to master various instruments, such as the piano, guitar, saxophone, and flute. The KPOP idol and her sister moved to live in the United States and later Canada when they were 12 years old. 

While residing in North America, Wendy took the name Wendy Son and picked up the languages of English, French, and Spanish in addition to her native Korean. Wendy participated in the 2012 “SM Global Audition” in Canada and received recognition for her musicality, versatility as a musician who can play a number of instruments, and powerhouse vocal skills.

The extreme measure of diet workout regime she went through to achieve her massive weight loss.

Over the years, Wendy from Red Velvet has battled negative criticisms about her weight. Wendy tried to do everything she could to maintain her slim figure, from the demands of her employer to the demeaning remarks left online by netizens.

Wendy confessed that she considered she was “quite fat before” on the television talk show “Laundry Day” and detailed the extraordinary measures she went to in order to reduce weight (a method which is not recommended). For instance, her breakfast was simply a blended combination of cabbage and an apple.

The hosts were utterly astounded to discover that this had been her entire day’s diet. She would also exercises by jumping rope more than 10,000 times. She drove herself to finish it in less than two hours because she still had many other things to do.

The outstanding vocalist claimed that despite taking such drastic steps, her body was still resistant to losing weight as soon as she had anticipated. Wendy finished her revelation on a very upbeat note by stating that she now thinks having self-confidence is the prettiest look.

Furthermore, Red Velvet has been showcasing their most recent track, “Birthday,” which is taken from their album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday.” The group has been together for almost eight years. Throughout that time, they have maintained the same level of beauty and perfection. 

Despite the fact that all of the idol members are deserving of appreciation and attention for their skills and appearance, Wendy, in particular, has stood out throughout this comeback. And during their performance, many fans went wild after they noticed the remarkable vocalist’s tone abs. 

Wendy has openly discussed her issues with weight gain and loss, as well as the terrible dieting and harmful habits that go along with it. She feels healthier than ever and has extremely toned abs. Thankfully, she appears healthy and content with her figure these days.

Red Velvet’s Wendy’s Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Wendy’s successful weight loss:

  • She forced herself to finish her workout exercise within two minutes, jumping rope more than 10,000 times.
  • Her breakfast was simply a blended combination of cabbage and an apple.

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What is Red Velvet’s Wendy’s diet plan?

Wendy’s extreme weight loss had been talked of in the town as it was clearly evident in her physique. It was when Wendy and her co-member Seulgi guested on a TV show, “Give Me a Meal,” on JTBC she revealed what she did during her weight loss. Please note Wendy’s workout and diet regime aren’t advisable for everyone due to its strict regimen. People should exercise caution when following this diet and exercise program.

“In severe times,” Wendy said, “I would blend black beans, milk, cabbage, and apple and eat it in the morning after I wake up.”

The KPOP idol continued, “Then I would do 10,000 jump ropes to digest that. For lunch/dinner, I would only eat one packet of pumpkin juice. That’s it.” Kang Ho Dong, the MC, added that if he had followed the idol’s diet plan, he would have died. Wendy remarked, “I was like that throughout my trainee days. After I made my debut, I couldn’t do that anymore. I probably can’t do it again.”

Moreover, there are also various alternatives for diet regimes rather than following Wendy’s extreme diet plan, and it is better to consult a dietician before following someone’s routine. Especially not all diet methods can be applied to everyone. Also, moderation is essential regarding nutrition and workouts – so do not overexert yourself!

Find your ideal balance and indulge in your favorite foods in moderation every now and then to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey. Remember that it’s not all about weight loss but a healthy body and lifestyle overall.

What is Wendy of Red Velvet’s workout routine?

Since Wendy is a KPOP idol (that comes with often dance practices), she also revealed her fitness regimen, which entails 10,000 jump rope repetitions to help her digest her food. This is a strenuous exercise for people who are beginning their weight loss journey. Additionally, there are other methods one can try to lose weight and get Wendy’s results without adhering to such intense workouts.

However, whatever method you choose for your weight loss journey is still entirely up to you, but it is essential to remember to set a long-term goal for yourself and stick with it. For instance, yoga promotes flexibility and helps one lose weight by increasing metabolism and burning calories. 

Not only that, but regular yoga also has other health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving blood circulation and breathing, and helping to improve concentration and mental clarity. In other words, there are literally dozens of benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis.  

When it comes to choosing what yoga to do, there are numerous different options to choose from. Hatha yoga is one of the most well-known types and is the most commonly taught form in most yoga classes. 

In this form of yoga, practitioners improve their flexibility while also focusing on strengthening their core muscles and maintaining proper posture. Other popular types of yoga include Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa. Each of these different types of yoga has its own unique set of benefits to offer.

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